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Player movement and mentality

Started on 15 September 2011 by Tante
Latest Reply on 17 September 2011 by Tante
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Does anyone know how to make all the players defensive when we don't have possession and attacking when we have the ball?
Would that be wise? I mean putting ALL players on attack mode when going forward sounds like a suicide mission where to opposing team will hit you on the break time and time again.

Same kind of thing with setting evferyone to defensive when defending, you will have no outlet when looking to attack when/if you regain possession.
Putting players on support duty is probably the closest you could get but you should always really have some players on attack duty and some on defend.
I know the consequences that can possibly happen. I just want to know if it's possible and if yes, how. I just want to start a new tactic that is somewhat like that with everything that can possibly happen in mind.
What you say it's pretty much like modern/future football..everyone attacks...everyone defends... but even so 1 player will stay forward and usually the center backs will stay back...

In order to achieve this, play a very fluid philosophy, but in order for it to work players must have good mental stats, especially decisions, and if you want ALL players to defend, the forward/s should have closing down to maximum, also the winger should be in MR/ML slots, this will make them come back more often.

About the attacking phase, as I said the CB's will stay a bit deeper, and it's probably wise to have another midfielder with a defensive mentality, in order to keep a defensive shape, while making the fullbacks to go forward, to stretch the opponents.

Pretty much, this is what should be done, I think you should have a control strategy, can't say I tried this kind of play too much, but more attacking will make the attacking players stay more forward and more defensive will probably make the defensive players not risk going forwards. Will need more tweaking with closing down, defensive line etc. but it seems like a fun project.
It's as if you read my mind tomy! It's like and in depth guide specifically for what I'm planning to do. It's a very big and much appreciated help. Thanks!

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