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The Future Superstar Games

Started on 5 February 2012 by Stocke
Latest Reply on 19 March 2012 by taurul
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Name: Declan Hawks
Nationality: Spanish
Position: ST (Natural) AMR/AML (Accomplished)
can you make him left footed too
The games kick off tonight!


Shaun Platt (yuttra52)

Kane Halsall (Kaneykins)

Shane Swanston (toonman8589)

Michael Speed (xXBlueXx)

Gee Wizzle (threelions)

Eddy Wu (eddywuiscool)

George Pircalabu (taurul)

Tom Coast (toasty3010)

Trevor Cornwall (Account Deleted)

Justin Case (mdlp1991)

Sam Graham (sammyg1998)

Jürgen von Nacht (forster)

Regan Williamson (CantGetEnoughOfJelavic)

Maciej Dabrowski (macdab55)

Nakul Patel (nakulp)

Declan Hawks (hetho)
June 21 to July 21

The first signing of one of our players was Michael Speed, who got snapped up by Barnet on June 24 and has so far played 3 pre-season matches. Next up was Kane Halsall, who was signed by Tonbridge Angels on June 30 and has played two matches in the pre-season. The next player to be signed was Sam Graham, who signed for Braintree on July 1 and has played two pre-season games. The next player to come was George Pircalabu, who had been signed by FC Timisoara on July 2 and has made 4 pre-season appearances. After that came Jurgen von Nacht, who signed for FC 1980 Wien on July 4 but has not appeared in a game yet. Afterwards came Gee Wizzle, who signed for Ebbsfleet on July 6 and has made 3 appearances in the pre-season to date. The only player to play in an official game yet is Shane Swanston, who was signed by Irish side Waterford United on July 8 and has played 3 league games so far.
damn, why doesnt any team want me :(
I'm really happy with Braintree..:')
Thanks for the update!
Yes! First signing! COME ON SPEEEEEED!
July 21 - August 21

On July 29 Regan Williamson signed for East Stirlingshire and his value went up to 12,000 pounds, and he made a friendly appearance, three league appearances and a league goal with an average rating of 6.83, and a cup appearance before unfortunately spraining his ankle. He will be out for 8 weeks. On August 7 Colchester signed Shaun Platt, who hasn't made any appearances yet but who's value is now 140,000 pounds. George Pircalabu has the highest value so far, priced at 575,000 pounds, and has made two appearances for the Timisoara II team with an average rating of 6.05. The highest average match rating so far is Jurgen von Nacht, who has made 3 league appearances with an average rating of 7.53, bagging a Man of the Match award along the way. Sam Graham, however, played 4 more pre-season matches but has not played in the league yet due to tearing his groin muscle in training on August 2. Gee Wizzle has performed well, playing 3 league games with an average rating of 7.03, winning one Man of the Match award. So has Kane Halsall, playing 3 league matches with an average rating of 7.00. Shane Swanston played 2 more league matches, with an average rating of 6.88. Eddy Wu rejected a contract from Oliveira Bairro on July 31.
Come on... Someone sign me up!
Good to see i'm off to a steady start!!
August 21 - September 21

George Pircalabu is still playing poorly, notching up three more appearances but his performances have not been up to expectations, with an average rating of 6.13. Shaun Platt has moved to the Colchester U18 squad and has played five matches, with an average rating of 6.60. Another player who has disappointed is Michael Speed, with an average rating of 6.25, but this comes in fairness as this was only two matches, and they were both at such a high level as the Npower League 2. A regular starter has been Shane Swanston, who has played 6 matches with an average rating of 6.85 to date but is currently injured. Gee Wizzle at Ebbsfleet has similar stats in that respect, playing six matches, scoring two goals, and claiming one Man of the Match award, all with an average rating of 6.84. Sam Graham at Braintree is still injured. Regan Williamson is playing well, with 3 appearances and a goal with an average rating of 6.83. A better performer is Kane Halsall, who has played 8 matches, scored one goal and getting an average rating of 7.03. The best performer of all, though, is Jurgen von Nacht, who has played 8 matches, winning 3 Man of the Match awards, all with an average rating of 7.68.
Not a bad start for me!

Can you post a screenshot with my player , George Pircalabu ?
Why you not post any news about this story ?
September 21 - October 21

On October 5 Trevor Cornwall signed for Berwick Rangers. He has so far made one appearance with a match rating of 6.70. George Pircalabu has improved, totalling 11 appearances but still with a disappointing average rating of 6.27. Shaun Platt, however, has not, playing 6 more matches with an average rating of 6.58. Michael Speed has played 2 matches with an average rating of 6.25, but keep in mind that this happened in Football League Two, not Blue Square Bet N/S. Shane Swanston cemented a place in Waterford's first team before being ruled out for 4 weeks. He is back from injury but has not added any more appearances. Gee Wizzle has been playing well, playing 9 matches, with two goals and a Man of the Match award. His average rating is now 6.70. Sam Graham finally made it back from injury, but has still not played a league match. Regan Williamson has played 3 matches, scoring a goal and earning an average rating of 6.83. Kane Halsall has played 11 matches, scoring one goal, and getting an average rating of 6.84. The stand-out player, however, is Jurgen von Nacht, notching up 10 appearances and 4 Man of the Match awards, all with an average rating of 7.64

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