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Team Talk Help

Started on 6 June 2011 by NewbieQ8
Latest Reply on 24 June 2011 by Benfica suporter
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I dont know how to do teamtalk I always miss it up
Why not you give your assistant to do that? Personally I usually do it.
I think you should do it yourself so that you get the hang of it... usually it's really simple to set the "overall" while the individual talks can be harder... but most of the time you just go on emotion, if it's a game you feel you should win, make sure the teams is aware of what you expect from them... If they aren't preforming against a weaker side, make sure to rant them out, if things are going as planned you should encourage the lads, or if you've had a recent tendency to drop in the second half tell them to focus... I hope you understand what I'm aming at
I always follow the same pattern!
In games in my own stadium I tend to be more aggressive and demanding since I expect my players to win every game without excuses! On games away, I tend to be more condescending, since we don't have our usual mass of supporters!

But if you have a good AM, you should let him do the talking two or three times, so that you can see how he does it, after that it's trial and error, you just experiment and learn from the results!
Make sure your assistant manager has a high attribute in the 'motivating' category and have him do it for you if you find your team talks make the team lose.

Other than that , i always say 'for the fans' at the start of the match. if i am leading by a goal , i usualy encourage the team , and if i'm leading by a few goals i say 'don't let your performance drop' . If i'm losing , i always select the 'where's the passion lads?' option or the 'We must get result here , no excuses'comment.

Good luck with your team talks in the future :)

there is also the case that players are different. some can easily get nervous and under pressure. and you might need to deal with them slightly differently. then there are those who need hard words to get them going.

i often have the "widget" open so you can see how your players are motivated during the game so at half time you can give team talk accordingly. but you learn your players and their reactions to the talks.

if your really not bothered then as above just get assistant.
# RedArmy20 : i often have the "widget" open so you can see how your players are motivated during the game so at half time you can give team talk accordingly.

By widget you mean what? The morale values ?
The in-match menu "Player Motivation" I think.
If one or two players have poor or very poor morale I always tell them no pressure and usually gets there morale a step up and a team with better morale plays better.
i only use 2

for the fans....

and i have faith....

faith,faith,faith!!! this one is so cool if a player in half time have lets say 7.0 he ends up with 9!!!

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