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Premier League 11/12

All the talk about the premiership
Started on 6 August 2011 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 17 May 2012 by Ecstasy
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New season is soon to be underway!

Any predictions?
I wish Chelsea would won this year but I think MU will win second time in the row.
Was just looking through past winners and its funny how no team has ever been able to win the top division in England more than 3 times in a row.

I reckon Man Utd will win it again too. Also hope to see the promoted teams do well. Stoke City to win the Europa League.
I see the 2 Manchester teams fighting for the top spot.
Manchester United get off to a surprisingly good start for once, but falter near December, and they slip to 3rd or something, people call for sir alex to retire, he ignores them and turns it round to win by having a good 2nd half to the season.

1st: Manchester United
2nd: Chelsea
3rd: Arsenal
4th: Manchester City (I predict tevez to leave in jan)
5th: Spurs

Relegated: Blackburn, Norwich, and ?
I also think Man Utd is the main contender for the title especially if they manage to get Sneijder this transfer window, followed by chelsea and then arsenal/city. (Wonder if City will manage to perform better with Aguero - If their players remain of similar level in FM2012, they will definitely be the favorites to win the league in FM) Though I might see Liverpool or Tottenham squeezing in the CL spots if their stars remain injury-free.
i think sunderland will be a surprise package
Same here with Sunderland, I think they have the potential to become a huge club
City need to get their season started off with an emphatic win over United tomorrow! That said, I still don't feel strongly about City's chances over the length of the entire season. We should get another top 4 spot, but I feel as strongly about them finishing 1st as I do about them sneaking into 4th.
Some teams in england should really move to Spain, seriously, there just aren't enough Champions League spots for teams in England, and it would make Spain more interesting :)).
I can't wait! Today's Community Shield match was what I think will be a preview of what is to come. United will probably win the league (With Sneijder they definitely win the league) with City finishing a close second in my opinion, because I really think Mancini will pull the squad together this season.
My predictions:
1st: Manchester United
2nd: Manchester City
3rd: Chelsea
4th: Liverpool
5th: Arsenal

Relegated: Blackburn (you just have to look at their strikers.. and David Dunn's injury proneness), QPR and Swansea. I really want Norwich to stay up :D.
I cant see past united this year so there the winner.
Chelsea will be hot on the tails but I dont think this year will be good for them. Then there is a 4 maybe 5 team race for the european places.
Man City may have the best players in the world but how can you keep 6 of the worlds best strikers happy and playing well, you cant. They have too many stars and no convincing team, they will pick up more points against the top teams this year but will be complacent against the likes of the lower teams.
Araenal seem to have made a fantastic signing in gervinho (from how he has performed in pre-season) but need to keep key players fit. A couple more key signings are needed but they still have experience of finishing top 4 so I doubt they will be knock out of it.
Tottenham always perform better in the league in years they are not in europe. So I feel the sooner they are out of the europa league the better for them. They also need a lone striker and cant lose modric.
Liverpool need time to gel as a team and i still think dalglish needs to prove himself against the big teams, yes he was the best coach in the country at one point but I think he may have been out of the game too long
Everton have a good team that can beat anyone. Moyes just needs to keep hold of his defence and they will be up there
The relegation battle could include everyone else. The promoted teams are my favourites to go down but I even think the villa may be in for another bad year and with the atmosphere at newcastle I wouldnt be surprise to see them down there
I think it will be close this year with United and Pool battling it forntop spot. Dalglish has really put together a solid team. I expect City to remain around 3rd, though with some good results they could also challenge for the title. 4th spot will be the really interesting one; I don't think Vilas Boas will be nearly as successful as Abramovich obviously think. His Mourinho comparisons are totally far fetched. He won the Europa League after all, not the Champions league.

With that in mind, and given Chelsea's aging squad their could be some interesting results come the end of the season. My predictions:

1st: Man Utd (Great signings so far in key positions)
2nd: Liverpool
3rd Man City
4th: Chelsea (Will just edge Arsenal and Spurs here)
5th: Tottenham (if they keep Modric, and even if they dont get a new striker their forwards can't fail so badly twice in a row)
6th: Arsenal (Wengers poor dealings this summer will cost the Gunners this time around, especially if they lose either fabregas or nasri)
1st: Chelsea - New manager but a top team still
2nd: Manchester City - proberly a slow start for the team to gell.
3rd: Liverpool - a continuation of form from last season will keep them up there for the whole season.
4th: Manchester Utd - Players retiring and or getting old, new players trying to settle in - I think a slow start will stop them winning it this year.
5th: Spurs - Bele staying and a determination to keep there top players should see them up there.
6th: Arsenal - bad season for them with the fabrges(sorry if I spelt it wrong) saga carrying on not helping at all and a severe lack of great new players - Wenger gets sacked this season i think.
Interesting to look back at this thread as we're down to the home stretch, 11 games left for the most part.

City obviously going well, and had anything but a slow start; United stumbled for a while as they've been exposed a bit playing the youth (and not really having the keeper situation gel), but seem to be on course now. Well behind, Spurs were going great guns but it seems certain sides can lock them down, and the title chance now seems gone where it was very much alive just a few weeks ago. Liverpool have certainly been a disappointment; Dalglish was a "genius" last year, not so much this year, in the eyes of the press. Arsenal and Chelsea have each had their troubles, both far too well documented :( And then there's Newcastle, who just keep hanging around....

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