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Tottenham 4-3-1-2 ?

Started on 11 August 2011 by Iceolator
Latest Reply on 12 August 2011 by tomy
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Hi I'm a couple of seasons into my Spurs save but I am getting a little bored of my tactic as it just seems to be producing wasted chances, I like the idea of of the 4-3-1-2 tactic and I would like to use it in the up-coming season.

I will be using Pastore as an Advanced Playmaker in the AMC position as he was outstanding last season.
As for my strikers I would like to try a Trequartista/Poacher combination (I'm open to suggestions ^^)

The positions which leave me puzzled are the CM's - I don't know which roles would work well with my attacking combination,
would a Deep-Lying Playmaker be a good addition? I am unsure as I already have Pastore as a Playmaker.
Currently I have Raul Meireles, Palacios, Modric and VDV available to me as CM's.

Though my main question would be which roles would be most effective in the CM's as I can buy a player if I need one to fill an outlying role.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help :D
CM's have been a dilemma for me too, for some reason there dont seem to be a way of playing them to their full potential

The best success i had with 2 x CM's in the formation was having a CM on support duty so hie role was just basic and he would keep position in the centre of the park to receive and move the ball on from the central position but the other CM (best success Abou Diaby) will be an attacking CM who will get in the box and help the forwards but may not be worth it in your form ad you have Pastore who can do that.

I would suggest having both CM's as deep laying playmakers to send the ball up the park to attacking players. If the problem is lack of chances or scoring goals when the chances appear then you may need to think about the strikers and not the midfield

Can you not drop one of the 3 CM's into DMC? as i had alot of success with 4-1-2-1-2

DR - Defend
DC - Defend
DC - Defend
DL - Defend
DM - Defend
MC - Support or ball winner
MC - Support or ball winner
AM - Attack or playmaker
SC - complete forward
SC - complete forward

Hope this helps but im sure you will get other views as tactics are widely differed in opinions
I find best thing to do with CM is to have a deep lying playmaker and the other set as box to box, both playing support.
Also if I play with 2 strikers I prefer to have a deep lying forward and a target man
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Definitely agree with pulling one CM back to DMC, usually make him a deep lying playmaker on support, despite him not being that defensive due to the DMC position he's usually the highest tackler in the team too.
Well at the moment if I was to drop one of the CM's to a DMC it would be Palacios, though he has quite good stats to be a general CM, so maybe I would think about bringing in an all-out DMC for that role.

Though, if I was to drop one of the CM's to DMC which roles would be effective for the two remaining CM's? Also would it not be an issue having two playmakers in the team? I'm quite new to FM so I am unsure whether it may affect my team if I have both a Deep Lying Playmaker and an Advanced Playmaker.

I don't think it will be too much of an issue having two playmakers. Your main issue is that modric and VDV are best suited to the pastores position or Treq which would mean bringing one forward. Maybe this?

DMC - Ball winnning - Palacios
MC - Deep-lying PM - VDV
MC - Box 2 box - Modric
AMC - Pastore

or this

DMC - Defend
DMC/MC - Support
AMC - Advanced Playmaker - Modric/VDV
AMC - Trequartista - Pastore/VDV
ST - Complete forward
ST - Advanced forward/poacher
I agree with Evo, VDV is muuuuuch better in AMC position rather than MC, so this is my suggestion:

MCR: Modric - Deep lying Playmaker - Support
MC: Palacios - Ball Winning Midfielder - Defend (What did you do with Sandro though? he is super good)
MCL: Pastore - Advanced Playmaker - Attack
AMC: VDV - Inside forward attack( My first personal option)/ Advanced Playmaker Attack, Attacking Midfielder - Attack.

Try to play wide and focus passing through the middle.
Well Sandro played really well in my first season and got a lot of interest from other clubs which unsettled him, but I did get a nice bit of cash for him ^^

Also I am going to go with the diamond, my midfield will be as follows, please feel free to add how you think it may go and any suggestions are always welcome :D

DMC- Palacios (Defensive Midfielder-defend/Anchor Man-defend)?
RMC- Raul Meireles (Box-to-Box)
LMC- Modric (Deep-Lying Playmaker or Central Midfielder - Support/Attack)
AMC- Pastore/VDV (Advanced Playmaker)

I could do with a back-up for DMC too, as Palacios can also play in Box-to-Box I may need a cover in case of any injuries.

Thanks for the replies btw ^^

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