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Rack City

Started on 12 December 2011 by c0uliibaly
Latest Reply on 12 December 2011 by c0uliibaly
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This is a thread where anyone who wants to join me in playing as Rack City can do so, and post about their experience.

Rack City is a fictional team that I have created on Football Manager 2012 and placed into the English Championship in place of Peterborough. I have carefully selected a full squad of players and backroom staff.

About The Club
They hail from Wales but compete in English competitions.

They have 23 players of mixed abilities, to cover every position on the pitch. Each player represents a different nation. There are no duplicate nationalities.
They have 5 scouts that are more than adequate for what is required of the team. They are all from different nations. They usually start unemployed, so no other teams’ scouts have been altered.
They have a big coaching team, consisting of 10 coaches, 2 goalkeeping coaches and 1 fitness coach. They are all from different nations. They all usually start unemployed, so no other teams’ coaches have been altered.
They have three okay physios, from three different nations, who are all female.
The chairman is Italian. The director is Welsh.

So to clarify: there are no duplicate nationalities within the club, separating the playing staff from the coaching staff. The only anomalies are the two Brazilian staff: Fat Ronaldo is employed as a scout and Ze Mário is employed as a goalkeeping coach. I could not find a suitable alternative to ensure 100% different nationalities.

Rack City have two affiliated clubs: Swansea are a parent club, while New Quay are a feeder club.

Here are two screenshots of everyone at the club at the start of the game:

Setting Up Your Game
Download and save the file “Rack City.dbc” to My Documents » Sports Interactive » Football Manager 2012 » Editor Data.
You must create a new saved game to have Rack City in your game.
When creating your new game, tick the box that says Change beside Editor Data Files, and click okay. Then on the next screen make sure the file is selected before pressing confirm. Warning: selecting more than one editor data file may cause problems. I would suggest selecting only the one file but feel free to experiment.
You can run as many nations and as many countries as you wish.
Do NOT select the option ‘add players to playable teams’ or ‘add key staff’ as this will add more players to Rack City and will spoil the game.
If you’re feeling brave, please de-select the option to allow transfer budgets in the first transfer window. This means nobody will spend any money until January, and the Rack City squad will remain intact for as long as possible.
It is upto you whether or not you want to use fog of war, or real fixtures. However you must use real players.

If you don’t fancy playing as Rack City but plan on starting a new saved game with the English leagues running, I would appreciate you downloading my editor files anyway and letting them do their thing under an AI manager (usually Gareth Southgate) just to see how they do.

All the players have been “fixed” so that if you qualify for Europe, they can make up your squad. They are all homegrown at the club. No other changes have been made to players or staff, and no players or staff have been added to the game.

I look forward to seeing people give Rack City a go. I put a lot of time into choosing the right players and making it all work error free. You should not experience any problems such as crashes, having to holiday past fixtures, or crash dumps. I have tested this database long and hard, plus there are so few changes that it was easy to avoid any mishaps.

Please enjoy Rack City.

I hope that if this database is successful, someone will be kind enough to create kits and logos. If you fancy doing so, please feel free to post them here.

Now, let’s get playing.

Download the editor data here:

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