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Match Tactics, Closing down players.

Started on 21 July 2011 by Brummiejoe
Latest Reply on 23 July 2011 by talerin
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Hey guys, this is my first post and I'm brand new to this game so bear with me..

I like to think I've got a bit of an understanding to football because I've been a season ticket holder at Birmingham City FC since I was 9.

My problem is, in the game when I look to my assistant's comments he will say things like 'Gardner is used to closing down players a lot more'. So I look into tactics and the furthest I get is showing what player on the opposition to close down, but how do i know if it is Gardner's man?

Any tips too? I've had 3 frendlies played against poor opposition and have been drawing/losing. Players morale is getting low too so I must be doing something wrong.

This is a lot more complicated than the iPod version! haha

Well personally I feel that you cannot really do much. Different players have different levels so it might be a good move to keep them on default levels. Since you are new to the game it might be helpful to use the ingame help by pressing f1.
Hey Brummiejoe! Welcome to the most addicting game ever! (IMO)

Anyway, your problem with Gardner can be solved using Match Preparation, and yes, friendlies. I'm guessing that you're just starting your first season and such your players aren't accustomed to your tactic yet. So there will be problems with players like that.

"XXX is used to closing down players a lot more"
"XXX is used to playing a slower tempo"
etc. etc.

You just have to let them get used to your tactics and you won't be hearing those things from your AssMan unless you sign a new player. :D

I hope this helps you.
Thanks a lot, and yes it is the most addicting game that I've ever come across.

It should really have a warning on the front of the game haha,

I'll try that, and also when I try to get rid of players they make a massive fuss over it and when they move on state to the press that they're glad to have left me, simply because I transfer listed them haha.

There should be a 'face it, you're crap' button when they want a word with you.

I'm about 7 games into the season, sadly I lost to villa 3-1 in my 2nd game but Gardner hit a wonderstrike. I've beat bolton, liverpool so my team are getting used to it, and I'm getting used to in game tactics so it's all good..

I set my database to small by the way and didn't know I'd have limited access to wonderkids and a feeder club in china.. is there a way to change it?

And what team do you support?
As an additional answer to your original question, you can always change player instructions during the game. Go to Tactics tab and click the player anytime during the match and you can move the closing down slider if the player is not comfortable with it. In the long term though best solution is match prep.

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