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skin cache, always reload skin on confirm and attributes colors.

Started on 1 November 2011 by Furrr
Latest Reply on 4 November 2011 by Furrr
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As every year i download additional graphics for my fm.
Downloading logo's flags faces kits and so on.

Untick use skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm and it works.
Not different for this years edition.

Here's the problem, for the first time on fm you are able to change the attribute colors in-game (previous version u need to change it in your skin, it was complex so i was happy that they imported it).
But now with the use skin cache of en reload skin on (to work for my kits and logo's) the colors for my attributes are restored to default colors.

Anybody got a solution to make them work both?
have you seen this problem somewhere else? i havent had time to play around with FM much, i usually change colours as well. would be a real problem if you couldnt do it though.

anyone else had this problem?
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Yep I had this problem, what I did was download the base skins and altered the attribute colours there.

To change the attribute colours go to the base skin folder you downloaded and want to use, open the settings folders and open "skin name"settings.xml with wordpad. Then go down to <!-- profile attribute colours --> and you can change the colours there.
Tnks alot evo!

But i didn't use it.
Kinda figured out the problem, but i think yours is better.

I unticked skin chache and ticked always reload --> confirm--> correct logo's and kits er imported, but attribute colors are changed --> preferences tick skin cache untick always reload, change attribute colors --> confirm.

Now the correct logo's kits etc. imported and my attribute colors are good!

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