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Another Adventure: A Parallel World

A Doctor Who Like Adventure
Started on 5 November 2011 by Kronos
Latest Reply on 6 November 2011 by 6294
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12 yearsEdited


July 1st

In an office in Loftus Road on the 1st of June 2011 in a city called London, in a country called England on a planet named Earth, in a Galaxy labelled Milky Way a man who goes by the name of Kronos signs a two year contract taking over management of a club called Queens Park Rangers. As he sets about his business, changing the way they play, changing their team and using their finances in every way possible, as he prepares to ravage the English Premiership with a squad penned as underdogs, another man named Kronos, in another Galaxy named Milky Way, on another planet called Earth, in another country called England sits at his desk in his East London Offices, browsing his incoming news waiting for an opputunity to arrise.
As he looks out of the window into the desperate traffic that's trawling around his beloved homecity London he thinks to himself, "Whatever happened to relaxing days in the countryside, sitting on a porch sipping a cup of tea as you watch the sun rise and fall?".

Now as he sits in his office, looking out onto London, as the sun begins to fall over London, as smoke rises from the Factory's spread across the outer city into the horizon, a small beep wakes him from his reverie, as he swivels on his chair to catch a glimpse at his monitor screen he smiles, "Interesting."

The news article read:

"Welcome to York, where we pride ourselves on old fashioned ways, with a countryside free of polution and litter, where you can see the sun rise on a cold winters day as easily as on a hot summers day.
With B&B's instead of corporate hotels, where you can sleep, wake, eat whenever you like, in the sun, surrounded by green and animals.
We here at York Council are pleased to announce, for one week only, all B&B's will be free for one night, per person across the county, come now, enjoy your stay.

On Sunday, at the end of the promotion, our very own local football team will also participate in a local game, all are welcome to join in.

So come down today, enjoy York, and remember.

"York City", Kronos thought to himself, countryside and football, a dream come true.

July 5th

Kronos sighs as he looks out of his new window, in his new office, his eyes fall upon oak trees and pine trees, flowers and plants that spread across the courtyard, "Best decision I've made", he thought to himself as he sipped his tea and sighed once more.

5 minutes later...


Kronos turns his head and look at the monitor of his new computer, a single line crosses the headline of the latest news article:

"Kronos takes York Hot seat"

Kronos clicks on the message, the screen squares out and fades away, to be replaced by an article,

Kronos takes York Hot seat
The York City board have announced he appointment of Mr Kronos as the club's new manager.

Kronos is said to be relishing the opportunity to develop his football management skills at Bootham Crescent and the ministermen supporters are sure to be hoping he can make a difference to their team.

Kronos lets himself sneak a small smile, as his lips curl upwards he can't help but grin fully as he again swivels in his chair to face out of the window again, "What a day.", he thinks to himself as he sees the Sun appear above the trees and throw the landscape into a warm glow.
July 8th:

Kronos stretched out his index finger until he heard the reassuring crack. As the clock ticked over and the church bell rang to indicate 12 noon, a beep joined in with the bell, becoming almost musical. As Kronos read through the e-mail he just received from Phil Tandy, he laughed out loud and banged the desk triumphantly. Phil Tandy wrote:

“Pablo and myself are delighted with how smoothly the negotiations went, Pablo is on his way to join you now, he should be there with the final form signed and ready in less than 8 hours, all that’s left is to get Counago printed on a shirt and get him on that pitch!

See you soon,

Kronos smiled onced more and X’d out of the window, he picked up his phone and rang his right hand man, AssMan, Darron Gee. Darron picked up the phone on the third ring and waited patiently and listened silently as Kronos explained the situation, afterwards he heard Darron’s sigh of relief and allowed one more smile before he called for his secretary.

“Belinda, take these papers down to Darron, once he’s signed them, take them to Jason”

Jason McGill is the Chairman of York City, which he loves, he grew up supporting York before going on to play as a football for Wycombe Wanderers.

Kronos stretched out across his chair and looked out the window, it was another beautiful day, which was becoming quite common in his new job. As soon as those papers reached Jason, the deal was done, and York finally had their first signing. Someone, Kronos hoped, who would score them goals and bring them up.

July 9th

The match started off with a little extra pace than either side was used to as York’s midfield ran rings around Nuneaton’s midfield and defence. Coming up to the first half Nuneaton took over possession, getting two shots on goal in the space of 3 minutes, which was double what they did in the previous 41 minutes.

As the second half got underway, Nuneaton kept up their attacking play, making another breakthrough 48 minutes in, as the ball came into the box, York’s keeper rushed out and slid down, just before he got his hands on, Nuneaton’s striker Lee Moore got his foot under the ball. York’s defence and keeper alike stood their dumbstruck as the ball was chipped over them, and made it’s way into the back of the net.

After the celebrations died down, York got the game underway again and recovered quickly as they seemed like the dominant side seen in the first half.

As the clock hit 57 minutes the ball came in from a lobbed cross from the wing, a mistake from Nuneaton’s defender caused the ball to rocket into Counago’s path, Counago slotted the ball into the bottom corner with a simple finish that no defender and no keeper could get to.

The winner came in the 3rd minute of stoppage time as Counago powered the ball of the crossbar from outside the penalty area, McDermott got in the way of the ball as it reflected into the top left corner, the whistle rang after the celebrations were finished and the York boys left the pitch in high moods.

July 12th

As Kronos signed the papers he felt the sun hit the back of his neck, slowly as the sweat crept out of his skin he straightened up and smiled at the agent just across the table, Josh Wright had just been signed to the club, 18 and fast with natural fitness and high stamina, Josh Wright was looking to be a fantastic prospect for this season’s promotion hunt.

July 13th

Kronos smiled to the two men sitting on the opposite side of his desk,

“It’s a pleasure to have you aboard boys, Adam you will take your place beside Counago, he’ll teach you everything he knows as you grow, you and him are what we’re relying on for goals this season. Show me what you’ve got.”

Kronos shook his hand and watched the door close behind him.

“Quinton, you’re a little more important. You’re experienced and thus you will be in charge of the midfield, I will need you to organise them into a support battalion that play as one. If Counago and Jamil are to score goals, they need you to get them the ball. I’m relying on you to sort out the midfield, good luck”

Kronos shook his hand, as he watched Quinton Fortune leave he thought about getting a cup of coffee, he looked at his watch and decided against it. Calling to his secretary he ordered a cup of tea before resuming his player search.

July 13th


“What a game!” Kronos shouts enthusiastically in the dressing room, “That’s what I’m talking about lads, keep that up and the league is ours”

Kronos smiles broadly as he leaves his team to celebrate their 6-2 win over Matlock. His smile broadened even more as he remembered Jamil’s two goals, “He was the right choice,” he thought to himself.

As he turned the corner leading into the corridor that his office is in, his phone rang, as he saw his the team’s fitness coach’s name he remembered Quinton’s injury, he hoped for the best as he clicked the green phone icon on the front of his touch screen. He listened as the man on the other end of the line walked him through fitness and stamina and age, at the end of the call he said Quinton would be fine, that he just needed some rest before he would be match fit. Kronos sighed and entered his office, his smile back on his face.

July 18th

Kronos smiled as he made his way to his office, another friendly, another win. He was truly believing in his team now, especially Jamil Adam, who just did not know how to stop scoring.

August 6th

As Kronos walked out of the changing room after giving his pre-match speech he thought back to the undefeated preseason, remembering with a smile Jamil’s 5 goals against Morecombe in York’s 7-2 hammering over them. “We’re ready, they’re ready”, he thought to himself as he made his way to the manager’s shelter on the side of the pitch.


Kronos was sitting in the changing room as his players talked quietly all around him, “It was a great start” Kronos thought, thinking back to the final whistle of the first game of the season, a 4-1 win for the first game of the season was a good result, Counago and Jamil making a mark in their professional debut’s for York. “Third in the league this early on, let’s hope we keep the momentum” he thought as the voices around him rose to cheers, catching his players looking towards him, he stood up to congratulate them
September 4th

Kronos laughed and lifted the glass of fine champagne to his lips and took a sip, “Wonderfully sweet” he thought to himself as he placed the glass back onto the table and dabbed at his lips with a napkin.

“That was a wonderful meal Jason, thank you” Kronos remarked after he placed the napkin on top of his empty plate.

Kronos looked around the table at the now familiar faces, Darron, Jamil, Jason, Jason’s sister Sophie Hicks and my wife Chelsea Kronos. We were celebrating Jamil’s new contract, he is now the highest earning York player. Jason came to me with the idea of increasing his salary and making his contract 5 Years after he got his 10th goal in the league, after last months football from Jamil we decided to go ahead with the plan.

Tonight was about more than Jamil’s contract however, we were celebrating my managerial accomplishments since joining the team, Jason told me how much of a risk he had taken hiring a Sunday League Footballer as his home team’s manager, but he’s now glad he did. He told me I was doing a fantastic job and the board were ecstatic with my leadership so far.

It is still early in the season, but after last months run of wins we have now won 7 out of 7 games as we lead the Blue Square by 4 points from the trailing teams. With such a fantastic start I’m left with the normal Manager jitters that a quick start ends even quicker, as the old saying says “The slow and steady wins the race”.

With our domination of the league proving to be a surprise for the predictions of the media who placed us 5th with odds 27-1 to in the league. Jamil and Counago have been spectacular up front scoring when needed to, and in one game scoring 6 between them against poor Grimsby.

However, even though we have a powerful striking force my pride lies with our defence who have upped the tally to 5 clean sheets in 7 games, it is a spectacular feat for a league like this as there are more goals scored in the lower English leagues than the higher English leagues, given of course to the fact the defences usually can’t handle it.

As September get’s under way York has turned out to be a fantastic team, and area to start my career, and I have found myself pondering many a night whether I will stay through the hard times and the good times and lead my career the way such legends as Sir Alex and Arsene Wenger have. It is a lot to think about, and to early to decide.

Myself and my wife made our way to the car and headed to our luxurious bungalow situated in a small forest outside of York’s centre. “It was a beautiful night with a beautiful ending to it,” Kronos thought to himself as he looked up at the full moon spreading out over the hotel inn they had just left.
sounds like your having a good start, hope you keep the lads playing and look forward to further updates. Counago is a great aquicisition to any lower league club great as a trequartista with a poacher in jamill great combination.
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12 yearsEdited
Yes they're working great, Counago starts as sole striker and Jamil comes on as a sub, he's scored in most of my games so far.

Some images of my fixtures/results, squad, lineup and table at it's current.

doing well, 7 in 7 looks good. when you start playing weaker teams try losing the DM and pushing 2 up front could work wonders then again could make you more open at the back. Dont think you need my advice though as your killing it at the moment.
Yeah I thought about doing that, but my wingers set up Counago and Jamil when he comes on perfectly, the problem with a lower league team is usually the defence not being able to cope with other teams, this way they defend well and attack well.
October 2nd

September ended with a hot summer’s day as York come out top again for another month, after suffering our first draw, then our first loss shortly after, things looked like they were slowing to a stop as my jitters crawled back in. But as September ended, another month began, which fortunately started with a 4-2 win over Ebbsfleet.

Kronos imagined things were a lot worse than they actually were, as the final whistle was blown and York went home with another win notched in their belt, Kronos sighed with relief picturing the month to come. After our defeat to the hands of Forest Green our players played better than ever, making a point that we are the best in the league.

October was began great with our latest win which gave us back our 4 point lead at the top of Blue Square giving us some breathing space again. As Kronos sat down at his dining table in his home he thought about Quintons latest injury, the main man in midfield was out yet again. Kronos thought who he would give captaincy too before deciding it was obvious, Counago. Our most experienced player, and our lethal head of attack.

Kronos was looking forward to October, our last free month before facing 2nd place Mansfield, Kronos sighed again as he finished his dinner and headed out onto the porch to drink his tea. He watched the sun go down before checking his watch, “7:30” he muttered before sipping his tea and relaxing back into his chair.
A good read, keep it up!

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