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Bring Me Sunshine!

My Save with Morecambe FC
Started on 30 December 2011 by Didz
Latest Reply on 4 January 2012 by Didz
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Didz's avatar Group Didz
12 yearsEdited
Bring Me Sunshine - My story of my Morecambe FC Save

Hi, i'm Didz and i'm a lifelong Morecambe fan. I've read stories from FM Scout for a long time, and this is my first post.

So, i've just finished my first season and i'm going to run you through it.

Before i start - L2 = League 2, LC = League Cup, JPT = Johnsons Paints Trophy, FA = FA Cup

Pre Season Signings:
Pablo Counago - Striker - Free Transfer - Former Malaga and Ipswich Player
Dean Bouzanis - Goalkeeper - Free Transfer - Former Liverpool Youngster
Oumare Tounkara - Striker - Season's Loan From Sunderland - Former Oldham Loanee
Mark Corcoran - Left/Right Winger - 10k from Ross County - Former St. Mirren Player

Pre Season Results:
Morecambe 1-2 Bolton Res (Phil Jevons 79)
Nuneaton 0-0 Morecambe
Morecambe 3-4 Bury (Phil Jevons pen 9, 67, Chris McCready 31)
Morecambe 3-1 Sunderland Res (Sean Breen 58, Dan Parkinson 67, Kevin Ellison 85)
Bangor City 1-2 Morecambe (Stewart Drummond 80, Danny Carlton 88)
Morecambe 0-3 Chesterfield

So, i was not very pleased with my pre-season results, and was a bit worried about the start of the season. So here we go, the season starts hear.

L2 - Rotherham 0-1 Morecambe (Pablo Counago 49)
LC - Morecambe 1-0 Carlisle (Pablo Counago 25)
L2 - Morecambe 0-1 Accrington - Always lose to Accrington when with Morecambe
L2 - Macclesfield 1-1 Morecambe (Izak Reid 5)
L2 - Morecambe 6-0 Gillingham (Andy Fleming 1, Pablo Counago 21, 24, and 33, Oumare Tounkara 31, Izak Reid 52)

Signed 3 more player before my big league cup match with Reading:
Krisztian Timar - Centre Back - Free Transfer - Former Plymouth player
Roarie Deacon - Striker/Right winger - 3 month Loan from Sunderland - Former Arsenal Youngster
James Wallace - Centre Midfielder - Season's Loan from Everton - Former Stockport Loanee

LC - Reading 7-0 Morecambe - Absolutely Gutted!
L2 - Hereford 2-4 Morecambe (Nick Fenton 15, Krisztian Timar 20, Oumare Tounkara 47, James Wallace 90+1)

So at the end of August, i sat at a very respectable 3rd in the table.

My Player of the Month - Pablo Counago - 5 goals in 5 games, excellent!
My Young Player of the Month - Oumare Tounkara - 2 goals and 3 assists!

3rd Place Young Player of the Month - Oumare Tounkara

L2 - Morecambe 1-0 Torquay Utd (Oumare Tounkara 31)
L2 - Port Vale 2-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 0-2 Northampton
L2 - Morecambe 3-0 Plymouth (Oumare Tounkara 4, Izak Reid 33, Nick Fenton 72)
L2 - Bradford 3-1 Morecambe (Oumare Tounkara 29)

So at the end of September, i sat at 8th in the table, which in my opinion is okay.

Awards: None

My Player and Young Player of the month - Oumare Tounkara - 3 Goals in 5 games - not the best really.

I managed to loan out 2 of my youngsters at the end of September:
Dan Parkinson - Right Winger - Loaned to Altrincham
Shaun Routledge - Goalkeeper - Loaned to Barrow

L2 - Bristol Rovers 3-4 Morecambe (Oumare Tounkara 19, 40, 45+1, Krisztian Timar 61)
JPT - Carlisle 2-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 4-3 Cheltenham (Phil Jevons 1, Krisztian Timar 33, 84, Nick Fenton 45+1
L2 - Burton 2-2 Morecambe (Oumare Tounkara 10,44)
L2 - Morecambe 2-2 Dagenham & Redbridge (Lewis Alessandra 33, 75)
L2 - Morecambe 1-1 AFC Wimbledon (Kevin Ellison 44)
L2 - Southend 3-3 Morecambe (Roarie Deacon 2, Lewis Alessandra 14, James Wallace 30)

So at the end of October i sat at 5th in the table, which is very good imo.

1st place Goal of the Month - Lewis Alessandra

My player of the Month - Krisztian Timar
My Young player of the Month - Oumare Tounkara

L2 - Barnet 1-1 Morecambe (Roarie Deacon 72)

Before my FA Cup tie with Woking i brought in one player and sent 2 of my youngsters to my new feeder club Gainsborough:

Sone Aluko - Left Winger - Free Transfer - Former Aberdeen player

Niall Cowperthwaite - Right/Centre/Left Back - Gainsborough
Joe McGee - Centre Midfielder - Gainsborough

FA - Woking 1-1 Morecambe (Lewis Alessandra 90+3) - Dreadful Result!
L2 - Morecambe 2-3 Crewe (Paul Downing OG 56, Sone Aluko 64)
FA - Morecambe 5-3 Woking (Oumare Tounkara 34, Gary McDonald 47, James Wallace 50,62, Sone Aluko 53
L2 - Morecambe 1-3 Crawley (Lewis Alessandra 29)

At the end of November, i sat at 8th place in the table.

Awards: None

My Player of the Month: Sone Aluko - Outstanding!
My Young Player of the Month: James Wallace

FA - Morecambe 1-0 Brentford (Sone Aluko 55)
L2 - Aldershot 1-2 Morecambe (Lewis Alessandra 13, Oumare Tounkara 18)
L2 - Morecambe 5-2 Oxford (Lewis Alessandra 1, 40, 90+2, Oumare Tounkara 58, Krisztian Timar 62)
L2 - Swindon 3-1 Morecambe (Oumare Tounkara 54)
L2 - Morecambe 0-4 Shrewsbury

At the end of December, I sat at 9th in the table, which still isn't bad really.

Awards: None

My Player of the Month: Lewis Alessandra - Excellent
My Young Player of the Month: Oumare Tounkara


Before my game against Rotherham, i had some trasfer dealings to sort out:

Andre Carvalho-Landell - Centre Midfielder - Free Transfer from Bath City - Decent Prospect.

Jason Price - Striker/Right Winger - Contract Expired
Phil Jevons - Striker - £9,000 to AFC Wimbledon - Only sold him because he started moaning about not getting first team football.

L2 - Morecambe 1-0 Rotherham (Oumare Tounkara 63)

Before my big FA Cup 3rd round game with Bristol City, i got a few more players to strengthen:
Roarie Deacon - Striker/Right Winger - Rest of season loan from Sunderland
Jordan Slew - Striker - Rest of season loan from Blackburn
Daniel Redmond - Left Sided - Free Transfer from Wigan
James Wallace - Centre Midfielder - Permanent Signing on Free Transfer following loan from Everton for first half of season

FA - Morecambe 2-6 Bristol City (Izak Reid 5, Lewis Alessandra 82)
L2 - Accrington 1-1 Morecambe (Izak Reid 8)
L2 - Morecambe 3-3 Macclesfield (Roarie Deacon 32, Izak Reid 42, Oumare Tounkara 65)
L2 - Morecambe 2-0 Hereford (Gary McDonald 36, Sone Aluko 39)
L2 - Gillingham 2-3 Morecambe (Gary McDonald 11, Oumare Tounkara 66, Sone Aluko 89)

So, at the end of January i sat at a very respectable 8th. Still very pleased.

3rd place Manager of the Month for me! YAY!

My Player of the Month: Gary McDonald
My Young Player of the Month: Izak Reid

L2 - Morecambe 5-1 Port Vale (Sone Aluko 26, Gary McDonald 67, James Wallace pen 71, Roarie Deacon 77,79)
L2 - Northampton 3-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 4-1 Bradford City (Gary McDonald 6, Roarie Deacon 57, Izak Reid 64, Pablo Counago pen 89)
L2 - Torquay 1-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 0-2 Bristol Rovers

So, at the end of February i sat at 8th in the table.

3rd place Goal of the Month - Roarie Deacon
3rd place Player of the Month - Sone Aluko

My Player of the Month: Sone Aluko
My Young Player of the Month: Roarie Deacon

L2 - Plymouth 3-2 Morecambe (Jamie Richards OG 10, James Wallace 47)
L2 - Cheltenham 4-1 Morecambe (Andy Parrish 16)
L2 - Morecambe 3-1 Burton Albion (Oumare Tounkara 32, Roarie Deacon 51, Andy Parrish 90)
L2 - Dagenham & Redbridge 3-1 Morecambe (James Wallace 80)
L2 - AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Morecambe (Roarie Deacon 61, 87)
L2 - Morecambe 1-3 Southend (Kevin Ellison 87)
L2 - Morecambe 1-1 Barnet (Roarie Deacon 51)

So, at the end of of March i sat at 12th in the table. Not the best really.

Awards: None

My Player of the Month: Andy Parrish
My Young Player of the Month: Roarie Deacon

L2 - Crewe 2-3 Morecambe (Andy Parrish 19, Roarie Deacon 56, Sone Aluko 62)
L2 - Crawley Town 1-1 Morecambe (Oumare Tounkara 56)
L2 - Morecambe 1-0 Aldershot (Pablo Counago pen 21)
L2 - Oxford Utd 2-1 Morecambe (Roarie Deacon 22)
L2 - Morecambe 0-1 Swindon Town

So, at the end of of March i sat at 12th in the table. Still not the best really.

Awards: None

My Player of the Month: Pablo Counago
My Young Player of the Month: Roarie Deacon

L2 - Shrewsbury 2-0 Morecambe

So i finished the season in 12th. For my season's expectations it's very good, but after the start to the season i had, i have to admit i'm disappointed.

Top Goalscorers:
Oumare Tounkara 19
Roarie Deacon 12
Lewis Alessandra 10
Pablo Counago 7
Sone Aluko 7
Izak Reid 7
Krisztian Timar 5
Gary McDonald 5
James Wallace 5
Andy Parrish 3
Nick Fenton 3
Kevin Ellison 2
Andy Fleming 1

Hope you liked my story. I will continue to post about my save with morecambe, but it will be month by month and will be more in depth :)

Andy Parrish announced as Player of the Year
Pre-Season Update

Davide Petrucci - Attacking Midfielder/Striker - Free Transfer from Man Utd
Rhys Bennett - Centre Back - Free Transfer from Bolton
Didier Paass - Striker - Free Transfer after spending a season at Plymouth
Danny Jackman - Centre Midfielder/Left Back - Free Transfer following release from Gillingham
Nick Blackman - Striker/Attacking Midfielder - Season's Long Loan from Blackburn

Released Players:
Lee Jones
Paul Scott
Laurence Wilson
Danny Carlton
Kieran Charnock
Sean Breen
Joe McGee
Shaun Routledge
Joe Culshaw
Joseph Mwasile
Nick Fenton
Garry Hunter
Dan Parkinson
Niall Cowperthwaite
Chris McCready

Morecambe 0-3 Blackburn
Hinckley 1-4 Morecambe (Petrucci 27, 61 77, Falco OG 76)
Ayr 1-2 Morecambe (James Wallace 2, Pablo Counago 10)
Morecambe 0-1 Peterborough
Gainsborough 0-4 Morecambe (James Wallace 16, 39, Davide Petrucci 34, Andy Parrish 57)

Average Pre-Season really.
August Update

Adam Blakeman - Left Back - Season's Long Loan from Bolton
David Amoo - Right Winger - Free transfer following release from Liverpool

L2 - Morecambe 2-4 Torquay (Nick Blackman 38, Andy Fleming 66)
LC - Morecambe 1-5 Hull City (Sone Aluko 38)
L2 - Stockport 3-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 1-2 Hartlepool (Davide Petrucci 63)
L2 - Notts County 0-4 Morecambe (Mike Edwards OG 10, Sone Aluko 19, James Wallace 26, 85)

At the end of August i lay at the depths of 20th place. I am completely puzzled on why i've had such a bad start. All of my results have been dreadful, apart from the 4-0 away win at Notts County. Hopefully this can kick-start our campaign to get to League 1!

My Player of the Month: Sone Aluko
My Young Player of the Month: David Amoo
September Update

Roarie Deacon - Striker/Right Winger - Free Transfer from Sunderland following loan last season.

L2 - Morecambe 4-0 Aldershot (Davide Petrucci 20, 86, 90+1, David Amoo 88)
JPT - Morecambe 4-2 Stockport (Nick Blackman 1, 45, 53, Andy Fleming pen 74)
L2 - Morecambe 2-0 Dagenham & Redbridge (Nick Blackman 28, Davide Petrucci 33)
L2 - Accrington 4-4 Morecambe (Davide Petrucci 33, 46, James Wallace 50, Sone Aluko 64)
L2 - Barnet 2-2 Morecambe (Sone Aluko 3, Davide Petrucci 6)
L2 - Crawley 2-2 Morecambe (James Wallace 2, Davide Petrucci 41)
L2 - Morecambe 2-3 Bury (David Amoo 38, Nick Blackman 44)

Official League 2 Awards:
1st Place Player of the Month: Davide Petrucci
1st Place Young Player of the Month: David Amoo

At the end of September i had risen to 15th in the table. My results have been considerably better than last month, but still seemed to wither at the end of the Month. Davide Petrucci has been absolutely outstanding this month and I can see a struggle to keep hold of him in January. By the Way, i haven't put who i think should be Player/Young Player of the Month because the got awarded the offical awards anyway!
Really good looking story. Keep it up :D
Cheers mate, btw sorry about the first post because i only decided to start writing my story on here when i'd finished my 1st season, so the first post is a bit rushed. The rest will be as detailed as i can :)
Don't worry about it, Its fine :D. Its going to become a great story :)
October Update

L2 - Rotherham 2-1 Morecambe (Rhys Bennett 84)
JPT - Bury 4-1 Morecambe (Andy Fleming 49)
L2 - Morecambe 0-1 Burton
L2 - Crewe 2-3 Morecambe (Andy Parrish 19, 27, Nick Blackman 74)
L2 - Morecambe 1-0 AFC Wimbledon (Sone Aluko 83)
L2 - Southend 2-0 Morecambe

My Player of the Month: Andy Parrish
My Young Player of the Month: Adam Blackeman

So all in all it's been a pretty bad month for me. I ended up at 14th in the table, which is better than last month, but imo i had a worse month. Andy Parrish has been sublime at centre back and duly deserved his 2 goals at Crewe and My personal Player of the Month. I hope i can pull through my bad patch soon!
Keep going! you can get at least a play off place :D
November Update

L2 - Northampton 2-1 Morecambe (Rhys Bennett 45+2)
L2 - Morecambe 2-0 Mansfield (Davide Petrucci 52, Daniel Redmond 57)
FA - Morecambe 0-2 Bury
L2 - Morecambe 1-1 Port Vale (Nick Blackman 47)

My Player of the Month: Andy Parrish
My Young Player of the Month: Daniel Redmond

Still in this bad patch that i'm struggling to get out of :/ Maybe it's just gonna be a bad season as i have a lot of new players and they need time to gel. Anyway UP THE SHRIMPS!
Come on! You can do it :D
Didz's avatar Group Didz
12 yearsEdited
December Update

L2 - Cheltenham 0-1 Morecambe (Pablo Counago 84)
L2 - Morecambe 2-0 Plymouth (Rhys Bennett 45+4, Nick Blackman 62)
L2 - Gillingham 0-4 Morecambe (Roarie Deacon 7, James Wallace 18, Davide Petrucci 23, Andy Parrish 66)
L2 - Morecambe 0-3 Stevenage
L2 - Oxford 0-3 Morecambe (Mark Corcoran 27, Andy Parrish 51, Rhys Bennett 62)

Official League 2 Awards:
2nd Place Manager of the Month: Didz (ME!)

My Player of the Month: Andy Parrish
My Young Player of the Month: Rhys Bennett

Well, a vast improvement on last month. I stand at 8th in the table, 1 place away from the Play-Off places. My two centre backs Andy Parrish and Rhys Bennett have been absolutely sublime. I could not be as high up without them. Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Happy new year Didz .

are u considering taking the reigns at Bolton or keep going with morecombe ??

keep going with the good results and hopefully push for that promotion place
Thanks mate, no i rejected it.

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