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Started on 26 August 2011 by - Scott
Latest Reply on 27 August 2011 by RedArmy20
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Hey whatsup, i'm Scott, from England, Liverpool, I'm 16. I've been looking for a good FM ocmmunity, i originally checked out FM-Base, but i didn't like the community at all, this one looks active and pretty cool. Also whilst you read this, i might as well try and sort this problem out. Sometimes when i try and play a match on FM, when the loading screen comes up called 'Preparing match set up' or whatever it says, the bit just before the opposition instructions + team talks, sometimes it loads normally but 8/10 it takes literally 5-10 minutes to load and it's REALLY irritable, so i wonder if this is a common problem and if there's a way to get around it. Thanks ~ Scott
hey scott and welcome!

for your problem i think it is your PC. have you checked if any unnecessary programs are running in the background? something must be slowing down your PC whilst your gaming.
Hi Scott, welcome :)

You should have posted about your game issue on a different post.
Anyway, it doesn't sound like a common problem to me.

I'll suppose you're on a Windows machine.
You could try 2 things to improve your computer's performance:

1. Get CCleaner (it's free), run it to tidy up your computer from clutter and clean your registry.

2. Defrag your disk where OS is installed (usually C). Look for Disk Defragmenter application or similar, use the search from start menu if you can't find it otherwise.

You could also try switching to the standard theme if you're on Vista/7. Find that by right click on your desktop > personalize > window colour and appearance.
Or try the classic theme if you're on XP.
It could all be down to your PC mate, what people have suggested before me are all true too but also if your playing on a fairly out dated machine or a slow PC then your going to start seeing problems. The times where this is happeing in game for you seem to be when FM is at it most demanding, alot of CPU usage and a bit of RAM. What are they like on your PC? Hope some of this helps! :)
As the guys above said it's unfortunately probably a computer issue.. What are your computers specs?
And have you had this problem since the first time you play FM? Or did it start with fm11? Or is very recent?

Oh and welcome :D
Very recent, well the computer, i must admit, as of late has been a lot slower than usual, it's windows 7 i think 3mb ram and 500mb hard drive.
ehm harddrive has very little to do with most of the performance. the main things are CPU, RAM, and graphics card. but i doubt your pc should be that slow. you most probably have things running that are slowing down the PC.

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