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'Looks for pass instead of shooting'

Started on 4 September 2011 by Iceolator
Latest Reply on 5 September 2011 by Evo
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Hi guys,
I didn't really know where to put this but I guess it's okay due to it being training...

I have recently signed a young striker who is 17, he is very quick with attributes of 18 for both acceleration and pace, also he has good anticipation with that being 17, he has the potential to be very creative i think as it is 14 already, and decisions 17.

I was wondering if I should ask him to train the preffered move 'looks for pass instead of shooting, this is because his finishing and heading are 9 and 8 respectively and his composure is 8. His passing is only 11 at the moment though.
I don't know whether I should get him to learn this or try to train his composure and finishing.
By the way I have a wonderkid signing at the end of the season with good attributes for everything a striker needs except from pace and acceleration :( who would eventually play alongside this guy if that helps at all.

Hope somebody has some advice :)
firstly train his finishing up with the targeted training move pref, it is slow but he is young so it will grow faster, secondly check and see if his teamwork rating is low also if it is then I would say pass instead of shooting, but if teamwork is high then I would personally say maybe 70/30 in favour of doing nothing other than the pref training
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For a fast striker I would almost never train "look for pass" since he is often going to be the furthest man forward and hopefully in 1 on 1 situations quite regularly.

I agree with focusing training on finishing but also take another look at his attributes and consider whether he would make a better winger? His speed is key for wingers and he has good creativity. If his crossing and dribbling skills are higher than finishing and composure I'd strongly advise retraining his position.

Check out the last player here Jaud Kabasele he started as a striker and might be like your guy, he's far more effective retrained as a winger.
Thanks for your replies.
I have taken another look at this guy and to be honest he would be better played as a winger, but now I've hit another crisis :P

I play 4-1-2-1-2 and don't use wingers ^^
That being said I have 2 strong strikers already and I have two more on the way when they are old enough, they just aren't fast so maybe I should retrain this guy to winger and try to cash in.

What do you think? :)
No point retraining him if you don't use wingers and it probably won't get you more money, use him up front or cash in.

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