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Work Permit Bug

Started on 26 September 2011 by Tante
Latest Reply on 28 September 2011 by Aurelius
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Buying gems from Non-EU countries poses a problem for a manager in the EPL. Most of the youth players one buys doesn't get work permit. The only solution is to loan them to a feeder club where they can get an EU citizenship. But it still takes a minimum of three years and the training facilities and coaches of the feeder club isn't as good as yours. So I tried things to go around this process. If you haven't discovered it yet, I would like to share this technique I use to get work permits for gems as early as possible.

1. Before buying a non-EU wonderkid, one should have a feeder club to avoid work permit restrictions (e.g. clubs from Belgium, Romania, etc.)

2. After buying the player, you won't have a work permit for the player but will still be transferred and can only be loaned to a feeder club.

3. I DO NOT LOAN the player to the feeder club. I loan the player to clubs (not necessarily with high reputation) from the Premier League of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, etc. And he should be a valuable first team member so he will get more playing time and better competition than in Belgium, Romania, etc.

4. Here's where I think is the bug, when the player comes back after 3-5 months from loan, I offer him a new contract, and when he accepts it, the work permit issue is gone. HAHA
P.S. The wonderkid can then stay at your club and can still be homegrown and be trained with your coaches in your supposedly better training facilities.
This is obviously a bug and I'm sure it will be gone by the next version ... :P

To get a WP, your player needs to play in at least 75% of his country's A team competitive matches. I guess the match engine is counting the league matches. :P
hmmm how can player be transfered to ur club when he did not get WP? i never manage to do that, am i missing something here?
Aurelius, the player will not be given a work permit if you don't have a feeder club for the sole purpose of avoiding work permits, unless the player, just as Gurdit stated, has played 75% of his national teams competitive matches.

If you're planning to buy a non-EU wonderkid, you should first ask the board for a feeder club and pick the "to avoid work permit" reason. Once the board gives you a feeder club, the player will still be transferred to your club even if he wasn't granted a work permit. But it will be indicated that he won't be able to play for you and should be loaned to the feeder club. Once the player is in your club, a red "Wp" icon in the player's status will be present, meaning he doesn't have a work permit. You should then try to do the steps I stated in my first post. :)
bloody hell!!! how did i just now find that out??? am now dissapointed with myself as FM fan :( didnt know that and im playing FM and CM for looooong time now... thanks, now i can get Croatians to EPL lol
And I just need to wait until I can either get to the EPL level, or get my Board to sign off on a feeder club! :-P
im going to check this one :D

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