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Sharing YouTube Channels

Are you making Football Manager videos? Post your YouTube channel here.
Started on 7 September 2011 by JoeCAFC93
Latest Reply on 1 July 2013 by FmJunkies
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JoeCAFC93's avatar Group JoeCAFC93
12 yearsEdited
Hello I upload Football Manager Videos to YouTube and thought that some of you Maybe interested in them so here is a link to my channel.

My Channel

You can also press the link in my signature below
That's a good thread actually. People could use it to post their own YouTube channels if they are about Football Manager.

I wonder if people producing such videos, would be interested in joining forces for some collaborative efforts on the official fmscout YouTube channel.

What do you think Joe?
Yeah I would be interested and it is a good idea, maybe eventually doing a network game and uploading to Youtube.
May as well just post a listing of links to peoples channels which contain FM stuff.
FMTard's avatar Group FMTard
12 yearsEdited
Hey Guys,

Ive been making FM youtube videos for a few months now and would love some of you to come subscribe to my channel for when FM12 comes out.

I will be doing a lets play and tutorials etc.


Ive currently done 3 different series.

My First series was with stoke City, 2nd was with Birmingham City which i did 2 seasons.

And I did a sign up where my subscribers made players then I followed a team with all the players over a few seasons.

I'm no way saying I am the greatest FM player because im not, i just make videos for entertainment and would love some of you to come follow me in my FM12 journey, when it is released.

I think videos are different from blogs and stories, it offers visual entertainment.

I also make Fifa videos, so thats an extra.

Thanks :)

Youtube @ FMTard
Yeah ive been subbed to you for months tard
i am paul1576 on you tube if you fancied a look at my channel which aint got much on really but a few nice fm2011 goals.
My channel is macdab55.
This is me on Youtube...

I just have random videos of awesome goals right now. Maybe I will start a channel dedicated to a new story once I start a new game or something.
Lads please check out my channel!

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