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Editor problem - generating youths in America

can't create draft or youth teams with USA nation rules
Started on 16 June 2011 by jaq855
Latest Reply on 17 June 2011 by tongi14
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I wanted to improve the MLS so I used the editor to add a lot of money to the American clubs to make them internationally relevant. I changed the USA nation rules to add more prize money, remove restrictions, include lower divisions, and make the league structure more like Europe.

After testing the new rich MLS I noticed a weird situation. I added U19s to all the clubs so they could develop young players like the Euro clubs do, however, except for foreign transfers, the U19 teams contain only greyed-out players, most are 22 or 23 years old. The game is not generating young players for any of the clubs. I know the normal American structure requires a draft to add players, but I can't see how to add the draft into the nation rules on the editor, or find any way to create usable computer generated for MLS clubs.

My next question is: Do certain nations always generate players of a certain quality? With the current budget I have given the MLS clubs, only a handful of Americans are actually good enough to play in the league. If America can only generate 2 star type prospects, I suppose I don't really need much of a youth setup at all, since no one will ever rise to actually make a first team roster.

That being said, could I link a foreign club's youth team to an MLS club with the editor to solve the player gen problem?

If anyone knows how to fix this or knows that the MLS just can't be restructured like a true Euro league, please let me know.
I'm not familiar with the editor at all , but could it be possible to link yourself to , let's say the Manchester United U18's (a lot of good players come out of here) in the same way which Real Madrid are linked with Castilla. Then change the location of Manchester to USA so the players generated have american nationality? so in effect Manchester's youth team becomes yours and you have the ability to move any players from there into your squad.
To get better players to be created, the nation's reputation must be increased. Lower reputation countries will most likely not produce bigger talents. But just increasing rep will not mean anything as the players still at the club would remain mediocre. Either remove all players from clubs for the editor to generate better players itself.
how do you add money to the prize rules? i.e. increase the amount of money a team would get if they won the premiership.

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