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Philosophy and Strategy

Started on 9 September 2011 by Tante
Latest Reply on 23 November 2016 by harryleechinyeow
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Hey mates, I need further help regarding these topics. I actually understand what the Philosophies (Very Rigid to Very Fluid) and Strategies (Contain to Overload) do. I just want to know more about how it affects the tactic. Do they still have an effect even when I adjust most of the advance team and player instructions?
Philosophy isn't affected, as far as i know, by anything that you adjust by player instructions, it just makes more/less players participate to one phase or another, but with Strategy, if you override team instructions players won't change their mentality when you change it, so it's better to have few players overriding team instructions, leave it unticked for most of them... i usually have my defense and 1/2 attackers with special instructions, others are adapting depending on what the team needs :)
I prefer philosophy very fluid ordinarily philosophy show how the players dictate tempo of game
In a very fluid shape, ALL your players will be adhering to the team mentality. For example, lets say u're starting with standard mentality in a very fluid shape. If u go more attacking and switch to control mentality, the effect will be pretty huge, cuz with very fluid shape, ur entire team, regardless if they r in defend duty, will be come more offensive. U'll start to see ur CDs making back heels and 50m forward runs to meet ur winger's cross. On the other hand, the opposite will happen if u switch to counter, defensive or contain in a very fluid shape. U'll start to see ur Poacher closing down all over the place like a Defensive forward.

So be careful when u use a very fluid shape. A change in mentality will have a team-wide effect.

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