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the online gaming setup network guide

Started on 15 March 2008 by sun_becali
Latest Reply on 1 April 2008 by sun_becali
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a lot of people asked me how to setup a network game in fm 08.
here are the instructions...
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first of dont need hamachy or any other 3rd party program.all you need is a pc and a pack of fm and football loving guys.

1.make sure all of the players have the same version of the game(8.0.0,8.0.1,8.0.2).the official patches are on this site available to download. of you must make the a server you must make a few adjustments before starting the game.

3.go to the main menu->preferences->network->give the server a name->give the server a password(optional)->"run as server" must be ticked in order to make it work->and finally the "force continue" confirm when you think you are ready and return to the main menu.

4.go to network->click on "new game"->choose the database version of the game->click "ok" it should load the database version and you as the server can start the game normal just like starting a single player game.

6.after the game started go to options->game status->give your ip address(server ip address) to those who want to join
the above instructions are for servers.
now i'm gonna write for the guys who join the game.

1.rather must have the same version of the game as the server

2.go to network from the main menu->join other server(lower left corner)->type in the servers ip address with he gave it to you.

these being said....i hope you will have a lot of fun with your friends.

i will expecting your "thank you's" here in this thread or just PM me whenever you feel like it.:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes:yes(just jokin)

for troubleshooting just post here and i'll try to do my best to solve the problem.i would like to specify from the beginning that i'm not a pro at computers or programing so i'm not sure if i can resolve all your problems.all that i have learned ive learned it from experience

thank you and have fun
does the database size matter?
if you choose small database than the players from contrys not selected by you at the start of the game will be few.the larger the databse the more players loaded by the game.dont forget you need a lot of ram to run on the largest database. if u dont have ram's your game will be slow.i have 2gb of ram and i dont have any problems.i recomend something above 1gb of ram
ram? 2gb?
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : ram? 2gb?

u dont know what RAM is??
No don't have a clue? (probaly do but i'll know it as somit else
RAM is a piece in the computer mountet on the motherboard(what else)witch allows the flow on information to be transfered from different parts of the comp.if u want to copy something from a cd or dvd to your hdd that information travels through the RAM.the more RAM the more information transfered at the same time.thats the basic definition of the RAM.of course its not only the RAM that allows the pc to run programs faster.all the parts have a roll but the RAM is basicly responsible of the pc's speed.if u have more rams fm08 will progress a lot faster
would two leagues with a medium database make the game slow (spain,Italy e.g)
it depends on how much RAM you have.if u choose spain and italy fisrt divisions only and medium database than you would need 512-1gb of RAM.
how do you find out how much your com can take? RAM wise
start->right click on my computer->properties->at the general tab there should be 3 fields 'system' 'register to' 'computer'->at 'computer' should say your processor and ram.
gonna try it tonight cause at school at moment=D

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