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Bringing Glory to the gnagare

Started on 7 August 2011 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
Latest Reply on 13 September 2011 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Ok first off gnagare are what AIK fans are called, I am starting this off in the 3rd season, along with the help of red_army20, and my visit to him and their game / ground this is told like a tale and not based of stats e.t.c I don't know how long this will go on for but any feedback will be appreciated, oh also I am translating all speak into English as I can't speak Swedish :P

The beeping of the alarm on my alarm clock went off I ignored it still half-asleep............

10 mins later

My alarm on my phone went off, I groaned, today was the beginning of my season....

I had been AIK manager for 2 season's prior to this, and as I walked through the house the player, the tactics, the answers everyone was expecting, and looking for, ripped through my head like a tornado.

I switched on Sky Sports News while eating breakfast, they all were commenting on transfer speculation, but none of it being Swedish, I thought to myself one day they might all be talking about Swedish clubs. But currently the Swedish league is fairly low in rating, hopefully my AIK side could help the other teams follow suit...?

The suit that clung the my body seemed almost heavy like lead when I caught my reflection in the mirror, the door slammed behind my new house on the outskirts of Stockholm. It was too early for anyone else to be awake, but work had to begin.
The looming stadium of Råsunda appeared in the distance, this time it was quiet and that made the hairs on my arms stand on end, It seemed strange to be leaving this usually noisy stronghold of mine within one month. As soon as I stepped out of the car, one paparazzi started jogging towards me. The media circus I laughed to myself. After taking a few pictures he said: "any predictions for the new season?"

I just replied in a calm manner "I predict a predictable season for AIK"
The paparazzi shrugged, seeming annoyed he hadn't got his meaningful quote, I continued to the ground, the sunshine and that beautiful breeze that makes it almost perfect football weather. I hope match day is also like this..
As I entered the lobby the secretary as always greeted me with the same response: " Good Morning Mr Owen"

And as always I responded with "have a good day Lisa"

I then entered my office, THE office where I had spent a roller coaster ride over the last two years, coming from obscurity into.... less obscurity? But before I had even took off my sunglasses or unpack my briefcase, the phone rang surprising me. I picked up the phone and Lisa said " The board meeting is in 10 minutes in the 1st conference room", I sighed and put down the phone, the board meeting was always a con of being a football manager...
Cool style! Makes me want to read more!
Thank you for the comments BloodyAnnoying

The door creeped open as I stepped into a room with a dozen or so faces snap to stare directly at me... My relationship with the board had never quite been the same since they sold Mohamed Bangura over my head, but things had improved since then due to my success.

Nobody stood up apart from one sole figure at the foot of the table, Johan Stömberg, who gradually made his way towards me round the table. He shook my hand and with a wiry smile said "welcome Mr Owen".

As we took our seats matters regarding the start of the new season were discussed, as well as the super cup preparations, it felt much like an interview due to the sharpness of some of the board members:

Jen T Anderson (director of football) stated: "We as the board think that coming 1st in the league is your target, due to your recent success, do you think that is achievable?"

I replied in a calm voice "well sure it is, but my main concern is building a quality side to challenge Europe's Elite."

The room went silent, apart from one board member who let a giggle escape his throat.

I couldn't help it and unleashed a flurry of comments at the minor board member: "Your amused by this statement? Do you have any idea of what I have done to help this club progress? I got them into the Champions League Group Stage!? Due to my actions this club's finances have increased by at least 8 million! I will expec......."

Johan stopped me with a raised palm, and stating "that's enough!" and looked at the middle-aged director who had slumped in his seat after my barrage, "in my office now".

The Managing director glanced at me and asked me a straight question, as the director briskly walked out of the room: " are you interested in any more players? ".

" I have a few ideas"
As I stepped out of the conference room, I was glad it was over. Although I enjoyed the board's arguments and questioning, it is difficult to explain so I'll continue. After visiting my office, I exited through the lobby door's and made my way to the pitch to see the pre-match training session. Everything looked like it should as Nebojsa Novakovic my assistant approached me, and said "how was it?".

All I said was: "interesting". Personally I had been Nebojsa had stuck with me, considering our success he could be at another club as a Manager by now. But his love for the club, and our friendship had kept him at my right hand side. "How are the new additions Alvbåge, Miranda, Birkelund, Paeonessa, Sævarsson settling in?" I asked counting off the players with my fingers (and thumb).

"well as you can see, they have settled in fine, but the fluidity with the players will become better through the season" He replied as we walked to my new coaching addition.

"And how is he getting on?" I said louder than usual to grab his attention, as Daniel Tjernström turned his head to see me and Nebojsa I smiled.

"very well he is still learning, but he is great to have around the place"
My ex-captain and AIK's captain for my managerial reign and before, shook my hand before continuing toward the group of players who had noticed my arrival. They immediately stepped up a gear in their training game, as I watched for the next 10 minutes giving out my comments and advice regarding essentially my team. Then my phone went off telling me to get to the press room I was 5 minutes late already!
interesting style, I like it :)
Defenetly an awesome style.
Sorry about the lateness been very busy with sorting out Uni stuff, and trying to play abit of my United game

I calmly collected myself, slowed my breathing down, wiped my damp brow with the back of my hand, took a big breath and stepped through the door. The room was.. maybe half full. Although this may be a not very significant game to the fans or media, it was the first game of the season and it affected my confidence for the start of the season.

I walked to the long table, and lowered myself into the uncomfortable chair, I was flanked by a translator (my Swedish was improving but still awful in my opinion anyway) the media officer, and a few others who I did not know. The media officer or whatever she was called asked for the first question, an eager journalist stated to me:

‘There were lots of rumors in the summer regarding your position and offers coming in, my question is can you care to name any of the clubs and were you close to leaving the club?’

I replied with a calm tone: ‘It would be unfair to name any clubs if they did try to hire me from AIK, but evidently I am still here and committed to this club 100%’

Lots of questions followed, with me trying to build up interest by talking to be honest complete garbage about the Super Cup being important to the fans and club, but as we were a bigger fish and expected to take all honours bar European at the end of the season it wasn’t as important to us. As well as tactical information which I was tight lipped about.

I left the room feeling excited, like when I was a kid stepping onto the school football-pitch and getting that buzz, warm feeling, and excitement factor all in one. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

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