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Weird bug

mnk26's avatar Group mnk26 2011-05-23 07:54
us 30 posts 1 likes joined May 23, 2011
So I did a game for almost 3 full seasons with CSKA moscow. I began with this team when I got the game, and upgraded at least one patch(can't remember which one was out when I first got the game) and kept playing with the team, everything was fine. I last saved with them about 3 weeks ago and then started playing as a different team. I just reloaded CSKA and somehow the game sends me back at least several months before I stopped playing (game time). I was playing around the end of the season, I had just been newly seeded for the next champions cup. When I load the season now my team has only 10 points and has played only about 6 or 7 games. When I stopped I know I had around 40+ points. And no this isn't a case of me simply forgetting to save, I did not play all those games in one sitting, it was over a couple of weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Furrr's avatar Group Furrr 2011-05-23 09:21
nl 94 posts 1 likes joined Feb 12, 2010
Try loading an autosave?
mnk26's avatar Group mnk26 2011-05-23 19:55
us 30 posts 1 likes joined May 23, 2011
Never mind, I managed to figure this one out myself. Apparently for some reason my game was saving in two seperate locations, I found the proper save file and everything is as it should be
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