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Country managers?

Started on 19 November 2011 by Kiwi
Latest Reply on 25 December 2011 by Kiwi
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Firstly, Stam and others, well done on a successful re-launch of the site - it looks fantastic!!

With that out of the way, back on topic.....

Maidenhead 2013, League One, Euro Cup. That is beside the point I suppose. I loaded English, Spanish and Australian leagues.

Not that I am looking for another job at the moment, but there appear to be some managerial posts that I can't apply for. I can apply for Saudi Arabia U21, as an example, but not Portugal.

Is that because some countries have reputation level needs and I haven't met yet, or because I haven't met requirements?

Another thing - I signed Pedro Santos from Valencia last year as backup. He came on a free and is paid five eights of not much. Being a backup, he hasn't seen much game time - I am in mid Nov, running eighth on the table, and he has played 3 games. Ass Man says in games "he is having difficulty focusing because of his personal issues with you", which oddly enough, was the first I had heard of it; as his morale was "very good".

Private chats begin with "So, what have I done now" and he is proving to be very difficult to get back on side. I praise his performance and he said "I don't know why you would do that", I try and ask him to learn moves or recommend staff and it just ends badly.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just my bad management. Would you keep him or try and flick in the next window. As luck would have it, I am no longer short of any CB cover, so I am tempted to say bye-bye.
well when im having trouble with my players, mostly when they have a bad attitude or something i will be very tough on them. if they don't get disciplined or work things out i will sell them asap.

good attitude is what i want in my team. so could be bad management like praising players. i often don't do that if not i see that they deserve it.

but i mostly blame the player in your case. sell him, make life difficult for him as he is doing with u.

also i dont have much experience with country managing so cant help you with that.
Thanks for the reply RedArmy20 - something happened to my program this weekend, and after reinstalling both the game, and Genie Scout, it looks like the database is corrupted. GS says it is to do with the compressed save game and ironically, the game works until you want to go and reload it. Has to be something with the program itself, because now even the initial saves I made with Reading have the same problem.

Very, very annoying. Game time Feb 2014 and on track for promotion to the Championship. :-(
Looks like I'll be trying another challenge with the next fortnight - FM12 bought and paid just has to arrive now. Looking forward to it already.
I feel arrived, I readily admit I bought it from Ebay, paid close to 21 quid for it and postage, only to find.....

It's not new, and

being not new, the steam code has been activated.

I feel like I have been conned, robbed and generally am feeling pretty foolish.

If it has been activated in Steam (which you would expect them ALL to have been) then resale value is, or should be nawt, because I can't use it for anything except clay pigeon practice.

Let's just say in my attempt to find a bargin, I have been ripped off and I may or may not have uttered more than a few choice words.

Not a happy camper!

#36854 Kiwi : Looks like I'll be trying another challenge with the next fortnight - FM12 bought and paid just has to arrive now. Looking forward to it already.
Onwards with Maidenhead - I'm in the Championship, it's 2014, and performing reasonably well in the competitions. Had my goalie (and vicey) poached by PSV - was made an offer that the Board couldn't refuse. Have picked up two new ones with the English fellow, and a younger Dutchman, so will see what they look like in a year or three.

One thing I am finding hard to explain....."non football costs" are about GBP530K per month, my largest expense - even outstripping wages. Now I think there is a bug because the little narrative when you hold the cursor over says "amount of non-football staff wages paid out by the club" which is the same as "staff wages".

The only thing I have happen this year over last year was the board are building a new stadium, a 14000 capacity rather than my poxy 4500 - which they wouldn't expand late last year.

Does anyone have any comments on what these "non football costs" could be? They are really playing havoc with my budgets!!!!

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