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[Bug] Access Violation Address Error in Genie Scout 12 g

Started on 15 December 2011 by KIM JW
Latest Reply on 6 March 2012 by rdw480
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KIM JW's avatar Group KIM JW
12 yearsEdited

Free version is o.k., but G-version(beta 2) has some problems.

I tried some methods to solve this error: Changing the Language file, compressing the save file, starting the new game without edt data files.... --> these are useless.

1. I can't open some players pofile.
ScreenShot ->

2. I can't open history menu(when creating the history point).
ScreenShot ->

Save file:
Hello guys!!!
I have the same problem pls someone help
LJ_'s avatar Group LJ_
12 yearsEdited
I get this error too. Untouched DB, can't view any players History Points without getting the same error.

My error message is shown below:

It'd be good to get feedback that the issue is acknowledged.

Is this error acknowledged? As my game is going on this issues (and what looks like an issue with the mentality attributes of regens) is undermining Genie Scout's usefulness.

Is Genie actively working on the next version?
Can anyone confirm if Genie or anyone else is working on this? There has been no update for quite a while now, nor do any of the mods appear to be responding in here.

Looking at the development of other tools, can't help wondering if now that the donations are in the tool has been abandoned until next years FM comes out and more promises can be made in exchange for further donations.
The bug is related to facepack with a pictures without alpha-channel (like Panini facepack). Within 2 days the final version of the scout will be released, and the problem will be resolved.
Thanks Genie, good to hear.

Is there a work-around in the meantime? I am using default skin with Genie Scout and no facepacks, so I don't think this is related to anything I've done?
Only 1st error is related to facepacks, but history also will be fixed in the final version.
i've download newest version of scout and still have problem with shows this

please help.

The problem has gone when i disabled the option to show my graphics pack, and also deleted the graphics file in the main directory. But the Toplist problem remains.
When loading this savegame I get the following error:

The error occurs only on the 12g version, on the free version the savegame is loaded successfully.
rdw480's avatar Group rdw480
12 yearsEdited
Same error here. Ive recently got a new PC, so have a completely clean (steam) install of FM2012 and a fresh download of FM scout.

No DB editing, no facepacks etc....not even any tactics or shortlists yet.

When I go and create a new game, save it and try to open it this is the error I get.

Strangely enough though, when I pulled an old save game over and loaded that FM SCOUT loaded it OK.

just tried renaming the key file (to hide it as if I had the non 'g' version).....and the save game loaded OK.

(just confirming what alex67x is saying)

however, the data appears garbled. eg
liverpools first team squad shows uson mondeville players
liverpools reserve squad shows falkenbergs ff
liverpools u18 squad shows GIF Sundsvall

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