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Any tips regarding player sales?

How to sell players
Started on 31 October 2011 by Chicharito
Latest Reply on 4 November 2011 by georgeionutv
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So, my problem is that I am not able to sell players. No one bids for them. If I leave the club and start in another team, my old team sells their players for high sums, so I know it is possible to sell them. This has been going on for 5 seasons now.

What to do? I have tried offering them to clubs, but that doesn't give me any bids. Even if I offer them for free I don't get many bids. Anyone knows how to make your players sellable?
I'm always offering them to clubs. But do not list them before you offer them to other clubs and leave checked the box where it says that the player will be transfer listed and set as no needed for the club. If i have a good player that is valued at 1 000 000 let's say, i will try to offer him at higher values,let's say 10 000 000,if i get no bids, i'll remove him from the transfer list,set his status to backup or any other besides no needed. Then after a day i will try again, lowering the asking price. I think this is the best method for selling players,you're extracting the maximum value,you'll be surprised getting much higher bids than you ever expected. And one other thing,if you want to increase your budget. Buy good free players,even if you don't need them. You offer them to clubs,you will get no offers,as they are newly added to the squad. But leave them transfer listed and no needed and offer them to loan with their wage paid 100% by the club that loans them,you can include a tranfer fee also(it will go to your transfer budget:D).Preferably,they should be regarded as first team players at the club where you loan them. You send them on loan for an year and then you can sell them and make a good profit. Cheers

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