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Very poor morale due to wanting to move to a bigger club

Everyone on the team has superb morale except my striker, regardless of our great season so far. What to do?
Started on 29 July 2011 by psah
Latest Reply on 31 July 2011 by psah
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psah's avatar Group psah
11 yearsEdited
I'm in my 2019 season with Leeds and I'm currently 2nd in the league in february. I think I have a strong enough squad to compete for the title for the first time and the the team is playing fantastically well and I'm very happy. Except for ONE player, who just happens to be by far my best striker and on top of that, the captain.

I've had problems with him before, with him wanting to move to a bigger club and he whines about it every season, but always settles for the ''I think this club can continue to grow and I want you to be a part of that'' answer. His personal profile says he's happy playing for the club but he's also Concerned(wants to move to a bigger club) and this is what it's been like for the past 5 seasons(sometimes he's not even concerned). Anyway, he is very well liked by the staff and especially the other players of whom almost all list him as favoured personnel. The striker himself hasn't listed any of the players, but I am included in his list.

I've never really had any personal issues with him and despite him having some slower days he has always picked up his form after a few wins and goals.

In my current situation everyone else in the team have a superb or a very good moral status, when the striker's moral status is Very poor. I still play him in every game in the starting line up as even in this horrible form he is an asset, but only a shadow of his true self. He has actually scored a hat trick twice during this moral state at which point his moral went to ''okay'', which is very odd to me, but when I'm checking morale for the game after, it's gone right back down to Very poor.

I've tried every possible team talk, private chats, press conference praise and criticism, but he just can't seem to be able to pick up his game.

I hope you can help me!
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
11 yearsEdited
I'd personally sell him, but you can try renewing his contract; that should make him happy.

I'd also advise you to stop that "I think this club can continue to grow and I want you to be a part of that". Don't take crap from your players, be a strict boss to them, it works 95% of the time and for the rest 5%... well, I always sell. If a player refuses to respect you, then he has no place on the team, or at least this is how I see it.
Thanks for the advice. I'm already paying insane amounts of cash compared to the other members of the team so a contract renewal is out of the question at this point since he still has 3 years reamining on the current one. Next time he starts babbling on about ''bigger clubs'' I'll tell him I'm in charge.

Thanks again and I hope it works, I really dont want to lose him, but I guess I dont have a choice. I think it would upset just about everyone involved with the club if he left.
Well I decided to offer him a new contract and he settled for the same wages as he has in his current one, but I had to pay a lot of additional fees. Anyway now he is happy to have signed a new contract instead of concerned so we I'll just have to wait and see :)
You could also try interacting with him saying you're moving him to the reserves due to bad behavior. Lower his team status while he's there from indispensable to first team or rotation, and move him again to first team after a day or two.

I'm usually harsh to such players, so I try everything to show them who's boss until I sell them. But then again, I'm a bad person lol.

Edit: I didn't notice your reply with the contract renewal mate; he should be fine now until the next transfer window probably.
Hi Guys,

I have dealt with the same type of player before, No matter what you do he still remains unhappy and moanin about contact or bigger club.

My advice is to sell him for as much as you can and replace him. One thing i have leanrt over the years of foot man is that there is always a replacement for any player no matter how good they are

The only players that give you problems are players with low professionalism and temprament but you wont know that without using FMRTE or Genie but to be honest you dont need to use any tools to know a player has low professionalism temprament as he will start moaning about anything shortly after signing for you
The problem with selling him is that last season I already had to sell Carlos Vela due to him moaning and I'm still looking for a replacement for him and the better players just don't seem too eager to join my club.
What position were you using Vela at? And who is this striker? I might have some recommendations for replacements.
psah's avatar Group psah
11 yearsEdited
# stam : What position were you using Vela at? And who is this striker? I might have some recommendations for replacements.

He's a generated player called Martin Cammareri. I'm not sure how I can link his profile here, but I'll look into it. I was using Vela as the left striker in a 4-4-2 with Poacher role. Cammareri is a complete forward or trequartista. Last season Cammareri was voted as the english player of the year and he was Europe's top marksman with 44 goals in 52 apps.

There he is! I hope you can recommend someone.

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