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Australian Dynasty

AussieBrad's avatar Group AussieBrad 2011-11-01 03:59
au 11 posts joined Oct 17, 2011
This is my first attempt at Football Manager, so here goes..

I started off as an unknown, and picked my local team, Adelaide United.

My first point of call was to the Boardroom, to get funding for better Youth Facilities, which was granted straight away. The reason i think the Reds need better Youth facilities is that A-League rules stipulate that there can only be five foreign players per A-League team. Adelaide United already have five, so im going to go the home grown strategy over time, instead of recruiting from interstate teams.

My second action as manager was to put Andy Slory on the transfer list. His performances in the first two friendlies didnt warrant his high salary, and he wasnt very happy at Adeliade. He was eventually sold to West Ham for $1.7 million, an Adelaide United record.

Then i looked into the pool of amatuer leagues in Australia and picked up two good young prospects in Thurtle and Christaldo. Both filled in for injuries, and its hard to warrant leaving them out when the first teamers are back to full fitness.

We've had a horrible start to the season, with a 3-1 loss to Perth Glory and a 5-0 loss to rivals Melbourne Victory featuring marquee player Harry Kewell. But our lucks starting to turn around with a 1-1 draw with Brett Emertons Sydney United and then our first win against reigning Champions Brisbane Roar 1-0...the only way is up from here...
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AussieBrad's avatar Group AussieBrad 2011-11-01 09:24
au 11 posts joined Oct 17, 2011
....and now my save wont load...
JoeCAFC93's avatar Group JoeCAFC93 2011-11-01 16:17
gb 121 posts joined May 11, 2011
Good Luck, ive not played with a team from this league before
AussieBrad's avatar Group AussieBrad 2011-11-02 22:11
au 11 posts joined Oct 17, 2011
My first save wont load, so i started again. This time Thurtle wouldnt join Adelaide United, even for triple his value, which was disappointing. Slory was traded behind my back by the Board, and so was Captain McKain. Brought in around $4million, but i couldnt find anyone as good that wanted to move to Australia. This meant diving into the Youth team and fishing out some potential future stars.

I started the season fairly well, being mid-table at the halfway point. Then things took a turn for the worst, and began a 7 game streak without a win (an Adelaide United record). With Fabian Barbiero out for the season with a broken leg, then Bruce Djite out for 6 weeks with a hamstring, i was very low on firepower up front. Sergio van Dyke hadnt scored in weeks, and midfield Milan Susak was the one trying to pick up the slack.

Bruce Djite made his return, only to be red carded for a "violent incident" and suspended for 3 matches, which ended his season.

With the team performing so terribly, the only positive feedback i got from the Board was that my spending on wages was very low, which pleased them. Also, they informed me with three rounds to go that one more loss could seal my fate and i would lose my job.

Thankfully we drew the next two, and then in the last round smashed Melbourne Heart 6-0, ending the season on a positive.

We finished 7th of 10 teams, winning about a third of our games. Now starts the offseason, where hopefully i can snare a marquee player or two.
AussieBrad's avatar Group AussieBrad 2011-11-03 03:10
au 11 posts joined Oct 17, 2011
Just got fired by Adelaide United during the offseason. Unfortunately the lack of flexability for wages during player negotiations made it difficult to attract decent players, and also led to current players not wanting to renew contracts.

Maybe its just a case of me needing to learn more about how the negotiations work.

So this seems like an abrupt end to my Australian Dynasty, but im sticking with the same save and gonna try and kickstart my career again. Ive just secured the Canadian U23s Olympic job, and will be on the lookout for a league team that wants my services.

...all this in my lunch break :)
Kronos's avatar Group Kronos 2011-11-04 13:14
gb 65 posts 1 likes joined Nov 02, 2011
I hope you get hired again, you'll get the hang of it, good luck mate.
AussieBrad's avatar Group AussieBrad 2011-11-08 03:58
au 11 posts joined Oct 17, 2011
My Australian Dynasty has come to an end already. Had to start again because no one would hire me after losing both Olympic matches with the Canadian U/23's.

This time started unemployed with mostly Eastern European and Asian leagues as playable. I ended up accepting an offer with Chavdar (Intropole) in the Bulgarian B Group Western.

This time things are going much better, sitting 2nd behind Bankso.

Also managed the Indonesian U/23s for the Olympic Qualifiers. Expectations were low, and 2 big loses to the Chinese team ended any hope of an Olympics birth. Even so, Indonesia wanted me to keep managing, but i decided it was in my best interests to part company, and stick solely to club commitments for now.

Might leave this story thing until i have a good hang of the game, then ill start a new one.
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