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How do I fine or warn players?

Discipline problems
Started on 14 February 2012 by IanFM12
Latest Reply on 12 November 2020 by Herbert77
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I've read that should warn or fine players when they are carded... I'm bottom of the far play league my a mile and had 3 CB's sent off in one match!

I cannot see any way to warn or fine the players...
look at your inbox after the match ^^
try having a private chat with your player maybe that will help calm or cautious warn him bout his behaviour mite work if not just apologise
If only this appeared in my inbox after the match...

I've now changed my Options, so hopefully from tomorrow I will get these notifications.
2 players sent off in the last match.

Nothing related appears in my Inbox. Unable to talk to them to them about it either...
if a player has been misbehaving like getting into a feud with team-mates or constantly turning up late for training you can give them a warning and if a player gets sent off you can do the same thing but its best you give them a chance to redeem themselves. its only if they constantly do it then give a warning some will accept it and some won't. thiago alacantara kept turning up late and was arguing with some of my players like rooney and nani gave him a warning and he kept moaning in the end i released him
2012-02-14 17:56#42371 Newcastleforlife : look at your inbox after the match ^^
Hi how do u fine players

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