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As the world turns

Started on 24 October 2011 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 18 July 2012 by marz3y95
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#40132 toonman8589 : good job mate dont think u have wrapped up the league yet as a 6 point gap with barcelona get disappeay very quickly .

what nation are u looking to manage in next. ?? give us some clues

As soon as I submitted my update with those words about having the league in our grasp, I began to worry, lol. Our showdown with Barca toward the end of the season could very well determine who wins La Liga.

Clues for the next league... Let's see.

They are one of the top 14 nations in UEFA's final rankings for 2011 (
Haha you should manage my country Singapore! You can be the long awaited savior of football for the Lions!
English Championship team is my guess.
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These runs are certainly hard on the legs but the momentum the generate is fantastic. It didn't just feel like we were playing a game every 3 days. In most instances, we were. As the dust settled, however, we put ourselves back into the Champions League again with a guaranteed top 4 finish and we have nearly clinched the La Liga crown for a second year in a row. In fact, our game against Barca to open the month could very well settle things. We continued our undefeated run in league play, although we drew 1-1 with Malaga and were lucky to do so. As a result, we maintained our 6 point lead over 2nd place Barca. We are 10 points ahead of 3rd place Real Madrid with a game in hand, and At. Madrid is 25 points back in 4th place.

The final dash to the finish line is upon us with the final four league games coming up in May. We face off against Barca (2), Real Madrid (3), Sporting (16), and Real Sociedad (13). Talk about polar opposites. We open with the other two title contenders and then close the month against two bottom feeders. As long as we don't lose to Barca we will be in good shape. A loss there will make our game against Real Madrid a lot more important that I'd want it to be. 8 points clinches the league crown.

As horrible as we looked against Zenit, we looked far better against Man United. We managed a 1-1 draw in the home leg that was low on scoring but high on competitiveness. That set up our trip to Old Trafford to play a game that would be a defining moment for us. Knowing we would have the odds stacked against us, we played defensive football.

We did everything to frustrate United's attacking efforts. We gave up the lion's share of possession but didn't allow many shots on target. Then in the 40th minute, it had to be Bueno to open the scoring. Replay here - . He must have heard the questions rising about whether or not he could fire the team to CL glory or not! Then with the game very much still up in the air, Vadim Demidov heads one home from a corner kick for a 2-0 win that saw us advance to the semis with a 3-1 aggregate score!

Our opponents? Barca, naturally. Once again we opened with the home leg. This time, however, you could see the confidence flowing on the pitch. The score was 0-0 at halftime, but once again it was Demidov on a header to give us the lead in the 48th minute. Then in the 72nd minute, Thiago stuck a dagger into his former team to double the lead. And last but not least, Jano pops up off a BRILLIANT cross from Torje - to give us a huge 3-0 lead going into the away leg. I feel comfortable, but I know that anything can happen, especially if Barca decide to pile on the pressure. If we get the job done in the second leg, we'll face either FC Bayern or Juventus in the final.

No news from the Copa del Rey.

I thought I'd take a quick look at Bueno's stats to see how he's done against varying levels of competition. So while Bueno has averaged nearly the same goal haul at the continental stage as he has in league play, you can see that his overall performance does suffer a bit when playing against tougher competition.

League: 22(1) games, 16 goals, 5 assists, 7.41 avg
Cup: 8 games, 7 goals, 1 assist, 7.43 avg
Continental: 11 games, 7 goals, 0 assists, 7.33 avg

This event was so huge, I'm stopping my game right now to write about it!

After being Madrid for the fifth time in a row across all competitions, look who's showing a softer side to me! Mourinho goes from having the worst opinion of me and bashing me with every chance he gets to suddenly feeling like he and I can become friends. Lol. I chose to stay neutral on the subject when pressed by a member of the media, as much as I wanted to rip right into Mourinho.
#40198 xXBlueXx : Haha you should manage my country Singapore! You can be the long awaited savior of football for the Lions!

I would love to, mate, but I want to focus on winning the CL from as many countries as possible. Maybe next year I will set my sights on winning various league and continental trophies from all across the globe. In fact, I promise that if you remind me, I will play a team in the S League sooner than later!
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My next update is quickly approaching, so let's do some votes on what country I will land at next! For anyone that's interested, feel free to post your best guess from the list below. I'll wait until Friday at the absolute latest before posting my end-of-season update to see first if we even WIN the CL, and secondly to see where my next job will be.

Netherlands -
Germany - marz3y95, xXBlueXx
Italy - xXBlueXx
England -
Russia -
Croatia - Atreidas
Greece -
Sweden - swiss4444
Denmark - Atreidas, jeffc
Portugal -
France - marz3y95
Ireland -
Ukraine -
Croatia or Denmark, i never see anyone go for those places, And it will be interesting to see how it turns out if you do go there :D.
Im dieing to hear whats happend next :) I personally think its more interesting when you do the main leagues(england,france,germany,italy,spain,portugal) but i also like you working your way up from the bottom leagues so if you want my opinion i think germany or france lower leagues would be a good story :) well done so far aswell.
I sure would love you to take control of my hometown club Brøndby in the Danish league, and lead them back to the European succes of the 90's.
Italy or Germany, those are the other two major domestic leagues which i believe you have not managed yet. Go for Italy and change their defensive mindsets!
Hey Joannes like your stories, your Newport County story for FM11 inspired me to do the same for Mansfield. This year I have just managed to get Crewe to the prem. I'd like to see you take on the challenge of a lower rep euro nation and take one of their clubs to european domination, my personal preference would be for you to take a swedish club all the way.
Keep the guesses/suggestions coming, everyone! I'll post my update when I get home from work on Friday.
I would go with Greece mate. Anyway I love your story.

Granada C.F., 2014-2015


La Liga

Champions League

Copa del Rey

Supercopa de Espana


First Team


Wow, talk about a season for the ages. I always had a good feeling going into this season because we had so much of the team together. The opening trophy in a two leg affair against Real Madrid proved to be a sign of things to come. We took down an established team, and we did it twice. Wins over teams of Madrid's stature helped to validate my aggressive transfer policy over the past few years. We brought in big guns to win big games. We also managed to defend the Copa del Rey, once again at the expense of Real Madrid. :)

League play was a continuation of that success. We improved on last year's win total by a marginal amount; winning two games that we drew last year to bring our win total to 31 on the season. And while we only won the league by two points over Barca, we successfully defended the La Liga crown for a second straight year.

And for our finishing touch, we managed to ascend to the top of the Champions League this year. It was interesting how our rollercoaster ride went. We blasted through group play, running up an undefeated record. Then we fell completely flat on our faces against one of the weakest sides to advance to the knockout round. And as unexplainable as our results were against Zenit(4-3 agg), so were our results against Man United (3-1 agg). I think our matchup against Barca was a good summary of our run to that point. We dominated in one leg and managed to crawl out with a 5-3 aggregate win. By the time we faced Juventus in a winner-take-all environment, I didn't know what to expect.

I found it fitting that our up and down run played out during the final game as well. We came out like a bat out of hell - Redmond scoring 7 minutes in. Juventus fought back with Danny leveling the game in the 24th minute. Then we retook the lead with minutes to spare before halftime thanks to Vadim Demidov. We had to have some dramatics, though, as Alessandro Matri leveled the game again in the 70th minute. Then it wasn't until the 80th minute that Gabriel Torje delivered the dream - .

I'll admit, it's going to be bittersweet walking away from this squad. It's never easy for me and this will be no different. The vast majority of the team is in place to continue to compete at a high level. And I think we have some very nice prospects coming through the ranks as well. But it's time to bid farewell and to seek Champions League glory from another country.

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