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Match atendance and ticket prices

Started on 24 October 2011 by bleikfeit91
Latest Reply on 6 November 2011 by Kiwi
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Hello, i am currently playing with Toulouse in the french league 1.
And i have a question i was hoping i could get a good answer on.
My stadium has a maximum capacity of 38000 and will be more in 2014, but the average atendance of my matches is about 24000.
Will this number slowly increase as my club gets better reputation?
And i think the ticket prices are very low, it is 22Euros at average, is there someway to increase this aswell or will it increase as my club grows bigger?
I am not sure about ticket prices but when you will win more games than then there should be more attendence.
you can use fmrte to up the attendance i think, maybe even change ticket prices not sure though.
# RedArmy20 : you can use fmrte to up the attendance i think, maybe even change ticket prices not sure though.
If someone would use an in-game editor, why bother altering attendance or ticket price? He can just add some money in his total budget and that's all.
I mean, since it's a kind of cheating anyway it doesn't really matter what kind of data you change. The reason is obvious... Money! You can just add some money and leave all the rest.
On the other hand, if your purpose is to see your attendance growing, in my opinion, it's meaningless to do it through FMRTE whilst your team results don't deserve it.
PS: I don't want to judge anyone editing. I've done it myself too.
I have noticed that your ticket prices do increase, although I am not sure whether it is a CPI index increase, a result of your teams performance, or as a result of increase in reputation (as a result of performance).

I'm heading for League One with Maidenhead and am in April 2013 with two games to play out in League Two. I've have just played the League Cup Final against Tottenham, and have entered into an arrangement with Chelsea.

Of those factors - they may be related or not - I then noticed my ticket price had increased from $18.80 to $23.40.

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