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Leicester City's rise to glory

Started on 6 February 2012 by r_johnners
Latest Reply on 8 April 2012 by r_johnners
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Young Player of the Year 2012/2013

Charlton Vincento

This guy gets better and better. This Dutch wizard was so awesome for the Foxes this season and was instumental for our success. At the age of 22, this guy played 34 games on the left wing at an average rating of 7.07, scoring 3 goals, craeting 11 assists and earning the Man of the Match award twice. I think this boy has the left wing role seccure for a few years to come.

Player of the Year 2012/2013

Jake Livermore

This guy totally bossed the centre of midfield this season. At the age of 24, i think Livermore is goint to become a great player. In 36 games, he scored six goals, created 5 assists earning Man of the Match three times at an average rating of 7.10
Great stuff mate, glad you're happier now the pics are working! Best of luck for next season!
Hi, i found these two young argentinians i wanted your opinions about whether i sshould sign them

Yay or Nay???
yay for the second one xD
Barclays Premier League

Okay, so this season, 2013/2014, was all about building on what i had started last season. The aim was to get into a Europa League spot, so from 5th place to 7th. Realistically i was aiming for 7th place though. Also, as i was already in the europa league due to winning the league cup, i wanted to make it into the group stages of the europa league. At the start of the transfer window, my very kind chaiman gave me £35 million to spend during the summer. This gave me the opportunity to buy high quality players, which by being in the europa league gave me more chance of signing these top players.

Transfers summer 2013

Antione Griezmann

Real Sociedad- £20.5 million over 48 months

Gary Cahill

Bolton- £15 million

Jack Rodwell

Everton- £16 million over 24 months

Tom Cairney

Hull City- £2.1m

Nathan Redmond

£12 million over 36 months

Lamine Sane

Bordeaux- £10 million

Daniel Meineke

Wrexham- Free

Shane Bryant

Brighton- £1.3 million

Chris Leach

Brighton- £1 million

Wayne Shewan

Aberdeen- £500k

Claus Schmid

Free Transfer

Overall, all this spending came to a whopping £78 million!! However, as they were young players, i dont think i'll need to spend too much over the coming years. I was however, so annoyed i couldnt buy a striker. I came so close to signing Lacina Traore from Kuban ( russian league), but it wasnt to be. However i am still very happy with the signings i made.

r_johnners's avatar Group r_johnners
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Barclays Premier League 2013/2014

Leicester City 3:1 Everton

We only played one match this month due to commitments to the Europa League. However, it was a solid start to the season with Cary Cahill being named man of the match, hence why although we only played one match, he is the club's player of the month.

Leicester City 3:0 Newcastle Untied
Leicester City 2-1 Norwich

Yet again, we didnt play many matches due to Europa League matches, but two solid wins meant we had hit the season running and were looking in great shape to mount an attack on the league to get up into the europa league spots. The player of the month was Kyle Naughton, who from the two matches was solid at the back and got a match average of 8.15 for this month.

Leicester City 1-0 Blackburn Rovers
Leicester City 2-2 Arsenal

Oh my god.... yet again only two matches this month. I fear this is really going to damage my squad when we have to catch up with all these matches. I have five games in hand from the team who has played the next lowest amount of league games. A solid draw against Arsenal was pleasing because it shows we are starting to be able to compete with the big boys. I expected to beat Blackburn so that rssult was no surprise ( no offense blackburn fans!!) although they did give a good fight. The player of the month was John Pantsil. It could've gone to anyone in the defence because they are so solid, but he had the highest rating at 7.5, so it had to go to him!!

Leicester City 3-4 Chelsea
Leicester City 2-0 West Bromwich Albion
Leicester City 1-1 Aston Villa
Leicester City 0-1 Man United
Leicester City 2-0 Sunderland

A tough month with mixed results. I finally lost but it was to the big teams, and they were extremely cloase. The main reason i lost to Man Utd was because my finishing was so poor. Apart from the Chelsea game, my defence was solid, so thats why my player of the month has to go to another defender, and this time its Garyu Cahill again who was also awarded man of the match against Sunderland.

Leicester City 2-1 Swansea
Leicester City 0-2 Liverpool
Leicester City 2-1 Nottingham Forest
Leicester City 0-0 Wolves
Leicester City 0-3 Tottenham Hotspurs
Leicester City 6-2 Wigan Athletic
Leicester City 2-1 Fulham

Urghh, what a month. Unlike in Europe, where there is a winter break, in England we have a silly system that we should paly all of our games at christmas time. Although its quite an old tradition, its not good for FM! My team got bogged down and rsults were so poor. Especially the Wigan game. You may be looking at the result and thinking, "How is 6-2 a poor result?", well, at half time, we were 2-1 down, and had had only 25% of possesion. I had completly lost the will to live and gave my players a right old rollocking. This seemed to work wonders and voila, 6-2. A terrific hat-trick from Luuk de Jong and other goals earned hime player of the month.

Leicesster City 1-1 Everton
Leicester City 3-1 Aston Villa
Leicester City 0-1 Man City
Leicester City 1-0 Newcastle United

A decent month really, a solid defence and a great win against midland rivals Aston Villa. A very close game with City shows we arent far away from being able to compete succesfully with the big teams. Yet again my player of the month was a defender, but this time Ragnar Sigurdsson because of his goal scoring and defending.

Leicester City 2-0 Norwich
Leicester City 2-0 West Ham United
Leicester City 3-1 Wets Ham United
Leicester City 0-0 Blackburn Rovers

A very good month for the Foxes. Two pleasing wins over West Ham. Strange that both my premier league fixtures against them happended in the space of 3 days!!. Annoyingly, Blackburn seem to be that team that i cant really break down and them full deserved the draw, if not more. Im almost getting bored of this, but my player of the month was yet again a...... yep you guessed it, a defender. Gary Cahill is having an incredible season for Leicester and because he kept a clean sheet in every game he played, the award goes to him.

Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea
Leicester City 1-1 Aresnal
Leicester City 2-1 Manchester United :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

At the start of the month, i was dreading these fixtures. But somehow i cam eaway with four points, four more than i expected to get!! The win against United was amazing, but i felt guilty because i love them. However i realised it was only FM, however, i have found this game is taking over my life. It has become my drug addiction. The result against Arsenal was great as well! Player of the month goes to Gelson Fernandes for being an absolute tank in the middle of the park, and had an average rating of 8.

Leicester City 4-2 Man City 2
Leicester City 3-0 Swansea City
Leicester City 3-1 Liverpool
Leicester City 2-2 Sunderland
Leicester City 1-0 West Bromich Albion
Leicester City 2-0 Nottingham Forest
Leicester City 3-0 Wolves

What a hectic month! However 6 wins out of seven games and we are really competing with the big boys! To beat Liverpool 3-1 and City 4-2 was just incredible.I'm finally back to the same amount of games played as everyone else, so the Europa League challenge starts here, and even a possible champions league spot.....maybe. The best player in this month was Antione Griezmann who is turning out to be a quality signing, who had an average rating of 7.81 .

Leicester City 1-0 Wigan Athletic
Leicester City 0-1 Tottenham Hotspurs
Leicester City 2-1 Fulham

A decent finish to what was an amazing season all round. AShaky performances against Wigan and Tottenham, a team who can nver get close to beating, although the scoreline doesnt suggest it, and a strong finish against Fulham. I also agreed a deal to take the german goalkeeper ter Stegen on a free at the end of the season. The player of the month was Lamine Sane who has not been my first choice right back, but when needed, such this month, he didnt disapoint.

Season Summary

An icredible season. I didnt even dream of having a season like this. Amazing.

An incredible fourth place!! Next season i think the plan is to reach the group stages, and come in the the top four yet again in the premier league.

Key Players
Kasper Scmeichel

What a player! This man has had an awesome defence in front of him, however, he has been incredible. From 37 matches, he only let in about 34 goals, at an averafe rating of 7.02, he is rapidly becoming as good as his father.

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Sigurddson is quickly becoming a fans favourite and had an awesome season. From 33 games, he scored 3 goals, made 2 assists, was awarded the man of the match an impressive 3 times at an average rating of 7.09

Luuk de Jong

This season was Luuk's break-through season. From 36 appearances, Luuk scored an impressive 19 goals which easily made him our top goal scorer. He also created 9 assists and was awarded man of the match 5 times at an average of 7.10 . If he does better next season i will be a very happy bunny.

Kyle Naughton

Naughton had a fantastic season at left back, often bombing down the wing and pauired up very nicely with Antoine Griezmann. He created 6 assists at an average rating of 7.15

Jack Rodwell

Rodwell had an incredible season and with him in the midfield with Jake Livermore, the totally bossed the center of the park. He often scored some absolute screamers. From 37 appearances, he scored 5 goals, making 3 assists at an average rating of 7.03

Young Player of the Year- Pier Larrauri

This guy was amazing. IWhen i first picked him, i didnt even mean to do it, but it paid off! From 19 matches, he scored 6 goals and creating 1 assist. He scored vital goals, and as you will see later, he was very improtant during our raid on Europe!!

Player of the Year- Gary Cahill and Antoine Griezmann
Gary Cahill

Gary was an absolute tank for us this year. £15 million well spent i think! From 37 matches, he scored 6 goals, making 2 assists and was awarded man of the match an amazing 6 times. He had an average rating of 7.18 . Cahill has been linked with Chelsea and Tottenham all through last season. Take a bow son.

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine has been nothing short of fantastic for the Foxes. In 34 appearances, he scored 6 goals, creating a fantastic 12 assists and was awarded man of the match 3 times. I really couldnt decide who to give player of the season to, so i decided to share it between Cahill and Griezmann. Antoine had an average rating of 7.17
#43569 Sporting_23 : yay for the second one xD
Yeah thats what I thought
Europa League 2013/2014

The aim for the Europa League this season was to reach the group stages. Heres the fixture list.

As you can see, we had an awesome run and a brillinat time in our first season in Europe for god knows how many years! Any Leicester fans, maybe you can tell me..

In all honesty, the qualifying rounds were fairly easy although FC Groningen prooved to be quite a challenge. We qualified out of the group stages alright but there were some scares, but we did finish top of group A.

However, the thing i still cant get my head round is the fact I was able to beat Roma 3-0 !! It was crazy and I was buzzing after that result. It was incredible.

However, we were well and truly outclassed by a very strong Juve team. Hoever, I would like to add, i feel reaching the second knock out round was an amazing achievement.

My main goalscorers during the campaign were Luuk de Jong and Ragnar Sigurdsson scoring 6 goals each, Jermaine Beckford with 5 and Antoine Griezmann with 4. Matt Phillips, Gary Cahill, Jake Livermore, Jack Rodwell and Pier Larrauri also added 2 goals each, with Kyle Naughton and Jeffery Schlupp each getting one a piece. Role on next year.
The League Cup 2013/2014

After winning the competition last year, i was hoping for another solid cup run.......

As you can se, we were able to retain the trophy which i was ecstatic about. It was an amazing run, and it meant we were garuanteed a place in europe yet again!! The team were solid throughout and therfore there werent any stand out players because they all did so well.

The FA Cup 2013/2014

Last year, my cup run was very dispointing to say the least, and this year i wanted a better performance, and boy did i get one....

Yes, we didnt win, but another Wembely final. It meant that in every competiton this season we competed to our highest possible level and i was so proud of my team. My stand out player was Luuk de Jong who scored 5 out of the 8 goals we scored in the tournament this year. Take a bow.
Okay, you are now fully up to date and i will report back when the new season starts, which will probably be the qualifying rounds for the chapions league. But before i leave, i just wanted to show some screenshots.

First up, this really summarises why i love Football Manager so much because you never know what to expect.

I would also like to point out that Kiddminster at the end of this season just got relegated from the Blue Square Premier. I hoping to see Kiddminster winning the champions league in 10 years time with that sort of money.

These next shots alo show the great managers retiring at the end of this season, and what jobs i have been linked with.

And then i got offered with this

Although i love United, the story is called Leicester's Rise To Glory, not Man United Rise To Glory.

This is the budget i got given at the start of the new transfer window.
doing good with leicester mate!

go for it, another season!
Okay, i also need to sign two quality strikers that will get me goals THIS season. any suggestions?
Great signings and great results there mate! Save up some money and try land a superstar. You'll make profit in selling and the fans would be delighted yes
#43904 Shameless : Great signings and great results there mate! Save up some money and try land a superstar. You'll make profit in selling and the fans would be delighted yes
Thanks mate
I've had offers accepted for top players, but even though I'm in the champions league, nobody wants to join. I'm really struggling to get a decent striker. The closest I've got was Lukas Podolski, but he loved Köln too much, so even after he accepted the contract, the deal broke down!
#43467 DEMBA! : Great stuff mate, glad you're happier now the pics are working! Best of luck for next season!
We made a monster of him Demba! :D Great work Mr. Johnners!

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