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Started on 4 December 2011 by Restofarian
Latest Reply on 8 December 2011 by Restofarian
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As you may have seen, earlier i made a post asking what team to be, in the end i decided to let the computer pick for me. I got Lanelli in the Welsh premier league. I have uefa cup football to look forward to and hopefully next year i can get Champions league...i will probably not stay at this club for the whole story but we'll have to wait and see ;)

i will update the story every ( game ) month, hope you enjoy :D
I made 10 new signings, spending 38K in total ( most were free )

I was knocked out of the Euro Cup after losing 9-1 on aggregate to Valengra, a team i was heavily expected to lose to. The scores were, 4-0 away, and 5-1 at home.

I had a surprise 4-3 victory at home to Nottingham Forest in a pre season friendly. Followed by a 1-0 loss to AEK Athens.

Welsh Premier League starts next month and im hoping to get at least 6 points from the 3 games.

Thanks for reading :D .
So August brought around the start of the Welsh Premier League.

Match 1 - ( away ) Bangor City 1 - 1 Llanelli. A draw against the current titleholders, not a bad result.

Match 2 - ( Home ) Llanelli 4 - 0 Afan Lido. A game we expected to win, and a good performance assured the victory.

Match 3 - ( away ) Airbus 1 - 1 Llanelli. A game we were expected to win, and infact, were given quite a scare. Lucky to get the draw.

Currently sitting 3rd in the league with 5 point from 3 games. Current leaders: Carmarthen.

September offers 4 League games, all of which we are favourites, however Carmarthen away could cause some problems, so 9 points minimum expected with a view of atleast 10.

Thanks for reading :D .
good luck with ur lanelli story

unlucky about your early europa league exit. dont get to down ova it as im sure its jus an achievement being in there . hope you lead them to glory and become a regular in europa or champions league in the future. ill follow ur story :)

have a look at mine ( Anji Mkhachkala rise to the top )
thanks mate :), well i was expected to lose so im not too disheartened, just make sure we're back next year! and yeah i'm gonna have a look now.
September. The Unbeaten run continues!

4 league games in September went like this...

Match 4 - ( H ) Llanelli 3 - 2 Newtown. Simple, comfortable win.

Match 5 - (h) LLanelli 2 - 0 TNS. Glad to get the 3 points against my league rivals. Fans are happy :D

Match 6 - (A) Bala 2 - 2 Llanelli. Bala were bottom in this match and its a game we shouldve won. Dissapopinting.

Match 7 - (A) Carmarthen 3 - 3 Llanelli. Carmarthen were on form and proved tough opposition, happy with a draw.

Match 8 - (H) Llanelli 5 - 1 Port Talbot. Trounced 'em.

Other things that happened this month:

My star striker got injured and is now out for 5-6 Months :(

Loosemores league cup 1st round draw gave me Port Talbot. After thrashing them 5-1 in the league i'm expecting to progress.

Again, thanks for reading :D
sorry, 5 league games in september!
October gave me 7 games to play, inclusing a cup match.

Match 9 (h) Llanelli 4 - 0 Prestatyn. Easy win

Loosemore cup 1st round (H) Llanelli 0 - 0 Port Talbot ( Llanelli win 4-3 on Pens ). A tricky match which went right down to the wire, glad we got the win.

Match 10 - (H) Llanelli 3 - 0 Bangor. Another win against the current Titleholders, things are going well.

Match 11 - (H) Llanelli 3 - 2 Aberstwyth. A close game against the team in 2nd place ( i'm first )

Match 12 - (A) Afan Lido 0 - 2 Llanelli. Away win against the team thats bottom.

Loosemore cup Quarter Final - (H) Llanelli 3 - 1 Newtown. And they're in the semi's!

Match 13 - (H) Llanelli 0 - 1 Airbus. Yep, you read that correctly, the 12 game unbeaten run has come to an end. :(

We are still top of the league however :D 28 points from 13 games, and 2 points clear of 2nd place. Got an extremely easy Welsh Cup 3rd round draw against a non league side. And an ok Loosemore Quarters draw against Prestatyn who i've beaten twice in the league. We're over half way through the league now ( only 12 teams in it ) and hopefully i can keep my place at the tope...thats all for today, will update again tomorrow. Thanks for reading :D
Okay so i lied and decided to play November :D

Match 14 - (A) TNS 2 - 2 Llanelli. An okay resuly, wouldve liked a win but meh

Welsh Cup 3rd round - (H) Llanelli 3 - 1 Ruthin. A comfortable win against a non league team, played my reserves

Loosemore cup semi final leg 1 - (A) Prestatyn 0 - 4 Llanelli. A surprisingly large victory away from home

Loosemore cup semi final leg 2 (H) Llanelli 0 - 3 Prestatyn. No idea what happened here, but somehow we managed to cling on to victory and progression to the final.

Match 15 -(H) Llanelli 2 - 1 Bala. Bit too close for comfort but hey a win is a win :)

Match 16 - (A) Newtown 1 - 3 Llanelli. simple victory away from home.

Match 17 - (A) Port Talbot 2 - 2 Llanelli. Wouldve preffered a victory but i'll settle for an away point.

Match 18 - (H) Llanelli 3 - 2 Carmarthen. Again, a close one but we managed to secure the points.

Top of the table after 18 games, going well so far. Just realised that after 22 games the Welsh league gets split into 2. A Championship bracket, and a relegation 6 in the championship, bottom 6 in the relegation. This is new to me and should be fun, cant wait to tell you guys :D

Thanks for reading :D ( sorry for the lack of detail in this one...its late :P )
So i decided to push on and get December out the way too :P

Match 19 - (H) Llanelli 3 - 0 Prestatyn. Comfortable home win

Match 20 - (A) Aberstwyth 2 - 2 Llanelli. Happy with the point.

Match 21 - (A) Neath 2 - 1 Llanelli. Dissapointing.

Match 22 - (H) Llanelli 2 - 1 Neath. Final game of the season, we were both at 43 points challenging for 1st and we pulled out a result!

So i think i've won the league? I'll update yu when i know how this split thing happens...i think we get a january break or something like that...i'll keep you guys posted :D
Okay, so due to the break, January only had 1 game in it.

Welsh Cup 4th round (A) Airbus 1 - 3 Llanelli.

The championship bracket starts in February and consists of:
Bangor City
Port Talbot

Each team plays eachother twice, home and away. With the Winner being put into the Champions league qualifier, and 2nd and 3rd into the Europa league qualifier. After the performace over the regular season, i am expecting to win this.
February, and the start of the championship Bracket.

Match 1 - (H) Llanelli 2 - 2 Bangor.

Match 2 - (A) Airbus 3 - 2 Llanelli

Match 3 - (H) Llanelli 2 - 0 Aberstwyth

Welsh Cup Quarter final (A) Port Talbot 2 - 2 Llanelli ( 3-2 to Port Talbot AET )

Slow start to the Championship bracket, but it turns out you keep your points from the regular season so i still have a 3 point lead at the top. As for the Welsh Cup, i am extremely dissapointed we were knocked out, this means we MUST perform and hold our spot in the league to get European football next season.
Hello again! March update...

( chganging format as the other one was weird, will now be doing match number regarding the number it was in the'll get it when you see it )

League match - (A) Port Talbot 0 - 3 Llanelli. After defeat in the cup i certainly wasnt expecting to win this comfortably.

League match - (A) Neath 1 - 0 Llanelli. This loss dropped me to 2nd. 3 points behind Neath.

League Match - (H) Llanelli 4 - 1 Bangor City. With Neath messing up this put me back on top from goal difference.

4 Matches left in the league. Us, and Neath have already got definite Europa Cup qualification, but with us tied on points, its a race to the finish to see who can secure 1st place, and get champions league football! Also got a Loosemore Cup final coming up.
Good luck hope it all works out for you.

League Match - (H) Llanelli 2 - 1 Airbus.

League Match - (A) Aberstwyth 2 - 0 Llanelli

League Match - (H) Llanelli 2 - 2 Neath

LooseMore Cup Final - (N) Llanelli 0 - 2 Airbus.

Okay, so obviously i'm dissapointed at the loss of the cup...but thats like Englands Carling Cup, not too important and making it to the final is still good.

THE REAL NEWS, is that with 1 game to go Neath are leading by 3 points, so unless they mess up against aberstwyth, AND i win ( we are level on GD ) then its Europa league again for me :(

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