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Filter out unrealistic targets

Evo's avatar Group Evo 2011-10-20 16:51
gb 540 posts 29 likes joined Nov 04, 2010
On FM11 I noticed that occasionally your assistant would filter out a player who was willing to discuss terms when you ticked "ask assistant to filter out unrealistic target" box, there was usually only 1 or 2 but I couldn't help go through all the filtered out players just to see if one actually was interested which was pretty time consuming.

On the FM12 demo I got the impression that my assistant was filtering out more players as "unrealistic" than usual but I didn't check to make sure, did anyone else?
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6294's avatar Group 6294 2011-10-22 12:49
gb 154 posts joined Jan 03, 2011
No, personally I felt he was filtering out less.

Who are you managing?
aelcyp's avatar Group aelcyp 2011-10-22 13:19
cy 12 posts joined Dec 30, 2010
Evo i would have to agree. I am currently managing Liverpool (full game) and have noticed that my assistant places many players in the unrealistic category. The problem with this is that some of these players are nowhere near unrealistic and i have actually signed quiet a few of the players that were deemed unrealistic. Its rather strange indeed.
Aurelius's avatar Group Aurelius 2011-10-22 14:07
hr 238 posts 1 likes joined Feb 04, 2011
it's same like in fm11 becouse lot of unrealistic players from my ass.manager i can sign, well i think thats problem with ass.manager, try to buy better one maybe that would help ive notice when i bought one that list was smaller
paul1576's avatar Group paul1576 2011-10-24 07:26
gb 442 posts 1 likes joined Sep 20, 2010
Yes I expect its the assistant that's that that's why he filters wrong! Never trust assistants! of course it could just be a bug though....
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jahlex's avatar Group jahlex 2011-10-24 07:56
fr 11 posts joined Jan 10, 2011
I noticed that the filter can be wrong too.

At the beginning of my season, I needed some players on loan with my team of Marseille. I looked for strikers available for loan, and I got Amauri who was initially considered as unrealistic :))
paul1576's avatar Group paul1576 2011-10-24 07:58
gb 442 posts 1 likes joined Sep 20, 2010
Must be a bug or something then, maybe get sorted come the first patch?
Iron Maiden, Scunthorpe United = IRON!!
Dzeko's avatar Group Dzeko 2011-10-31 07:35
us 7 posts joined Oct 27, 2011
I have noticed that as well. I never really trust the assistant manager because even in FM11 I signed quite a few players that were supposed to be unrealistic. Maybe he takes into account your transfer and salary budget.
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6294's avatar Group 6294 2011-10-31 12:25
gb 154 posts joined Jan 03, 2011
On mine he's keeping in people who won't sign for me. :(

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