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Frustrating - Anyone Else Have This Problem

Started on 15 May 2011 by TonyS
Latest Reply on 18 May 2011 by enemyz
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Hi All... appreciate any advice.

I LOVE FM2011 and am relatively new to the game. I have been playing heavily for the last 3 months or so (my Fiancee is thrilled about it) and I have taken Derby County from bottom of Championship to regular Euro Cup contenders (haven't broken into the top 4 yet) in about 7 seasons. SO... my board is very happy with me, my job is secure, my wages are low, and I have finished top 6 3 years in a row (last season finished 5th, one point out of 4th). I have signed a superstar player and am ready to go to the next level, so i set season expectations at "challenge for the title."

Season starts and I win my first 4 games, then draw, and sit tied for first in the table, and I get SACKED with zero warning after just signing a new 4 year contract that my chairman OFFERED ME. It said "they want to go a different direction" with the club.

Was i sacked because I put "challenge for the title" even though I was first in the table upon sacking? Is it something else? Is it a glitch of some kind? I am really furious because I have put way too much time and effort into this to just lose it for absolutely no reason.

Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have any advice? gutted :(
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sometimes this just happens, once I was playing with Standrad Leigie and had won three consecutive CL and leauge titles when suddenly, right after knocking out Real Madrid from the CL-semi, the sacked me... I guess it's glitch...

Though I ironicly took over Real after this and went on to knock standrad right out of CL, not much you can do except for getting back at them from other clubs :P
went back and used an old save and changed my league expectations only to "qualification of continental" and they sacked me on the same day even though I haven't lost a game... so it basically was always going to sack me on that day no matter what I did. i feel very very let down by this stupid game. what a waste of time and money. what is the point? im furious right now! never playing again. joke game.
well I think that is a bit harsh... just look att bernard schuster, he won the leauge with real madrid and still was sacked because he didn't play beautiful enough... I'd say fight hard and go on :)
yeah probably harsh but im just a little sick to my stomach. thanks for the help.

maybe i will try FIFA'11
it'll pass, i felt the same way when standard legie betrayed me... well you should if you haven't, though it won't give you joy for as long fm ;)
I'd be pissed if this happened to me as well. Don't quit the game, though! There's far too much fun to be had. Take the firing as an open door and find another team to bring to glory.
It never happend to me but to be honest I still think this is frutrating that you have good goings with team and board still decides to sack you.
# l3nnart : well I think that is a bit harsh... just look att bernard schuster, he won the leauge with real madrid and still was sacked because he didn't play beautiful enough... I'd say fight hard and go on :)

I don't think it's a glitch, I think the board just make a big mistake sometimes. It happens in RL too - the one l3nnart said, and also Charlton sacked Alan Curbishley when they were 5th in the Premiership, and where are they now? League One.
As horrible as what happened to you is, it is also what in my eyes sets the game apart from many others, its realistic, horribly realistic at times.

Think of Chris Houghton, and how many real Madrid managers get sacked after winning the league, Del Bosque was sacked after winning the champions league!

You took them to lofty heights and maybe they thought their new status could snare them a big name manager?

Who knows? all you can do is use your good reputation to get another job....such is the life of a football manager.
Or you could just edit your save with FMRTE so you dont get sacked...

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