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Pirilau 3TOP by edgaribeiro

Both Top or LLM teams
Started on 7 February 2012 by edgaribeiro
Latest Reply on 1 September 2012 by maurobindo
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Hi everyone, this is not a invencible tactic, such thing does not exist(thank god), but you will testify beautiful soccer scenes whith your team, its all about enjoying football, and its only fun when you score goals, a lot of goals btw.


The full backs. Example players - Gabriel Silva, Azpiculleta, Vrsalko, Diego Renan.

For me this is one of the strong points of this tactic and it was at the begining the main purpose for me to build it, since the first manager games came out many years ago(damn i'm old), i always want a side that use the full backs to maximum even if that brings some risks involved, always keep in mind that against stronger rivals that use the wings the chosen players must meet certain requirements(Pace, aceleration, tackling, dribling,crossing, marking at decent values), and be told to be marking the opponent side(wingers).
This is due to the fact that the players in this positon will play most of the time at the rival sides midfield in the ofensive scheme and also marking that dangerous full of tricks winger that want to take advantage of that, and be themselves that kind of winger.

The defenders. Example players - Bassong, Naldo, Howedes.

For me there are two diferent positions in central defence, the left defender and the rigth defender and they can not at any time be similar players, instead they must complement each other. the left footed defender must be fast and know how to deliver a pass, this blocking defender will fill the gasp between the defensive midfielder and be a a pain in the a** to both oponents striker or ofensive midfielder.
The rigth defender is a classic tall defender, no need of pace, he will make use of heading, strengh, antecipation and positioning skills very often and besides trying to avoid them he will score important goals for you... that's a promisse...

Defensive midfielder. Example players - Kara, Javi Garcia, Mario Bolatti.

In Portugal some call this position the piano carrier, for somebody to shine somebody else must act in the shadows, this is for me the role of my "tall good in heading" defensive midfielder, no need of technique, dribling, flair and stuff like that.. is all about might!

Box to box midfielder. Example players - Radja Naingolan, Andrea Poli, Ramirez.

The modern midfielder, capable of cover up a wide game region, always in motion this midfielder will count as two, belive me, no other words to describe that, must be a complete player.

Number 10. Example players - Jádson, Witsel.

Think about Mozart, Picasso, Einstein, Zidane, Rui Costa... that's all folks!!

The 3TOP formation. Example players - Oscar Cardozo, Vágner Love, Cavani, Doumbia, Neymar, Saviola, Rondón.

My ambition to have an overwhelming ofensive side capable of beating any world defence comes to this, i never used wingers in my tactics, the full backs do the thing, and i was obsessed by using the "nº10 dead role", i used to put my nº10 at atacking midfielder centre supplying the fast and the target striker, and a midfielder behind him to support, tha do the trick, lots of chances, lots of goals, but not enougth for a crazy bastard like me.
It consists in...
- two fast rigth and left side forwards, they will pull out winger moves, score by himselfs or feeding the target striker, expect a lot from this two roles.
- Target striker, the one that will be leading score tables all over the world, its your knigth of the area.

TIP - use the biggest pitch available.

Tactic posicions
Some individual orders

Some results and teams



Sorry for crappy english.

Give feedback if possible :)

Excelente tática!
Tenho usado no meu jogo com o Oriental, após ter chegado à 1ª Liga mudei para esta tática, e tenho-me dado muito bem. Penso que ainda não funciona na perfeição, por estar a utilizar num clube com pouca estatura. Mas na última época foi à final da Taça Euro e fui campeão. Já começo a ter excelentes jogadores e penso que dessa maneira será ainda melhor.
Obrigado e boas táticas!

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