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Aristokratene - The Aristocrates

Taking over Fredikstad
Started on 17 July 2011 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 13 September 2011 by macdab55
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Aristokratene – The Aristocrats

While I am on holiday, I decided to start a new game with Fredrikstad FK which in January 2010 played in Norwegen First Division. I am new to Norway so I don't really know much about their league so I think as game will go along I might learn somthing.

About team*:

Full Name of team: Fredrikstad footballklubb
Founded: 7th April 1903
Stadium: Fredrikstad Stadion
Capacity of Stadium: 12,560

They are one of most successful teams in Norwegen football. They have won:

Norwegen Premier League:
9 times winner:1937-1938, 1938-1939, 1948-1949, 1950-1951, 1951-1952, 1953-1954, 1956-1957, 1959-1960, 1960-1961
Runners-up(9 times): 1949-50, 1954–55, 1955–56, 1958–59, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1972, 2008

Norwegen Football Cup
Winners:  1932, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1950, 1957, 1961, 1966, 1984, 2006
Runners-up (7): 1945, 1946, 1948, 1954, 1963, 1969, 1971

Greatest home win: 10-0 vs Odd Grenland, August 20, 1961
Greatest away win: 10-0 vs Grindvoll, July 7, 2002
Heaviest home loss: 0-5 vs Vålerenga Fotball, August 23, 1992
Heaviest away loss 3-9 vs  Strømsgodset I.F, May 11, 1972
Highest attendance, Fredrikstad stadion: 15,534 vs. Larvik Turn, September 9, 1956
Highest average attendance, season: 11798, 2007
Most appearances, total: 325, Reidar Lund 1972-1984
Most appearances, league: 273, Atle Kristoffersen 1982-1997
Most goals scored, total: 147, Per Kristoffersen 1956-1968

About the Manager:
Age:35(at start of the game)
Second Nationality: Norwegian
Favourite team:Fredrikstad
Past Experience:Sunday League Footballer.

My Tactic:

My team report from my assistant:

Best defender Raio Piiroja:

Best Striker Celso Borges:

From the look of the squad I noticed that I have to buy 3 central midfielders, 1 central back and 2 left backs.

My aims:

My short-length aim is to get promoted into Norwegian's Premier League.

My long-length aim is to be in European competitions.

Next update will be about friendlies and transfers which I made.

* Information about team I founded on wikipedia.
Friendlies and Transfers
My team have played 7 friendly games in which they have won 4, draw 1 and lost 2. Fredrikstad had played 1 team from Finland, 2 teams from Norway and 4 teams from Sweden.

Honefoss 3-2

Malmo FF 1-1

IFK Goteborg 0-4

Syrianska FC 1-0

AIK 0-2

HJK 2-0

Askoy 4-0

Fredrikstad goal difference is 11-9. I think the best result out of these friendlies is draw against Malmo FF because it is good team from Swedish Allsvenskan and they have won Allsvenskan 19 times so big result for Norwegian team.
I am most disappointed with result against IFK Goteborg because team from Sweden played slightly better than my team and my team just didn't play that bad to lose these four goals.


Edo Vulic

Bartlomiej Pacuszka


Stanley Ihugba

Simen Melhus

Gordon Golik

I managed to get some good transfers there and I most pleased that I managed to sign Edson because he is OK left back but I only worried about his age.

Fredrikstad manager is answering question asked by Fredrikstad Blad

Int: Hello. Fredrikstad is your first job as a manager. How do you feel about this job?

MD: Well I am unknown manager so after I got call from Fredrikstad's chairman I felt incredible and this is just great to managed one of most successful teams in Norway.

Int: In your first day at the job what did you do?

MD: At first day in training I meet with staff and players from the team and after first training I already knew that I had to buy at least 6 players because there were any natural left backs and only three natural central midfielder's and three natural central backs and I wanted to try out 1 GK, 4 Defenders, 3 Central Midfielder's, 2 Wingers and 1 Striker tactic.

Int: Do you think this tactic will get you promotion?

MD: Well I think yes because I have pretty good squad and I have at least 2 good players on the same position.

Int: So do you planning any more transfers?

MD: No, at least not know. I think squad is really good and don't have to be strengthen right know but I wanted to sign Santiago Solari for left wing but he wanted to much money.

Int: Do you think you will get promoted this season?

MD: Of course I think Fredrikstad will get promoted and I am hoping to get first place and if team will get promoted that I will hoping to be in mid-table in Premier Division but I would have to buy better quality players.

Int: Do you think you will win Norwegian Premier Division?

MD: Yeah but I think it will be in some time if everything will go as I planned I think Fredrikstad will be able to win Norwegian Premier Division in around 5 seasons.

Int: Thanks for the interview

MD: Thank you.

Next update 4 games played in April 2010.
I like how you try out a bunch of different leagues
April 2010
League Results:

Sarpsborg 3-0

Great start from my team as they won by 3 goals in a match were 5 out of 6 new players had debuted in Norwegian league. First goal of the game was scored by Costa Rica's striker Celso Borges who scored his 8th goal in Norway in 31st minute. In 68th minute Fredrikstad double their lead thanks to new central midfielder Simen Melhus who scored his first ever goal. The last goal was scored by Norwegian with Colombian decent Alex Valencia who naturally play as right winger. Man of the match away was awarded to Alex Valencia who got a rating 9.0 and he also got a goal and one assist in this match.

Sogndal 1-0

Second win it the row for Fredrikstad which means they have 6 points out of 6 and they moved into 3rd place in the league. In this match the last new player Edson had debuted in Norway. Sogndal played slightly better than Fredrikstad so the home was lucky to go away with all three points. The only goal was scored by Norwegian right winger Tarik Elyounoussi who scored his 22nd goal for Fredrikstad in 37th minute.

Bodo-Glimt 0-1

Well Fredrikstad lost their first goal and unfortunately their first match of the season against team who is predicted to be in 2nd place after the end of the season. Bodo-Glimt nearly out-played Fredrikstad so away team should feel lucky that they have not lost more goals in this match. The only goal was scored in 3rd minute by Fredrikstad's central defender Estonian Raio Piiroja unfortunately he had scored into his team net. In 60th minute new left back Bartlomiej Pacuszka had received his first yellow card and he got his second yellow card just 2 minutes after the first one so from 62nd minute Fredrikstad played with 10 man and losing 0-1.

Follo 2-0

3rd win out of 4 games played in April to give Fredrikstad 9 points out of 12 and it means they 4th in the league which is play-off place. Fredrikstad played really well in this match and they out played Follo in this match and they deserved this win. First goal was scored by Celso Borges who scored his second goal in second match. 15 minutes later the same striker had scored again to give Fredrikstad 2-0 lead. He is also only player who managed to get rating higher than 8.0.

League Table:

So after 4 games Fredrikstad is 4th which is play-off so it is good so far result but it is not a first place which I am predicted but I think when players fully get gel together and they will fluid knowledge of the tactic than they will have better result and they will be in top 2 positions.
Random shout here, all screenshots generated from the game are plain ridiculous. The developers have to realize that taking screenshots serves online sharing of them. Generating those bloody PNG that on certain skins can be close to 1.5Mb such as the screenshots presented here, it's bloody irritating for both the uploaders and the readers due to long waiting times loading unnecessary data.

But until SI fixes this, the uploaders can do something about it. I'll write a tutorial soon, all you'll need is to enable showing extensions for known file types in Windows so you can rename .png to .jpg and then a Windows PowerToy (image resizer). I will research for similar solutions for Mac users before I write my tutorial.

By the way mate, I admire your passion trying out so many different leagues :)
May 2010
League Results:

Tromsdalen 2-0

Second win in the row for Fredrikstad and second game in the row without losing goal. In this match Tromsdalen were only better in crosses completed with 17% to 14%, tackles won (70% to 67%) and headers won with 80% to 51%. Rating range for Fredrikstad was between 6.5(Simen Melhus) and 9.1(Mads Hansen). In 24th minute Fredrikstad's right winger Mads Hansen had scored his first goal of the season. The same player scored his second goal in 45+1 to double Fredrikstad's lead.

Nybersund 1-0

Well another win but I think my team could have won it by more goals because Fredrikstad out-played Nybersund. Nybersund only were better in crosses completed with 33% to 17%( I think my team seriously can complete more crosses). In 21st minute my midfielder signing Gordon Golik had been injured for 3 weeks. The only goal came in 59th goal and it was scored by Simen Rafn and it was his ever goal for Fredrikstad.

Alta 2-2

First draw for Fredrikstad this season and it were first goals which team had conceded in last three games. Alta had been playing slightly better than my team in my opinion. Fredrikstad have been better in tackles won with 71% to 67% and in kilometres run with 114.2 to 112.9. First goal came in 38th minute and it was scored by Norwegian striker Vegard Braathen. In 64th minute Alta's central midfielder Christian Gauseth had double Alta's lead. 4 minutes after that goal Fredrikstad's left winger Alexander Ruud Tveter had smaller the result to just 1 goal and left Fredrikstad chances to go away with point. As time were running out and away team had nearly lost their second match in the season Alexander Ruud Tveter had managed to score late equalizer to give that important 1 point in this match.

Bryne 3-1

Another win for Fredrikstad and thanks to this win my team moved into 1st place in the table with 19 points after 8 games. Fredrikstad out-played Bryne in this match and in my opinion they deserved this win. The highest rating in this match was 8.0 and it was awarded to Raio Piiroja and Odillon Kashama. The lowest rating was 6.9 and was awarded to Jorgen Horn, Hans Erik Ramberg and Simen Melhus. First goal came in 16th minute and it was scored by striker Odillon Kashama who scored for the first time this season and ever. Fredrikstad's right winger Tarik Elyounoussi had double their lead just before the half-time. Sverre Larshus Larsen gave hope for Bryne as he scored in 54th minute to make 2-1 score but three minutes later central defender Raio Piiroja finally scored into right net and made score line 3-1.

Sandnes Ulf 4-0

Great win for Fredrikstad which is the highest winning game so far this season and I hope I will see some of similar result in next game matches. Sandnes had more number of corners with 3 to 1, they also had higher percentage of headers won with 63% to 51%. In first half there were two goals as in 33rd minute right Alex Valencia had scored his 2nd goal in the league and in 36th minute another winger Alexander Ruud Tveter who scored his 3rd goal in the league and 4th goal overall in all competitions so far. In 70th minute Dino Mulic had scored third goal in this match to score his first goal of the season in the league. In 84th minute Tom Erik Maldal shattered Sandnes thinking of points as he received his first red card of the season. In 90+1st minute Fredrikstad's striker Dino Mulic had scored his second goal in this match and this season in the league so far.

Norwegian Cup:

1st Round:

Floy 3-3 (pen 3-2)

Well after 90 minutes I was really gutted because In this match they out-played Floy and before half-time they were 3-0 up. First goal was scored by Floy's central defender Lars Martin Engedal who scored in his own net in 22nd minute. 11 minutes later Floy's left back Yngvar Hakonsen fouled Dino Mulic in penalty box and Roger Risholt turned penalty into goal. In 38th minute right winger Alex Valencia scored another goal for Fredrikstad to make it 3-0 and in half-time I really thought my team will win the game in 90 minutes. In 50th minute Bartlomiej Pacuszka had scored an own goal to make it 3-1. Second goal for Floy was scored by 21-year-old striker Lars Christian Thorsen scored in 83rd minute. In 87th minute Floy had equalized thanks to goal scored by 17-year-old striker Diego Barria.

2nd Round:

Drobak-Frogn 3-1

In 2nd round of Norwegian Cup Fredrikstad had played a Norwegian Third Division(4th Division). My team played really well in this match and they deserved to qualify into 3rd round. Match started very well for Fredrikstad as in 3rd minute central midfielder Stanley Ihugba had given his team a lead. Celso Borges had double Fredrikstad's lead in 21st minute but unfortunately 11 minutes had torn his groin muscle and he had been out for 2 months. In first half Fredrikstad had scored another goal to make it 3-0. In 44th minute left winger Alexander Ruud Tveter had scored his 3rd goal in the row last goal. In 87th minute Fredrikstad's central defender Raio Piiroja had scored goal but he scored into wrong net and he make score line of 3-1.

League Table:
June 2010

In June in the first season my Fredrikstad had played one game at home in the league and they also played in away fixture in 3rd round of Norwegian Cup.


Lov-Ham 2-1

In this match Fredrikstad’s first 11 were Lasse Staw(goalkeeper) Cristian Gamboa, Jan Tore Ophaug, Vidar Martinsen, Edson (defenders) Joachim Thomassen, Hans Erik Ramberg, Simen Melhus, (central midfielders) Tarik Elyounoussi, Alexander Ruud Tveter(wingers) Odiilon Kashma(striker).

In this match Fredrikstad had better start as in 9th minute they were already one goal up as Odiilon Kashma had scored second goal this season. 2nd goal in the game came in 65th minute and it was scored by Lov Ham winger Arve Walde which was also his second goal of the season. In 73rd minute another winger scored goal but this time it was Tarik Elyounoussi who scored his 3 goal in the league.

I think my players did good job in this match and they won which makes me really pleased because my teams media prediction is to be 1st which I hopes to get or at least to get promoted in 2nd place.

Aalesund 2-1

Happily for me my team had qualified for 4th round after beating Aalesund in away fixture 2-1. My first squad was:

Jon Masalin(Goalkeeper), Amin Askar, Edo Vulic, Raio Piiroja, Bartlomiej Pacuszka(defenders), Roger Risholt, Gordan Golik, Stanley Ihugba(central midfielder), Alex Valencia, Hads Hansen(wingers), Odiilon Kashma(striker).

In 14th minute of the game luckily for Fredrikstad Aalesund left winger Pablo Herrera had been given red card. First goal came in second half of the match in 54th minute right winger Tarik Elyounoussi had scored his fourth goal overall this season. In 82nd minute Ghanaian striker Alex Asamoah had equalized fir Aalesund. Fredrikstad had won game in regular 90 minutes as another winger Alexander Ruud Tveter had scored his 5th goal overall this season in 89th minute of the match.

League Table:

After 10 games my team is in top position with 25 points and they are 3 points ahead of second place. So if they will continue playing like this I think they could end up with top spot and be in Norwegian Premier League in season 2011/2012.

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