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Everton - The English Game

Full English Team
Started on 15 July 2011 by Naylor Doom Occulta
Latest Reply on 17 July 2011 by Naylor Doom Occulta
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After years of playing every football manager game from back in the days of Championship Manager I've turned to creating a full English team worthy of dominating the world. In FM2011 I've succeeded in doing so once again.

I will go through the years starting from the 2010/2011 season. My first aim was to get enough transfer funds to start buying the players I required. The best way I found was even the smallest amount of money will count so selling on those youngsters with a 50% of transfer may work in your favour when they are sold on. It's best to put this clause on any player you have that is young just so in a couple of years time you may make a worthwhile chunk of cash.


Season 2010/2011 Transfers


GK - Ian Turner, 1.1m to Aston Villa - 11/07/2010
DC - Shane Duffy, 3m to Arsenal - 09/01/2011
ST - Jose Baxter, 4.1m to Chelsea - 10/01/2011

Season 2010/2011 Finish - 4th

Better than I expected and a solid all-round performance by the team to make it to the 4th spot


Season 2011/2012 Transfers


AMR - David Bentley, 2.5m from Tottenham - 29/06/2011
DC - James Tomkins, 4m from West Ham - 03/07/2011
AML - Adam Johnson, 13.75m from Man City - 09/07/2011
ST - Frazier Campbell, 2.4m Sunderland - 10/07/2011
GK - Joe Lewis, 2.7m from Peterborough - 12/07/2011
DMC - Owen Hargreaves, Free - 04/01/2012


ST - Jermaine Beckford, 2.5m to Birmingham - 01/07/2011
ST - Yakubu, 5.25m to Newcastle - 02/07/2011
DR - Tony Hibbert, 3.5m to Cardiff - 02/07/2011
DR - Phil Neville, 1m to West Ham - 05/07/2011
MC - Ross Barkley, 900k to Arsenal - 05/07/2011
GK - Tim Howard, 5.75m to Fulham - 06/07/2011
ST - Louis Saha, 1.3m to Blackburn - 06/07/2011
DC - Shkodran Mustafi, 230k to Coventry - 06/07/2011
DC - Sylvain Distin, 1.1m to Blackburn - 07/07/2011
ST - Apostolos Vellios, 900k to Wolves - 16/07/2011
ST - Hallam Hope, 300k to Burnley - 07/08/2011
DC - Joseph Yobo, 4.2m to Olympique Lyonnais - 06/01/2012
DC - Johan Hammar, 700k to Aston Villa - 07/01/2012
AML - Magaye Gueye, 15m to Benfica - 26/01/2012

Season 2011/2012 Finish - 3rd

Although Magaye Gueye was on absolute fire for me down the left hand side the price given to me by Benfica was just too tempting to ignore especially with him being a non-English player. Owen Hargreaves was a massive pain in the arse to sign as he was intent to stay where he was. He ended up on the Free Transfer list and I snapped him up for a low wage cost.


Season 2012/2013 Transfers


DR - Kyle Walker, 3m from Tottenham - 01/07/2012
DC - Michael Mancienne, 2m from Chelsea - 04/07/2012
AMR - Jordan Henderson, 7.5m from Sunderland - 06/07/2012
GK - Ben Amos, 2.2m from Man Utd - 12/07/2012


DL - Luke Garbutt, 375k to Bolton - 16/06/2012
ST - Joao Silva, 1.9m to Birmingham - 01/07/2012
GK - Jan Mucha, 3.7m to Burnley - 08/07/2012
AMC - Leon Osman, 1.8m to Ipswich - 08/07/2012
AMC - Tim Cahill, 3.4m to West Brom - 08/07/2012
DC - John Heitinga, 9m to Juventus - 29/08/2012

Season 2012/2013 Finish - 6th

My main aim with this season was to keep everyone happy with some silverware. I managed to battle my way to the FA Cup Final against Bolton. Although my league finish had dropped from previous years I was happy enough with the FA Cup since Man City was now picking up the pace of buying talented players who were gelling with the team immensely.


Season 2013/2014 Transfers


DMC - (Regen) Richard Slocombe, 8.75m from Man Utd - 09/06/2013
DMC - (Regen) Matthew Oakley, 3.5m from Chelsea - 30/01/2014


AMR - David Bentley, 4.9m to Aston Villa - 03/07/2013
DMC - Owen Hargreaves, 2.7m to Bolton - 07/07/2013
DC - Phil Jagielka, 6.25m to Aston Villa - 15/07/2013
AML - Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, 2.1m to Olympique Lyonnais - 31/07/2013
AMC - Michael Barnes, 1.2m to Chelsea - 05/08/2013

Season 2013/2014 Finish - 1st

This was the beginning of the reign of English football. From this point on the Premiership was easy pickings and the next stop was complete domination of Europe.

Season 2014/2015 Transfers


DL/AML - Kieran Gibbs, 2.4m from Arsenal - 09/06/2014
DC/DMC - (Regen) Christopher Bowden, 2.7m from Man Utd - 01/07/2014
ST - Daniel Sturridge, 5m from Chelsea - 22/07/2014
AMC - Jack Wilshere, 2.3m from Arsenal - 11/01/2015


AMR - Mikel Arteta, 1.8m to Fenerbahce - 06/07/2014

Season 2014/2015 Finish - 1st

Some great poaching skills on the transfers in this season. Jack Wilshere for 2.3m from Arsenal was easily voted the best signing of the game for me so far as he is an absolute beast of a AMC especially when Jonjo Shelvey is totally out of the question when playing for Liverpool. I've been trying to sign him since the start of the game but he won't budge from Liverpool and he will never go to a rival club.

Season 2015/2016 Transfers


DC - (Regen) Adrian Hughes, 1.5m from Arsenal - 01/01/2016
ST - (Regen) Jack Partridge, 1.3m from Burnley - 04/01/2016
DC - Ryan Shawcross, 9.75m from Stoke - 21/06/2015
AMR - (Regen) Byron Williams, 2.5m from Aston Villa - 27/06/2015
DL/DR - Nathaniel Clyne, 5.75m from Fulham - 01/07/2015
ST - Connor Wickham, 5.75m from Chelsea - 01/07/2015
DC - Phil Jones, 26m from Blackburn - 05/07/2015


DMC - Maroune Fellaini, 11m to Juventus - 01/07/2015

Season 2015/2016 Finish - 1st

Phil Jones is the best player on the game on my save file. The price tag of 26m was steep in my eyes but the guy has an incredible partnership with Ryan Shawcross. Them alone make problems for every striker in the game.


Season 2016/2017 Transfers

ST - (Regen) Salomon Blamini, 2.2m from Arsenal - 09/06/2016
AMC - (Regen) Josh Thompson, 1.1m from Reading - 26/06/2016

DL - Leighton Baines, 2.2m to Newcastle - 10/07/2016

Season 2016/2017 Finish - 1st

Possibly the biggest mistake I made was selling Leighton Baines. The only cover I had for this position was Kieran Gibbs whilst Nathaniel Clyne was training to be a natural DL. It caused me major problems when Clyne was out for months.


Season 2017/2018 Transfers

ST - (Regen) Wayne Jones, 1.7m from Tottenham - 27/06/2017
GK - (Regen) Sean Watson, 1.2m from Arsenal - 03/07/2017
DR - (Regen) Mike Wilson, 1.6m from Middlesbrough - 14/07/2017
AML - (Regen) David Morris, 7.5m from Arsenal - 17/07/2017
DL - (Regen) Ahmet Tore, 1.9m from Man Utd - 21/07/2017

ST - Scott Hazard, 160k to West Brom - 01/07/2017
GK - Joe Lewis, 6m to Aston Villa - 12/07/2017
ST - Frazier Campbell, 3m to Blackburn - 16/07/2017
DC - Ryan Shawcross, 13.75m to Sunderland - 22/07/2017

Season 2016/2017 Finish - *

David Morris isn't a natural AML but I am hoping that Adam Johnson can give him the needed boost before I sell him on in the January transfer window. Ahmet Tore is an English/Turkish national and although I don't believe he will ever come exceptional he will cover the DL role in the next few seasons.

I am now saving to build a new stadium as my wages are absolutely crippling my expenses and at the start of the season I manage to lose 40m for a reason I couldn't comprehend. I will update my squad below at the end of the season.


Cup Wins

English FA Cup Winner - 01/06/2013
English Community Shield Runners Up - 11/08/2013
UEFA Europa League Winners - 14/05/2014
UEFA Super Cup Winners - 29/08/2014
Carling Cup Winners - 01/03/2015
English Community Shield Winners - 09/08/2015
Carling Cup Winners - 28/02/2016
English FA Cup Winners - 14/05/2016
UEFA Champions League Winners - 21/05/2016
English Community Shield Winners - 07/08/2016
Club World Championship Winners - 17/12/2016
Carling Cup Winners - 26/02/2017
English FA Cup Winners - 24/05/2017
UEFA Champions League Winners - 27/05/2017
English Community Shield Winners - 13/08/2017
UEFA Super Cup Winners - 01/09/2017


Everton FC

GK - Ben Amos

GK - Joe Lewis

GK - Sammy Palmer

DL/DR - Nathaniel Clyne

DR/DC/DM - Michael Mancienne

DC - Ryan Shawcross

DC - James Tomkins

DC - Adrian Hughes

DC/DMC - Phil Jones

DC/DMC - Christopher Bowden

DR/DC - Kyle Walker

DC/DMC - Jack Rodwell

DMC - Matthew Oxley

DMC - Richard Slocombe

DL/AML - Kieran Gibbs

AML/AMR - Adam Johnson

AMR - Jordan Henderson

AMR - Byron Williams

AMC/AML/AMR - Jack Wilshere

AMC - Josh Thompson

ST/AML - Daniel Sturridge

ST/AMC - Gerard Deady

ST - Frazier Campbell

ST - Connor Wickham

ST - Salomon Blamini

ST - Jack Partridge

If anyone has any suggestions on what other data they would like to see I will try and meet any request as best I can. By the way I wouldn't try and play this game as much as I am doing unless your girlfriend is occupied with something. Our lass has just got the full box of Desperate Housewives so I am in the clear.
the links don't work mate...but good job with everton
Is there actually any way of adding these pictures to the post since I've tried links and now images and still none the wiser.
did u copy from imageshack direct link? becouse only direct link u can post here and what I have noticed dont delete pictures on image shack becouse they will dissapear here :) hope that helps

my english is bad sorry for that
I uploaded all 26 images at once and I've tried multiple ways of adding it including the direct links for the individual images. The album is still active as I am viewing it now. I'll try it again, I thought that this was the way to do it but I guess something broke along the way.

Thanks mate
no problem mate, try one at time copy DIRECT LINK and put it in box called PICTURE and that's all ;)

Started from scratch again and got it to work first time. That was probably more hassle than it was actually worth Lol. Well at least people can see how players turn out later in the game.
lol nice squad anyways what skin are u using? and also u got all pictures how u did that?
# Aurelius : lol nice squad anyways what skin are u using? and also u got all pictures how u did that?

Yeah, my squad is pretty great if a little inconsistent at times since they are English after all. A lot of rotation is needed apart from the defensive players. Steklo X1 is the skin I am using and I downloaded the biggest facepack I could find on the internet.
could u hit me with link's please mate and how did u instal it to the game? thanks
Brilliant you plan to keep just getting english players for the rest of your career?
I'm hoping to catch some English regens to try and keep it up because I get rid of players once they hit about 29-30. I am struggling down the left side of the pitch already as I don't have any real cover for Adam Johnson other than Kieran Gibbs but I think that's realistic given England's woes down the left side for years. A bit of luck will help I guess as I'm lacking backup for a quality AMC too since Jonjo Shelvey has snubbed a £40m move from Liverpool. If I had him then Wilshere would be free to cover the wings but at the moment he is far too valuable in the AMC role.

I'll keep up with the story and you can follow how my career is going since Frazier Campbell, Adam Johnson, Ryan Shawcross, Michael Mancienne and Joe Lewis may be heading out of the door soon due to their age and I don't know how much damage that is going to do to my team as they are quality players I will be losing. I may be heading down the league if at the end of this season there aren't any regens coming through soon.
# Naylor Doom Occulta :

Frazier Campbell, Adam Johnson, Ryan Shawcross, Michael Mancienne and Joe Lewis may be heading out of the door soon due to their age

I'd never expected to hear that until fm 2017 :D
I know lol It takes a hell of a long time to get a full English squad with Everton though. I think I started with about 400k transfer budget in the first season or something. I'm actually England manager too which I didn't put down. I get criticised every single match because my England team is basically just my Everton team. Harsh times.
# Aurelius : could u hit me with link's please mate and how did u instal it to the game? thanks

Sorry man, I can't remember for the life of me where I actually downloaded it from. I think if you just type in "Football Manager 2011 Mega Facepack" in to google it should come up with a few entries that may be the one.

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