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London revolution

Edited game - Nation: London
Started on 17 August 2011 by eduliguori
Latest Reply on 19 August 2011 by eduliguori
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London, a new rise!

Let's not debate if it was fair or nice the historic revolution that made London become a new independent nation!

Our focus is on football and despite the losses of Barclays Premier League, the new exciting times inside Londoners fan communities is rising!

The Coca-Cola Summer Shield is about to start in August and the twelve teams that will challenge the new formed competition are promising exciting moments.

Later in November the London Adidas Super 8 league will then bring madness to the crowds as every club will want the rich prizes of the championship.

CCS is formed by the twelve teams that formed London Football Association: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, West Ham, Millwall, Crystal Palace, Charlton, Leyton Orient, Kensington* and Brentford.

The rules are simple, each team will face each other once, the two best teams make a final at Wembley to become the new Summer Shield Champion.

Adidas Super 8 is of similar format, but as the main league of the new country the twelve teams face each other twice and the top four have a play-off to determine the country champion.

But!!! The first one on the league phase earns amazing £50 millions, the winner of the pay-off earns another £25 millions.

You may have noticed that there is a new club, unknown to the majority of the public.

Kensington Football Club, also known as Kensington Storm is sponsored by LG, the Korean electronic giants, they will host their matches at the newest Olympic Stadium and are yet to build a squad for competition, more news to follow...

The English registered players that used to play in England have all maintained their English nationality, but many Londoners are opting for their new nationality and soon rather than later London will be proud of the influx of new local players.

The national team is to be formed and will apply to UEFA and FIFA to take part of the official competitions.

Long life to the Londoners and their new brand Football League!!!
..... You won't get enough decent players for the national team.
# Yme : ..... You won't get enough decent players for the national team.

I do know that, but the main point was the league. Considering it was Lichtenstein before, the change to worse is minimum. :)

Later I will try to upload some images and post Kensington squad.

The game was done upon a transfer updated based on Aug 15th.

Badge and kits, taken from UKFL
eduliguori's avatar Group eduliguori
12 yearsEdited
Every team starts with a good goalkeeper...

Kensington was full of youth Londoners that were drafted from the lower teams on the region, so it was need to sign players to face the difficulties of the new competitions.

The South Korean owners were gentle with me and gave me a large budget of £75 millions!

However they gave me strict orders, this team must have a couple of star players to attract more fans and media attention, plus it shall offer entertaining football!!

With the above on mind I had to save some money to be able to sign the needed stars, so I went for a couple of veteran keepers to serve the club.

First I went for the Portuguese Ricardo, the veteran had a great career and would bring much experience for a planned youth team. But he was too greedy and I quit negotiation when his demands crossed the £20,000/week.

Stipe Pletikosa was to be my second option, but his club was looking for much money, so I ended opting for three youth talented keepers.

Andrea Seculin was signed from Fiorentina for £250k, but he will only join us after his loan spell at Juve Stabia. Without Andrea, Alex Smithies from Huddersfield became my first choice keeper for this season, it was needed about £2 millions to take him, but I'm happy to have signed a promising keeper with some professional experience.

The reserve will be Zacharia Boucher (£250k) from Le Havre, one of the biggest promises from France, he is too young, but I'm sure with time he can develop a nice piece for our team.

With the keepers signed, my second target would be to find two stars and please the board. Obviously I will think about a play-maker and the poacher! Two fundamental players that will be the spine of our we mean business as money will flow to attract the couple of desired gems!
eduliguori's avatar Group eduliguori
12 yearsEdited
The piece of resistance...

I had to find out a couple of stars players, so far so good, but you don't convince Leonel Messi to leave Barcelona with any money...

So I had to think on rising stars, no better place to find them than home.

The Brazilian team is trying to renew its crew to face 2014 World Cup at home, a brief look on the last call list from Mano Menezes and it was not hard to think on the marvelous Santos duo.

Yes, Neymar and Ganso (Paulo Henrique).

Both have all the attributes necessary to give our team a solid center, the creative force of Ganso and the magic of Neymar move and scoring.

Santos refused my initial bids of their nominal values, £25 millions wouldn't please them.

Gradually I kept increasing both bids and when I've reached £25 millions for Neymar the coastal club famous for have introduced us the King - Pelé! - accepted my bid.

I was excited and started to negotiate his contract, however his agent was demanding more than my board would allow me for as agency fee. Impressive that we had all set, except the greedy agent commission.

Without other alternative I've increased the player sign fee for £1.5 million (same value of the agent fee) and he agreed.

I was so happy, the board was not allowing me to offer £2.8 million for his agent, but finally we had a deal.

Well, not really, two days later his agent e-mailed me they would not accept it. I was devastated, the battle was tougher than I thought.

Meanwhile I kept increasing Ganso's offer, Santos finally agreed when we reached £26 millions for the attacking midfielder. The contract was easily done and accepted, however with a clause of biggest wages on club.

Despite Neymar, I wasn't planning to have other player in the region of £50,000 a week, so the agreed wage of £46k was all right.

Paulo Henrique joined us and the reception from the fans and the board was immense, the biggest thing on the short club history.

With Ganso in, I went back for Neymar, as I knew they were close friends and Neymar would be more than happy to join his former team mate.

Santos accepted same bid (£25m) and I offered same contract clauses, but this time they accepted it and my dream became true. The best Brazilian young duo would be playing for Kensington debut season!

Paulo Henrique had more to celebrate, Neymar salary of £49,000/week pushed Ganso's wage a step up due his biggest wages clause.

Even with these financial impact on the club I had yet £24 millions to find the remaining eighteen players...

So far I had signed three talented youth keepers and two of the best prospects on the world as the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona were tracing both Brazilian stars.

Now I have to search my defense, complete the midfield and find some back-up...
eduliguori's avatar Group eduliguori
12 yearsEdited
The backbone...

I had to add some more quality and the heart of midfield will be on the hands (feet?) of French defence midfielder Alfred N'Dyae that we've signed from Nancy for £4 millions and Ukranian midfielder Denys Garmash that came from Dinamo Kiev for £3,9 millions.

Two talented young players that alongside Ganso will form our centre field, creativity, passing/marking and strength/marking, the complete pack to protect our defence and give option for the attack!

With £17m on the line my thoughts were on the four men defence line. Newcastle full back Ryan Taylor accepted our offer and we settled with the north-east club another £4 millions deal.

I knew I should go for some bargains or the money would end before long, so I went to Portugal and swoop for talented centre-back Roderick Miranda from Benfica for a couple of millions.

The team was gaining great shape and I was delighted when we concluded a deal for another French hot prospect, Darnel Situ from Lens was available for £1.1 millions and then I had two qualified centre-backs.

From Europe I moved back to Brazil and signed some back-up players:
centre-back and also left full-back Lucas Mendes from Coritiba (£1m); the fourth centre-back Juan from Internacional (£500k); defence-midfielder Gercimar from Americana (£300k); another defence-midfielder Guti from Figueirense (£250k) and finally a left-back Jackson from Sport Recife (£250k).

All youth Brazilian prospects that we've signed as in a shopping run!

Jackson is not experienced enough to rule the left side, so we lost no time to bring Spanish veteran Raul Bravo from Olympiacos (former Real Madrid player) for just £140k. At the cheap availability of Canadian experienced full-back Paul Stalteri from Gladbach, we completed our back line spending another £425k.

My list was almost full, next efforts: the wingers and some back-up for Ganso and Neymar....

Ganso will most probably play all games he is available, but we need some kind of back-up that not only cover him, but also would extract every influence possible from the Brazilian star, there was not much to chose besides Pescara hot prospect Marco Verratti, the fee of £1 million reflected his talent, but I was delighted to capture him.

Neymar is so great, that the thought was similar to Ganso's cover, we needed a strong young striker to be at his shadow, Monaco rising star Terence Makengo signed for £1.1 millions.

The money was getting short and we researched the MLS to find out the availability of Bobby Convey, a left winger from San Jose, the American international could be bought by mere £825k.

Without a large account I had to complete the remaining positions with few loans, a great catch was Rafael Uiterloo from Utrecht, a nice right winger. Davide Petrucci also came in from Manchester United and finally Vladimir Weiss from Manchester City to share the right wing.

From our under-21 squad two promising players, midfielder Alan Foser and left winger George Murray, the only Londoners of the main squad.

That's it the squad is done. I truly hope that despite the lack of experience, their inner quality will be enough to fight for a top five position.
The season finally started and after five matches we are happily at third place on the Coca Cola Summer Shield.

Fulham has been the great surprise of the tournament leading with 100% record, we have won twice beating West Ham and CHELSEA! :D

Draw with Crystal Palace, but lost to Millwall and Arsenal 2 x 5 :(

After four matches the fans started to complain about Alex Smithies performances, so we have signed Roy Carroll on a free to save the young keeper that was with his moral down due the harassment.

Jackson was moved to the U-21 squad after we got Luan on a free, another good Brazilian prospect.

Due some international fixtures we had a game with a dozen kids on the squad, but same apply to the other teams full of international players, there is no harm as this is the Summer Shield rules, if it was a league game the match would be postponed.

Neymar is yet gelling in the squad, but scored a couple of goals, the highlight has been Uiterloo performances, the dutch winger became a fans favorite with his pacey moves and opportunistic positioning that granted him another couple of goals.

Ryan Taylor is my only real concern, by the £4m invested, the former-Newcastle player has been very poor on form.

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