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Forgotten Bradford City

Started on 15 July 2011 by Aurelius
Latest Reply on 17 July 2011 by Aurelius
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Forgotten Bradford City

After long time without playing FM 11 I started new season... I am currently in hospital and out of boredom began to play with no more or less forgotten Bradford City who play in npower League 2. I know that all football fans know about old Bradford... Club who was founded 1903. playing on Valley Parade. The best football year's in club's history was from season 1908/1909 till season 1920/1921 wenn they were playing in english Premiership, After that, the collapsing Bradford City were struggling in Third Division North then in npower League 2 then npower league 1 after that in npower Championship and after 78 years they found them self again in top class football in English Premiership in season 1999/2000 wenn they finished 17th and saved them self from beign relegated but next season 2000/2001 was the season when they fell on their knees and finished on 20th place in English Premiership and beign relegated. Since then they were only one way for Bradford City and that way was down! Now they find them self in npower league 2, all forgotten about them about club so I was determinated to bring them back to English Premiership and to get old glory day's back at Valley Parade...

This story is not like my few story's, I've started this game becouse I said I was bored... I stop using Genie scout and thing's like that! Just wanted to play the game without any help from that cheat's!
To be honest with u im now in third season with Bradford City and kind start to like this careere of my at Bradford and wanted to share with u all.


First season i didnt play. I just got new player's to the club made tactic and went on holiday for most of that season, precisely 20.3.2011. I came back from holiday's and it surprise me what happened. Media predictions first year for us is 9th place in league 2!

And game goes like this:

I've bought 13 players from free list and one player for free from Eindhoven and loan 3 players.


Player's in squad were very poor so i needed big time reinforcment. Like u see some strange players are on that list but would like to turn attention to some of them.

First of all player's is my favourite:

Leon Kantelberg

Player who I found first time and he wanted to sign contract with me in npower league 2. And what was the best he join us for free from FC Eindhoven. He look's really as usual player's but not for our league then for better leagues. He was in first season our captain, our best player ( on stats i mean). Lad is left winger I played him as left side midfielder and he produce only magic there scoring 7 goals and 15 assists in 32 game's with average rating 7.13.

Second one is:

Febian Brandy

Young forward who was left alone! Without club he was really tempting to me, so I signed him from free list. Lad does not look like some ok player but behind those stats is hiden beast hungry for goals!!! I gave him 2k for scored goal and he really earned alot, in his first season for us he scored 41 goal's (Yes u heard me right 41 fucking goals!!! ) with 13 assists and average rating of 7.79.

Third one is:

Badis Lebbihi

Young Algerian (second nationality French) defender who I never heard of but he was looking good so why not try him out. Really impresed me whole season at back and at front playing for us 40 games with add of 8 goal's and 1 assist with average rating 7.26.


Usual 4-4-2 with maybe some changes around side midfielders, sometimes I play them as winger's sometimes as side midfielder's. All other positions are usual and random in 4-4-2 tactic's.
Philosophy is very fluid as I like that ball goes around and that all player's contribute to game and also that forward's goes into defence and also that defenders can join in attack's.

npower league 2 table:

We were first in league, first I was like is this really truth becouse I signed 13 player's and put them in first line and went on holiday till 20.3.2011. wenn I got back they were on first place and 7 games to go till end of season. Like I said my problem was that I lose passion for FM11 and didnt play for about 5-6 months FM so I just didnt want to go from first to last game in some pish league :) But wenn I seen that we are at first place with only 7 games to go till end i continue it and won 6 games from 7 and finished first.
will look first at response... If there is someone who will read this story or someone who does not feels that this story is shit I would love to hear u and to know that I continue or is just a waist of time :D

Thank you all for reading first season ;)
Great job in the first season! League 1 will bee slightly harder but the championship is where you have to take a big step.
Thanks for reading and comment mate. To be honest the most job did my assistant manager who i signed Nigel Gibbs :D i just got whole bunch of player's and put my tactic and leave him to make all othere things :D well season two is coming up :D
BRADFORD CITY season 2011/2012

Season one ended like we didnt expect but we wont mind on our 1st place ( altought we were predicted 9th position at end of season ) and promotion to npower league 1.
After easy promotion from npower league 2 we needed some seriuos investments if we want to fight in league 1!
But soon as I said that to my self board offered us 90k for transfers and 140k for wage's! I was little dissapointed with that becouse we said we will finish top half in league!
Media predicted for us relegation this year so we said ok we prove u last season we will prove u also this one and make u look once again like a fool :)
Again back to board and they decision about transfer and wage amount, we cant argue with board so we decide that we need some bargain but good players again.
Squad was not looking good, poor conditions all around! Lot of my player's had 70-80% very bad as I did not create traning schedule for them in first season.
So my first task this season was to make training a little heavier and a little more efficient so my squad will have more strenght and condition.
But first we needed some coaches who can provide some decent traning so we are started to look after solutions, but we ran again at one big problem in our search and that problem is called once again WAGE! We could offer only 600 p/w to some of our coaches who will need to provide decent traning! And our board said that we could only have:

1 assistant manger
2 coach
1 goalkeeping coach
1 fitness coach
2 youth coach
1 physio
3 scout

God save us!!!


Assistant manager is as first season Nigel Gibbs


Goalkeeping coach

Fitness coach

Youth coach





10.7.2011 Yannis Becker (dm/mc) FREE
10.7.2011 Nicolas Medina (st) FREE
10.7.2011 Donal McDermott (amr/l) FREE –I sign him wenn he was injured for 5 months :)
10.7.2011 Davide Petrucci (amc) FREE
11.7.2011 Michael Lamey (dr) FREE
11.7.2011 Steve MacLean (st) FREE
12.7.2011 Cesar Ortiz (dc) FREE
12.7.2011 Adam Morgan (st) FREE
12.7.2011 Marcos Alvarez (st) FREE
12.7.2011 Joe Dudgeon (dl) FREE
12.7.2011 Oliver Norwood (mc) FREE
19.7.2011 Gai Assulin (amr/l) loan from Man.City
19.7.2011 Jake Kean (gk) loan from Blackburn
19.7.2011 Ryan McGivern ( dc / dl) loan from Man.City
20.7.2011 Ismaila N'Diaye (dm/mc) FREE
25.7.2011 Tom Kennedy (dl) for 90k from Leicester
27.7.2011 (regen) Patrick Southam (mc/mr) for 425k from Lincoln ( from season 1 he is there)
1.1.2012 (regen) Younes Yilmaz for 90k from Wydad Casablanca
8.1.2012 Yassine Jebbour (dr) loan from Arsenal


28.6.2011 Bob Malcom to Cardiff for 45k
6.7.2011 Luke O'Brien to Cheltenham for 15k
6.7.2011 Lucien Mettomo to Aldershot for 5k
7.7.2011 Izzy Iriekpen to Tranmere for 80k
7.7.2011 Francisco Duran to Poli Ejido for 40k
7.7.2011 Andras Simon to Notts Co for 190k
7.7.2011 James Hanson to Burton for 8k
7.7.2011 David Cowan to Walsall for 25k
7.7.2011 Daouda Jabi to Arles for 65k
26.7.2011 Tresor Kandol to Le Mans for 160k


Oliver Norwood

We captured fantastic young midfielder. He played for us 40 games with 8 goals and 12 assists with average rating 7.16. Really great player.

Patrick Southam

Young midfielder who played first season for Lincon and manage to add 43 games for them with 8 goals and 13 assists and average rating 7.03 and develop into player who was wanted by clubs like West Ham and Blackburn but we were faster and secure his contract for 425k. He played for us 40 games with 5 goals and 11 assists and average rating 7.07 and now he is still wanted from West Ham.

Cesar Ortiz

Fantastic young defender who played for us 44 games in league 1 and scored huge 9 goals for our side, and had average rating 7.31

Jake Kean

GK who was on loan from Blackburn at us. We were desperate to get some gk and at end we ended loaning him for whole season. He played for us 42 games and conceded 47 goals with 12 clean sheet's and average rating 6.98


Season started great first game at our Valley Parade we welcomed our rival's Doncanster and won 1-0 the fan's were pleased with that win and we were also relived after that game. Our sight's were only on league 1 so we lost in league cup round 1 against Sheff Utd. 3-4 on our field and short after that we lose in johnstone paint trophy round 1 against Scunthorpe at our stadium 1-2, and in FA cup first round we played against Oxford at home and made a draw 2-2 and after three week's we went to their stadium and lose 3-0, fans were devasteted but we knew that our main aim is League 1 and we need all strenght and concentraition on our progress in league.
It was all looking good we beat our last season biggest rival's Rotherham 6-0 with Febian Brandy scoring hattrick but after that came time wenn I was scared what is going to happen. Only 3 day's past after our win over Rotherham we lose against Peterborough at their stadium 3-0 after that game we played 5 games in row without win. But then came december and we won first winter game at our stadium over Plymouth 4-0 with Cesar Ortiz scoring 2 header's from corner that was taken by Oliver Norwood. We started to play great football started to win all games and going only one way and that way was up. We went in unbeaten run of 13 games in a row. Till march we were on 2nd position in league one. No one could belive it that we are only 3 point's behind 1st team in competition, behind Peterborough. Then came 3.march!!! Game with Peterborough, we were ready for revenge at our stadium, we were planing of beating them and take over 1st place from them with better goal difference. But then happend this:

(New skin added today ;) )

We were speachless!!! They came at our field and put us in shadow! They played us in front of 16000 of our fans!!! I could not belive this is truth, we were with this loss fallen to 4th place! And after that game we played against Scunthorpe who was on 11th place in league and we ended with a draw 2-2 and again we lost 2 point's there and fall to 6th place in only two games. After that I went to talk with team's captain Leon Kantelberg about squad's form and told him that he should motivate other player's to start playing again. After that talk came Oldham to our stadium and stadium was filled with only 11000 of our fan's who felt we are droping here point's again, but talk from captain made miracle and we won this game 5-2 for delight of our 11000 fans! From that point we have droped only 4 point's in 10 games that was till end of season. And we were at end:


LEAGUE TABLE season 2011/2012


Once again our key player was striker Fabien Brandy who was in fabolous form during whole season, impressing me and our fans and put in tear's lot of rival's fan's!
Great job not only on back to back promotions but back to back championships...but as I said earlier the championship is a lot harder than league 1
Yeah mate it was kind of easy get some decent players for league 1 but for championship it will be one hard work... And im stil trying to find right players but it's hard to find them betwen 20 000 of them :) But search is started so I hope i will find some great player's to join us!

Thanks for reply's mate... what u think about this all? should I put something in it or is this typ ok?
And something that I have notice about Premiership.
Mancini was sacked from Manchester City and guess who was appointed?
No othere than:

:) I like to say about thing's like this that MONEY TALK'S!
But this time not even the SPECIAL ONE could make something better and bring big sucess to Manchester City :D

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