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Need help with my QPR.

Started on 13 February 2012 by mabux
Latest Reply on 15 February 2012 by mabux
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First of all, I'm a new member here. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and etc and this is the first time I play FM.

So I already go through to this game and it was very addictive. But I still need help with many things. My season start with me as QPR manager. I'm having trouble handling many things. I'd go through many great threads regarding this game. So I have few questions.

1. What is newgens?
2. How to activate 'shout' in the tactics? Is it good? I only use manual instruction.
3. Which formation is best suited for QPR which is IMO only mediocre team.
4. Any suggestions regarding FM for newbie? Finance handling, bargain players, scouting priority and anything else?

Thank you.
try to loan players off some of the top 6 clubs who arent getting first team football.
Hi mabux,

I'll try and answer some of your questions, I'm fairly new to this forum but I've been playing FM since the days of Championship Manager.

1. Newgens. This is easy to answer. When a player retires the game creates a youngster to take their place in the game. normally this created player is a copy of the player it replaced but much younger and the stats are not developed to their potential. For example, when David Beckham retires from your FM game a new player will be created BUT he'll only have attributes that Beckham has when he reaches a similar age to Beckham AND if he has good training methods.

2. Shouts. I personally don't use shouts, I prefer to make small changes during a match to counter any threats or improne how my team is playing. hopefully someone else can tell you more about it.

3. formations. I try out all sorts of different tactics during the pre-season games. Generally I've got a set of tried and tested tactics that I can use at any club I manage. I bring in players to suit those tactics if there are none at the club I'm managing.
4. general tips. if you have an assistant with a good 'man management' attribute, get him to take your team talks. Team talks can be very important and a bad team talk can badly effect how your team performs. I try and scout good young players, ones that suit my favoured tactics and, with training, I can develope to directly replace first team players OR sell on for a profit. there's a list of bargain players on this site, go to 'articles' at the top of the page, then 'FM 2012 best players' you should find a list of free transfers and cheap players in there.

Hope these tips help you out and good luck with QPR.

Thank you for the suggestions. Seriously, your advices fired me up just like the half time team talk!

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