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Sudden slowdown in game speed

(unrelated to the number of leagues/match detail)
Started on 21 November 2011 by baneofdeath
Latest Reply on 22 November 2011 by baneofdeath
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Hey guys

I'm running FM 2012 on a Win7 64bit on dual 2.13 Ghz processors with 4GB RAM.
I started playing with all the latest updates installed.
My game was running perfectly fine till yesterday, when all of a sudden, the game slowed down a great deal. The screen transition time is atleast thrice as long, and it takes a hell of a long time for the match screen to come up.
I checked my comp's memory as well as CPU usage, and found that while I have plenty of memory left, the CPU usage spikes whenever there is a delay in the game.
The odd thing is, it was working perfectly till yesterday, with the same number of leagues, same match detail. Nothing changed, except the game's progress to the new season.
So I went back and tried to play an older savegame (from long before the season-change), and the game is slow here as well.

I heard of some file reading/processing errors that can cause this glitch in macs, but I have no clue whats going on here.

Can anyone give some suggestions/help?

Just to clarify - I did the usual tricks - cleared registries, defrag, closed processes, game booster, etc.
And it is still slow, which leads me to believe that it cannot be my system's fault.
The odd thing is, till yesterday, FM ran with absolutely top notch speed, no probs, even with background processes running. And I dont know why even my older savegames are now slowed down...
is anything else slower on the pc? try other programs and such to see if they are slower as well or not.

have you defragged ur harddisk though? as to me it sounds like its the hdd's
Nope, nothing else slower. And I defragged already. The problem seems to be restricted to FM.
I solved the issue :)
I just deleted the app data for FM2012, and it went back up to full speed. There must be some thing in the user settings or cache that causes the increased cpu spikes and slowdown after a period of use.

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