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Players asking for new contracts

Started on 24 December 2011 by Splitpawthanos
Latest Reply on 5 February 2012 by Splitpawthanos
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Hello:).I have added two more tiers of divisions to the English leagues and am managing my local team Bamber Bridge in the Evo-Stick first division north.Now my entire wage budget is £330 lol so I have many players on £5-£25 and a few on £50-£65.My problem with the game is them asking for new contracts.
They are all on 3 year deals and within a few months many of them are asking for improved deals.Some want £500 a week!Now I find it disheartening that with 34 months left on thier new deal they want a new one and become unhappy when I say no.This I can just about live with but now what is happening is when a player brings up the subject again (still in the 1st 6 months of his deal) I often get trapped into only 2 responses.
1 I will offer you a new deal within the next month
2 Prove to me on the pitch you deserve a new contract
This to me is game breaking and needs fixing before I play anymore :(
its the stupid contract demands that causes the game to lose money from its 'economy'.

the signing on fees etc are too great and the frequency at which players ask for contracts is too high. if you keep on offering them then the expense to players which vanishes from the game eventually saps all the money from the game and you're left with the biggest team in the world not spending any money unless they have sugar daddy.

think this part of the game definitely needs balancing. utterly sick of an agent coming to you asking for a new contract everytime you reject a bid from a club, its definitely unrealistic.
I had a central midfielder on £65 a week(part time)3 year contract who was my highest paid player.After 2 months he wanted a new deal (same as just about all my squad of 25)at £750 a week.I just kept saying no.He played for 2 seasons 1st choice box-box midfielder,started around 100 games,loved the club and me (despite me not giving him a new deal)Won 2 successive promotions as champions(so now in conferance north)and now he wanted £1000 a week part time contract.
I offered him £250 a week and he said no so decided to sell him as he was in his last year.I sold him for £500 lol and guess what?He signed for another non-league club on £65 a week........... so stupid!

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