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Team Talks Bug!!!! Hellllpp!!

Started on 5 January 2012 by aelcyp
Latest Reply on 6 January 2012 by The Villan
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What on earth is going on with team talks on the latest update? It is almost near impossible to motivate players, team talks seem to have no positive effect! Even when winning and praising the performance, on occasion players turn red and it states "seemed demotivated" or "look to switch off". Now, i am 100% certain that the latest patch is the cause because i have a blank save(no managed team, just loaded the database) from the previous patches and the team talk function seems to work fine. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here before but i have read on other sites users with the exact same problem. Any help is greatly appreciated, surely its not just me with this awful problem, is it?
How is the morale of you players before you give the "Team Talk"? Are you using the "aggressive" or "assertive" options? If the team morale is already low, then these 2 options will not improve things or motivate them. I only use the above options at half-time when playing at home and if the Team are playing like crap to lesser opposition.

I usually use the "passionate" team talk option on the starting 11 and then when I talk to defenders, midfielders and attackers in their groups, I use the "calm" option. This usually gets a "motivated" or "happy" response.

I hope this helps?
Thanks for the reply, but i consider myself pretty much an expert on team talks, not meaning to sound big headed but i am pretty certain when to use a calm-assertive-passionate tone. It has no real effect either way whether i use passionate or assertive/aggressive. As i mentioned in my previous post even when winning games and passionately praising the team or individual performances the reaction from the players is very minimal indeed and on occasions players go to red (switch off or not listening). I will try to post some screens the next time I play. Again Thankyou for the reply
What team are you managing? I have heard that since the last "patch", that when you start a new game and pick a premium team to manage (Barca, Man u Arsenal etc), that the team talks have less effect on the players due to you not having any football managerial experience. That's all I can think of dude!
You may have a point, but surely if you set your experience level to 'international footballer' then the players automatically respect you. I am currently managing Liverpool and my past experience is 'Sunday league footballer', i will soon enter my 2nd year so hopefully, as you mentioned the players will respect me that bit more. Thankyou.
If you played 15 Senior games for the Rep. of Ireland as a player and came to manage a Premiership side with players that have played over 400 or 500 International games combined, why should they respect you??? And for sure, taking over Liverpool after a "Sunday League Footballer" career,......I think maybe the game is set up so you really do need to gain the players respect in the higher leagues, especially when you take over top notch teams. Good luck!!!

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