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So whats the general opinion?

What do you think to FM2012?
Started on 24 October 2011 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 4 November 2011 by Kronos
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Does the game get a 9/10 or a 5/10? Ill give it 9/10 cos its a great game. On a whole its improved from fm2011 but at the same time became slightly irritating in some parts and some information is displayed so squashed together and small in places.
paul1576... Have you tried altering the screen resolution in your preferences section? I had the same problem regarding small fonts, but changing the screen res helped.

I only tend to buy FM every 2 years, so I cant compare it to 2011, but on the whole Im mostly impressed so far. Have a few irritations, maybe someone can give me pointers on overcoming them....??

When I go from the team-talk page to 'Play Match', I get quite a bit of lag before the game starts, and I also go back to my desktop screen for about 5 seconds before the game starts. In fact, on one occasion the game has completely frozen while doing this. Bit of a monir gripe, but it does detract from the smoothness of the gameplay.

Apart from that, my main observation is that loads of players seem to have been downgraded in terms of their ability and potential from the 2010 game. Players like Carlos Eduardo, Moutinho, Veloso, Defour, Witsel, etc seem to be a fair bit less promising to me. Stephen Gerrard also seems to be very 'downgraded'. Dont know if its an attempt to inject more realism, but it sure is making the task of finding potential world class talent a lot harder...

Also... Liverpool. Finances said they are paying back loan debt, but Im sure the new American owners havent leveraged any debt against the club. And Damien Comolli's role as a scout isnt right either. Think it would make for a much more interesting game if he was there in his 'Director of Football' capacity, making transfer suggestions... Minor inaccuracies like that are mostly what Ive noticed.

Overall, due to the minor niggles, Id say my experience is around the 7.5/10 mark at the moment, but I suspect with patches and updates that will improve...

Final thing, up till now Ive mostly relied on guesswork, but is there a rule of thumb on the extent to which you can over-reach your transfer budget by paying in installments? I mean, if I have a budget of £10million for arguments sake, and I want to buy someone who's going to cost 34 million, I should be able to bid 2million in advance, and 32 over 4 years (based on 1st year installment = 8million, plus 2million advance = 10million budget). Am I on the right lines...?!?!

Sorry for such a long first post!
Wow, that was a long post haha but atleast it was helpful! :)

Yeah I had a problem with resolution and images looking stretched and stuff at first but once i changed the resolution it was fine :)

And to answer the original question, I don't like giving anything 10/10 because there is always room for improvement, but i would give it a very stong 9.5/10.

By far the best FM to date and I had no problems adapting which is always beneficial.

Thanks SI for another Top Class Football Simulator!
I use 1280x1024 with every game and with windows and it looks good but its all the added stuff that seems too squashed. No doubt 800x600 would make everything bigger but not so clear and good-looking.
Shiner, welcome to FM Scout :)

Paul, why don't you try Windowed mode? It's my favorite.

This has to be the worst FM, bugs-wise. I've heard so many complaints, SI has been adding support topics on a daily basis on their official forums. I can't give it a rating yet though because simply I haven't had time to play the game yet. I've been really busy with site content updates, with sales support and the forthcoming site upgrade.
Re the bugs - I'll probably look to purchase sometime in Jan depending on the work situation. It'll give SI the chance to release patches etc before I dive in. I also appreciate that by then, SI will be half way towards FM13.

Being the tight fist I am it may also mean that FM12 is cheaper too. :-)

Has anyone got any thoughts on why there are more bugs in this release? As a developer I always thought they were pretty good.

And this is coming from someone whose PC crashed when ME2 was installing and I can't re-install, because I can't de-install! So, bugs annoy the hell out of me.
Price is definitely going to drop after a couple of months, I'll make sure to keep our price the lowest possible for the digital download edition.

By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of developer are you? :)
i don't like 12 as much as 11, but that may be until the injury problem i always get in every pre-patched versions.

I always seem to get an injury within 5 minutes of making my last sub, never before grrr!!!
I like the new league stats that show all the teams net transfer spending and wage bill.
Hi all,

I'm having mixed feelings about FM12. I like most of the new additions: the youth tryouts, the opponent team reports, the tweaked match preparation system. But as for the core of the game, I find it lacking comparing with FM11.
I've been noticing that teams are magically upgraded when playing home; even very weak teams that would regularly be smashed playing away, are surprisingly strong otherwise, especially when playing on the break. Most of my goals conceded away are in the near-offside breaking fashion and I always concede them, no matter how low I drop my defensive line.
I also don't really know how team blending works now, since I have been using the same formation throughout a whole pre-season, with high load of teamwork match prep. and the team blending bar doesn't go above roughly 2/3. I've noticed that (even good) defenders tend to make a lot of mistakes, like dwelling on the ball and risking dangerous (and stupid) passes when there would be nothing in the match situation or playing orders that would suggest so. It seems the game is much harder than FM11, almost unrealistically so. I also don't like the new layout of the menus and the new font is just horrendous... as for injuries and such, so far no big problem, not as much as FM11 pre-patch anyway!
Finally, the new contract system seems to be somewhat broken. I usually lock the wage a bit below the player's demanded wage which more often than not leads to ridiculous demands on playing and signing fees, even a "if I play 20 matches this season, you double my wage fee" kind of thing. What? And worse of all, if I submit a marginally improved and non-negotiable offer, they will more often than not, accept. So why the ludicrous demands on the first place? Weird.
Seems like this game has a lot to be polished yet. I'll wait for the next 2 or 3 patches during the next couple of months...
Also having mixed feelings as I always do with the new version. Once I have played it for a few weeks though it will feel normal and probably an improvement.
quite disappointed with the whole thing really
I'm Getting increasingly Frustrated at the game!

My team plays a decent game against a team who hasn't won a game all season (Port Vale) score within 2 minutes and hold till about 40 minutes until all of a sudden my defence in one instant swoop collaspes an conceeds a pony goal (Always on a Cross) then come the 94th minute they score suprise suprise this happens all too often on this game an is mathematically impossible The game engine needs a lot of work!
my general opinion is:
1. 3d engine is good. but this is not my first option in game.
2. information on players are in same window. this is useful because i don't have look for contract, stats,history, transfers etc. anymore.
3. tactics build is average. a little change of fm 11.
in average the game is not that change as described on SI web site.but i enjoy play it. i think they developed a base for next FM. definitly has a room for improvment.
I use windowed mode and everything is fine, I'd give the game an 8, it has some flaws but overall it's quite good, and as realistic as I could imagine, without having first hand experience.

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