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Best Signings for Each League.

Started on 16 December 2011 by MstrKurt
Latest Reply on 17 March 2012 by Silviano
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12 yearsEdited
*I have created this topic to try and keep all posts related to good players for specific leagues to one topic. I have referenced Utaka's post With additions from Atreidas on "Players for the Lower Leagues" which helped me immensely during my first BSN season. Please feel free to add to the list, I will edit and keep it up to date as much as I can.

Atreidas is being kind enough to help me with the thread, but remember, everyones help is appreciated!.

Key -
* - Free Transfer
= - Loan

Premier League


League 1

League 2

Jamil Adam


Blue Square Premier
Arsenio Halfhuid :- 18 yrs old, plays DC and STR, worth about 180k when signed

Center Midfield
Chris Nurse -
Jon Routledge - 10k
Joe Mckee - 20k
Matt McClure - =


Blue Square North/South

Dean Bouzanis : Free Transfer - Great keeper, first choice in my own game with Gilpin as backup.
James Gilpin : Free Transfer - A good solid young 'keeper with a good build (6'3" & 14st 4lbs). Gilpin possesses very high 'One on One' Stats as well as good reflexes. 20 years old
Gregory Hartley : Free Transfer - A promising young ‘keeper who has good positioning, decision making and bravery. 21 years old.
Alan Fitzpatrick : Free Transfer - If you prefer the more experienced goalkeeper then this is your man. A bit of pace and bravery, could be used as a 'sweeper keeper'. 31 years old.


Centre Backs:
Oliver Nicholas : Free Transfer - A real old fashioned Centre Back, Good Height and with a little bit of pace. Fit as a butcher’s dog! 19 years old.
Brian Bell : Free Transfer - Another good centre back with good heading and tackling skills. 24 years old.
Matthew Pike : Free Transfer - Looks like a promising player and has very good stats. 21 years old.
Darren Moore - =
Anwar Uddin - =

Full Backs:
Nikki Ahamed : Free Transfer - Good technical and quick right back, if you play attacking full backs I'm sure he will cause trouble. 20 years old.
Curtis Wynter : Free Transfer - Another right back that will cause trouble going forward but also good defensively. 20 years old.
Mark Clare: Free Transfer - He can play left or right back which is always handy and better at just defending because he hasn’t got much pace. 20 years old.
Luke Rowe : Free Transfer - An attacking left full back/wing back that has good pace and good attacking traits but even better defensive ones. 19 years old.
Jason Mok.


Central/Defensive Midfielders:
Medi Abalimba : Free Transfer - African Holding Midfielder. Looks very promising! Especially if you play a defensive midfielder because he will do all them 'sitting' jobs well. 18 years old.
James Comley : Free Transfer - Another holder but just as good in central midfield and can play right back. Has very good mental attributes. 20 years old.
Andrew Giallombardo : Free Transfer - American holding midfielder that will offer security and a bit of passing talent. 22 years old.
Claus Jorgensen
Joseph Boakye

James Cronesberry : Free Transfer - You have to sign this player, he is a proper left winger! It’s unbelievable that he will play at this level; he could be a League 2 player in my opinion. 20 years old.
Matthew Harris : Free Transfer - Can play in all of them attacking roles, right winger (best) left winger and attacking midfield. 17 years old.
Ray Putteril : Free Transfer - Left winger with a bit of pace and excellent dribbling skills. He could be trained as a very good Attacking Midfielder IMO. 22 years old.

Attacking Midfielders:
Michael Evans : Free Transfer - An experienced attacking midfielder with decent attributes. He can also play as a right winger. 35 years old.

Pablo Counago : Free Transfer - Makes an excellent captain and scores and assists a lot!.
Martin Reilly : Free Transfer - Goals, Goals, Goals! He will get you goals! A great finisher with pace - Perfect Poacher! 24 years old.
Phil Younghusband : Free Transfer - Works wonders if you can capture him, but he can be reluctant to sign a contract sometimes.
Nick Wright - 3.5k
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*-Jamil Adam for League two and up. (Thank you Funny for suggesting this to me on my thread) ST
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*-Arsenio Halfhuid, 18 yrs old, plays DC and STR, worth about 180k when signed. (BSP)
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*Claus Jorgensen (BSN) (BSS) -Chris Nurse (BSP) Joseph Boakye (BSN) (BSS) all MC
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*-Nick Wright (BSN) (BSS) Around 3.5k ST 10 finishing, 15 pace, 8 composure.
Train him in finishing when you get him.
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*-Matt McClure (BSP) ST
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas
12 yearsEdited
*- Dean bouzanis
*- Pablo Counago
- James Cronesberry
=- Darren Moore (BSN/BSS) DC
= Anwar Uddin(BSN/BSS) DC
Nice work Atreidas.
Jason Mok (BSS/BSN) DL.
-Jon Routledge 10k: 22 years old, he's a great BSP player. Incredible. You MUST sign him when you get the funds. (DM, DL, MC)
-Joe Mckee At 19 years old, he's a BSP boss. for 20k you get:

He's a boss, your noobs if you don't get him with ANY team.
Michael Stewart, good midfielder for league 1.
ST- Martin Grehan
MC- Stephan Stirling
DC/DM- Nate Short

All proving to be very solid for me
good signings for league one

ben amos, greg cunningham, marlon harewood, ched evens, kevin macdonald, mahamadou sidibe, rob hulse, tommy smith

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