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Manchester United

A surprise?
paul1576's avatar Group paul1576 2011-09-25 17:35
gb 436 posts 1 likes joined Sep 20, 2010
Do you think it has been a big surprise how well they have started the season considering the changes to the squad and team?
Back after long long time.....
RedArmy20's avatar Group RedArmy20 2011-09-26 11:01
se 3013 posts 16 likes joined Dec 22, 2007

havent united always impressed in one way or another every other season or something? theres always something, i remember after i think around 05 season where things were horrible but then came back 07 and had done brilliantly. everyone surprised for some reason.
Stam shows me a pics of his weddings(his wife signing papers), i comment on his wife:
ME: she is lovely mate
ME: well done ;)
Stam: yeah, I signed her to my team lol
Stam: she's a bargain, low wage :P
bigrich's avatar Group bigrich 2011-09-27 08:59
gb 44 posts joined Jun 27, 2011
I feel with the buying power and reputation they have they will always be at the top but if you want to know what It is that makes them win that simple its alex ferguson. Man City are proving that a squad of stars can win games but it takes a team to win leagues and that is what ferguson builds. I worry for them when he does go as i believe it will be like when kenny left Liverpool in '91 they will just stop being good and just fall from the top
zokvvv's avatar Group zokvvv 2011-10-08 19:54
hr 5 posts joined Oct 08, 2011
I only got little surprised with the way how the new signings adapted well and quickly into the team. Alex Ferguson is really their strongest part, because he knew the right players to buy (as is the case in 90% of his signings). They function really well, and there is lots of youngsters in the team. All in all, I expected the good start, and as far the Premier League is concerned, I think they will keep the good form throughout the season. However, Champions League will be interesting to sit and watch :)

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