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FM Challenge: Putting together an all English squad

Started on 26 July 2011 by MrCornelly
Latest Reply on 2 August 2011 by MrCornelly
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MrCornelly's avatar Group MrCornelly
11 yearsEdited
Hi guys,

I'm building an all English team at Nottingham Forest and intend to win the league with an all English team, I'd like to ask a few things:

1. Is this realistic, I was wondering if anyone has tried and failed/succeeded.

2. What will happen if all my players are England internationals and there is am international game close to are the same time as a league game. Will the fixture be re-arranged?

3. Would anyone be interested in reading a Manager Story about this team and it's progress.

Thanks in advance.
Hi mate,

1. Not many examples of real clubs doing it, top flight at least. In lower leagues it's much more realistic of course. I like this kind of approach as a local bias challenge too, so I'd definitely try it.

2. I believe it should be, even if your team is not all English. I mean there should be plenty of fellow football managers who had put together an all star team eventually and had 90% of their squad called up for international duty.

3. I'd follow it.

By the way, I edited the topic's title to reflect your post better; I hope you don't mind.

Cheers :)
Thanks stam, I saw the title change and thought it was a lot better than mine :) I just wanted my question out there quickly and didn't think about the title too much I think in that case maybe a few others will follow, I like the idea of the challenge so will be try to do an update each day and hope people follow, only thing is I'm not sure about screenshotting, will this be a problem?

If you wait until tomorrow, I'll be preparing a detailed and easy to follow tutorial on screenshots: how to capture them, how to optimize them for web, where to upload, and how to embed on our forums.

I've been wanting to do it in a while, and this is a good excuse for me to write it now. Besides, we're preparing a massive help section to cover any FM question/issue people might have, so it should be a decent article to start with.
That'd be fantastic, I don't mind waiting a day I've got plenty of time over the next six weeks so apart from the odd bit of work I'll try and make an interesting and entertaining story, the screenshot tutorial would be much appreciated and, I'm sure, worth the wait as well.

Thanks again I'm feeling an urge to post more often now.
Good to see such a positive response :)

Myself can't wait to get the next version ready. I'm already late for it to say the truth as my initial plan was to launch it by late July... unfortunately I had to postpone for early August due to a number of unexpected factors that emerged. I can assure you though, this is going to be some major change which I've been planning for almost 3 months.

I'll keep you posted with that tutorial, and congrats for reaching 50 posts!
*Does a quick lap of honour round the City Ground to celebrate the 50*

If the 50 doesn't spur me on to post more I don't know what will, I'll hold back on the story for now and just sort it all out on Notepad until I post. Thanks for your help tonight I'm off now, I'll be dreaming of this All English Team until the morning, question is who to sign next season. <3 FM.
This looks like a really interesting story :) i will definetly be reading this :) good luck with your season :)
Oh a heads up, post the story on a different thread in the manager stories forum section, but put a link in a post to this thread so that people can see where to go.

Also good luck I hope yo can achieve the goals, and I will be reading also :)
Cheers Walsall_Craig :).

_Man_u_barmy_army_ I was going to put it in manager stories but didn't think of putting a link to this thread, thanks for that :).
I'll start writing that tutorial now; I believe it should take about an hour or less hopefully. I had to stay awake all night yesterday to do some client work, so this explains why I haven't put it together yet.
Thank stam, just had a player get a 3.6 rating in a Euro Cup game. My laptop nearly got a flying lesson but I managed to control myself. Also how do I add the little comment underneath every post as you and others do?
From member's menu up top (next to fmscout logo), hover your mouse on your username and then select the "update profile" option. You should find a way to add a signature there.
Good luck mate, I will definitely be following your story. It's nice to see a story with a goal and a challenge rather than just playing the game with a different club :)
Thank you very much :)

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