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Genie Scout 12g - Acknowledgements

All you need to know about the 'g' version
Started on 21 November 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 22 February 2012 by fredgreen
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Now i'm at office (lunch pause :P) ... Can I donate from this PC (so i have to install on this PC GS11 to see the key to do the donation) but after download and play the "g" version on my PC at home?

(Sorry for my english)
Im having problems with 12g, I downloaded via the link Eugene sent and then placed the key file in the correct folder, yet it still isn't working. On the top it states 'owner is absent'. Any ideas?
If I donate and get sent the current 12g version and then a few months later there is an update to FM, will I need to donate again to get the updated 12g version?
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Hey Stam

Having an aesthetic problem...

It says the g version includes:
"3. Support for facepacks - if you have custom facepack added to your FM, it should show on player profiles on GS"

I can't get this happening though. I've gone to options and pointed the "Graphic Pack Path" to what I think is the right place:
My Docs/SI/FM12 or My Docs/SI/FM12/graphics

But neither seem to work, any ideas?

BTW - you & Eugene have my permission to use my default cut silhouette face (even though it's a bit late to give it) he he.

PS. I'm on a Mac and have the Key in the right place & everything except this seems to be working fine.
PPS. Having looked at it, a lot of the Metallic Logos Megapack seem to be being referenced and are visible, but weirdly not all
PPS. I notice that while the program (and files) itself is housed in the C drive the SI User files are listed as being in the Z drive, I think this is a Mac based oddity, but could that be the problem?
Try to delete GS graphics cache (file graphics.gsc in the root directory) and run scout again. It should help.
Just clarifying a couple of parts that may seem darkened to some of you.

1. When you donate, you need to input your Unique ID. This ID is actually unique per computer, and so is the key file emailed to you upon successful donation. So, if you try to use the key on another computer, it won't work. You'll need to email Eugene the Unique ID of the computer you'll be playing FM at. If you have 2 computers, he can provide you with 2 keys upon request.

2. You don't need to donate again in order to receive the latest 'g' version of the same series. So if you donate for 12g first version, you are entitled to receive all 12g versions.

Thanks for that permission mate, I appreciate it.
I've already sent you a PM on the matter, which is basically what Eugene said here.
About the logos part, they're not grabbed from your own graphics; the logos you see are integrated in the GS12g installation. The support for custom graphics refers only to facepacks, and not logos I believe.
Wish I could donate and get the full product, but I don't feel comfortable entering my info on that site. I'm sorry paypal doesn't work where you are. Thanks for the product, I hope to be able to donate in the future!
Já fiz uma doação, agora formatei o computado e não estou conseguindo ativar.
Is it possible to donate via mobile? (allpass or deopay)
Because are many people who have no credit card.

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