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Who to Chose for the New Challenge?

any suggestions on exciting up and coming teams that i could take from the lower leagues to the top?
Started on 21 October 2011 by leyson17
Latest Reply on 21 October 2011 by Evo
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Hi everyone, hope your all downloading the new game or already enjoying it :]

So every year since 2005 Ive made a tradition of beginning my very first career on the new game by choosing my hometown club Newcastle United, and every year Ive fought day and night to take them from " want-to-be " contenders to world champions. This time round however I am in need of a completely different challenge.

I read an article posted from a few years back of the " Athletic Blibao Challenge " which involved winning all trophies possible using only the clubs own academy in order to bring through young Basque players and this is something that I am strongly considering. However, id quite like to hear of any ideas that others might have, perhaps of careers that you have enjoyed greatly in the past that you think I should have a go with.

I intend to be finally making my first manager story as well with the team I chose and so any suggestions are very much appreciated. I hope my story makes a good read for those that end up following it. Hopefully ill make a good job if its your team I chose :D
Taking a team from the bottom league in England to the top and winning the champions league is always a great challenge.

The Athletic Bilbao challenge you mentioned sounds hardcore using only Basque players, maybe an try something similar in a different nation, all English squad for example.

You could also try picking a club from a country whose league has a low reputation and transform that league into one of the best. I tried that on FM11 in Scotland and the Czech Republic and its a real challenge.

Look forward to seeing your story mate.
Pre ordered the game, so waiting for it to get here from the UK. Ive never played a FM game before, but reading through the stories, especially EVO's, has got me keen as.
Going to start with my home team, Adelaide United, and work my way to Asian Cup Champions. Then probably head over to Europe or the MLS.

Just playing the waiting game now...
I will get this game when I have time off uni over the winter, then fm playing for bowt a month non stop. I will be trying out Juve again, as it has been 4 years since that was my main game and I try to work in cycles. :)
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Yeah, i'm interested in a new challenge this year too!

On FM11 i took Havant & Waterlooville (BSS) to Premier League glory which was a good 16 seasons or so!

I like this 'Athletic Bilbao Challenge' Have you got anywhere i can read more about it?

Is it the where you arent aloud to sign any players? just keep the ones you start with and then bring your youth players in or only sign players from the nation your managing in i.e english players in england?

The hardest challenge i found was keeping Derby County up when they were in the prem! haha

Look forward to your story bro.
Athletic Bilbao have a policy of only using Basque players, Basque country is a small region in Spain and France. There are Basque players that play for other clubs so Athletic Bilbao do sign these players, the only rule is that they only use players with Basque nationality. It's a real thing so the club are already restricted to Basque players in Football Manager, the challenge is to win both La Liga and the Champions League.

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