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Leeds needs help

Started on 30 June 2011 by psah
Latest Reply on 2 July 2011 by psah
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Hello everyone!

This is my first FM experience ever and i'm enjoying it very much for the most part.
I started off with Leeds and finished 15th in the first season and 12th in my second season. I feel like my team has the potential for much more, but I just can't seem to reach the higher levels. In my first two seasons I used a 4-1-2-1-2 and it worked fairly well. Team instructions were mostly standard and balanced philosophy, but sometimes I changed to control or defensive.

Now for my third season I read LoL's guide and changed to a 4-4-2. In pre season it seemed to be absolutely magical. I beat Rangers, Celtic, Crystal Palace and some smaller teams and a 3-3 draw with Everton. I was very pleased. Now though, the season has started and I got my ass kicked by crystal palace 4-1, then played a 5-5 draw with Blackpool and then lost to Watford 2-1 and to Hartlepool in League Cup 3-1. I just can't figure what happened between Pre-season and now. I went from complete domination to being completely dominated.

I hope you guys can help!
Did you sign someone after the pre-season? Becuase it could mean that team ain't blended in together yet.
# macdab55 : Did you sign someone after the pre-season? Becuase it could mean that team ain't blended in together yet.

No I didn't. I did make a few signings during the pre-season, but the players have been saying that the locker room atmosphere is excellent and the board was also very pleased with that.

I changed my philosophy to Fluid and strategy to control for my match against Norwich and it seemed to work well up until half time. I had managed to score 2 goals, told my team not to get complacent, but Norwich was the better side after half time. They almost leveled it but thankfully it ended 2-1.

Could it be my team talks? Pre-season I just always said ''no pressure'' and after the game I complimented on the players like ''sensational'' or ''pleased''.

I've also noticed some shocking errors from my defenders. Like when the ball is cleared to my side of the pitch, they run after it and have plenty of time, but they try to use their head to take control of the ball and the opposition runs past them and gets a free chance at goal.
I have managed leeds during my online game with stam and red_army I am in the 3rd season mid / top table in 3rd season. But like you I didn't get promoted very easily.

Main problems with leeds I found were:

1) their midfield was solid but lacked creativity
2) The strikers were not good enough for top championship side, apart for maybe brechio, and gradel if u play him there
3) They lack a strong CB partnership

Mainly I solved this by buying good players that complimented the ea system I put in place. Regarding your defense issue, it is probably down to anticipation attribute.

Also loan strong championship players from the top clubs e.g. Bartley
I think I have a pretty solid set of attackers. I bought Zahin Hines from West Ham, Adel Taarabt from QPR and last season I bought Niflore. I only have McCormack left from the original attacking squad.

May I ask what your strategy/philosophy were?
well a FM 101-lesson. Don't ever get fooled by results from friendlies, with some luck you can beat Barcelona United Real etc with any crap team, but when it's down to a real game day it's a completely diffrent story!
strategy wise mine I think was 4-4-2 mainly depending on my strong back-line in my second season clyne, and bartley were key, up front I used Brechio, Koller,this other guy and McCormack

strategy mainly use wings gradel and assulin to penetrate get crossed around koller, standard and fluid was the team instructions at home, and I used counter when away
But the main strategy was a hard tackling midfield, and a defense focused cm's and dm's and attack based wingers for a good balance
Things are going quite well for me now. After the slow start I got some very good wins including a 6-1 against Leicester.

I'm now at the middle of the season sitting at the very top 4 points ahead of West Ham. I dont know what happened after those first few games but it's like a different team now. It's standard/fluid now in every game and so far i've had no problems against any teams, except Wigan who I lost to in round 4 of F.A cup, but I did put up a fight.

If I get promoted to Premier League, what kind of changes should I be looking to make to my tactics and/or squad? I'd like to make Leeds a permanent Premier League side.
For me personally I went after the top championship players, and top youth players at the time, but I was able to do that as I am very economical as a manager.
I finished first in the championship with 100 points, West Ham being second with 96. The final game of the season was fittingly against West Ham and it ended in a 1-1 draw when McCormack equalized at 90 minutes from a free kick! :)

# _Man_u_barmy_army_ : For me personally I went after the top championship players, and top youth players at the time, but I was able to do that as I am very economical as a manager.

I'll have to see how big of a budget I'll get. I might be in big trouble because my current wage budget is VERY tight and a lot of players will get like a 40% increase now with the promotion.

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