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Player/team chats - tone etc

What do you think to them.
Started on 24 October 2011 by paul1576
Latest Reply on 19 March 2012 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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I think the whole player/team chats have made a great leap forward in fm2012. They seem more powerful now and seem to make a real difference to individuals and the team as a whole. What do you think?
Definitely a great improvement, my favourite is how you see the immediate reaction from team-talks, then you can decide whether to keep certain players on or give an individual talk to try and get a good reaction. Previously you could only see team-talk feedback after the match and that just seemed like a description of how a player played after the talk rather than the effect the team-talk had on the player.
Its good but taking a while to understand how my players react. After my team talk lifted everyone i messed it up for my defence and upset them by accident by telling them they were lazy = they did let it three goals when we were three nill up but didn't want to spoil the team talk as much as it did.
i agree on this, missed proper team talks for a long time. an improvement which they could have made years ago. don't know why they didn't but better to do it late than never. i can finally say more things close to what i would actually say rather than just choosing between the same few options everytime and easily using teamtalks for ur benefit.
I seem to be making my players happy and getting the results and performances but i don't want to be the happy chappy manager who never gives a player a telling off but it seems that's the best way so far.
I like how the players react to team talks better the longer you're in charge. When I first took charge of Tottenham, no matter what I said in team talks, I couldn't please all the players. Towards the end of my first season, the players started to react better. It probably helped that results were going well for us and the team was top 3 for most of the second half of the season. I've also noticed that you get a better responce from players if you start the game with more experience, start a game as a former international player and you have better team talks than if you start as a former non-league player. I take the softly softly approach in team talks, my assistant has good man-management skill so I check what he'll say first sometimes too.
I wish there was like something more than aggressive like throw a boot (sir alex), or headbutt somebody naked (tony pulis), e.t.c (maybe just on april 1st games?)

Team talks are good, but I also believe that the team meeting has made it easier, in the sense of understanding what your saying to your players whereas just being overly vauge in the previous editions

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