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tactic help 2amc 1st ?

Started on 26 June 2011 by gert78
Latest Reply on 28 June 2011 by gert78
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I'm a big fan of 4-4-2 but lately I'm not getting the results and I want to change it.

I was brainstorming and thought of a 4-1-2-2-1. 4-1dmc-2wing/wide mid-2amc-1st if their is any doubt.

3 questions:

1. my MR/ML do I play them as winger or wide midfielder. One thing I know for sure is that they will be on support.
2. what roles should I assign to my 2 AMC's? I want to play them in a attacking role. I have the best AMC's in the league.
3. what role would you recommend for my striker? should he be in an attacking or support role.

Further info: before every game I tweak every player on creativity, passing, long shots, free role and hold on to ball via the drop down menu. So these don't remain on the standard settings. I also always play a control tactic for team tactics.

Any help is welcome.
I won Npower League 1 using 442 it does the job for me
It does the job for me to but lately my opponents adapted and I want to change to...
Here's my take:

1. I think playing your MR/ML as either a winger/wide midfielder depends on the player. Wingers can cause problems to the defense because of their athleticism. They can create opportunities on the run because of their speed and dribbling abilities. Wide midfielders on the other hand are not that athletic but they possess better technique. A good example is David Beckham. They like the ball played onto to their feet and they create opportunities by precision crosses and killer balls.

2. I think one AMC should be an Advance Playmaker on SUPPORT. He should distribute the ball, spraying passes to the wings and to your forward. The other AMC can be an Attacking Midfielder on ATTACK role. He can serve as an another attacking option and you should make him move into channels. You have said that you move the sliders every game so adjust it accordingly.

3. The Forward should also be in ATTACK role. His duty depends on his ability; Advanced Forward or Poacher possibly.

These are just my opinions and I can be wrong. Anyway, I still hope it helps. Cheers!
Thanks Tante.

1. Learnt something new. I didn't know al that.
2. Do you know what the effect would be if one of my AMC's is an tresquista?
3. If he's in a poacher role there's no target man? I'm used to "must have target man and poacher in team" tactic. Will this work with only poacher?
OK I can answer 3) well here is my opinion anyway:

well a poacher is based around the idea that people are supporting him, thus depending or your formation and how many people are supporting or attacking, this can vary the effectiveness (factor in teamwork e.t.c). But don't expect to win many balls in the air up front, and also look at the poachers other attributes to see if as a poacher they will be strong enough by themselves.
Gues I'm just old school long strong target man and quick poacher uo front type of guy. Time to learn some new tricks ;)

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