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FM12 - Borussia Dortmund Story - By CharlieM92

Started on 18 February 2012 by CharlieM92
Latest Reply on 21 February 2012 by CharlieM92
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I have chosen Dortmund because I love the look of the team. Also, I thought managing a club in Germany would be different to what I normally do.

So an overview of the club:

I forgot they won the League last season, despite that, the media prediction is only 5th. The team is full of youth players, thats one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to the team. The team is full of young talent in general.

Slight problem is that I only have 2.2 million transfer budget, so I may not sign anyone or have to sell some players or evan look at free transfers. But, it seems that I don't have to sign anyone, the team is good enough.

So I hope everyone enjoys reading this story.
Not much money considering they won last season (€?)

It will be hard to defend the title with talent but we believe in you :)

Good luck and update soon
#42837 Shameless : Not much money considering they won last season (€?)

It will be hard to defend the title with talent but we believe in you :)

Good luck and update soon

Yeah that's what I was thinking! They must of bought someone for a high price, but I don't follow the German League much so I don't know. Thanks for the support!
My first and only probably only signing

I was considering signing and expierenced player because my team is all quite young. But I changed my mind. This player will probably be my main RB, depends how well he does. The RB at the club is 26 which is old for my team! But, he isn't that great so this signing will hopefully develop into my main RB. I had to adjust my budget and pay monthly installments to get him. Evanthough, I think all together I well end up paying 4 million for him.

My First Game

I lost.

I was in the German Super Cup against Shalke and it ended 1-2. I scored very early in the game, so did they and then they scored late in the game. But I was not favorites there media prediction is higher than Dortmund. I think its 2nd or 3rd they are predicted.

So I't wasn't the best start, would love to have won a the cup and to be honest I dominated the match and if anyone deserved to win, it was me. (Dortmund)

So dominating Shalke is a good start to this story but I did lose. Don't forget!

Knocked out of the German Cup in the 1st Round. I was against Bielefeld (who?) and lost on penalties. I dominated the match (again) but it was 2-2 in the end. Then, lost 6-5 on penalties.

I know it does not look good so far, but i'm dominating matches and Barrios (Main ST) is coming back soon from injury so hopefully I will start scoring more.

Still a shocking result.
August Update

Wolfsburg vs. Dortmund 0-0
Dortmund vs. Koln 2-0
Dortmund vs. Hoffenheim 3-0
Freiburg vs. Dortmund 0-1 ( 3 minutes extra time, they scored in the 96 minute.)

Very frustrated at Freiburg but it's just one of those things that makes you wan't to smash your computer/laptop up. Barrios should be back for the next game.

Currently, I'm 6th in the table.
My European Champions Group:

I think it's a tough group, I dislike the fact that there is not an easy team in the group. I think I could still win or come 2nd in the group.
September Update

Dortmund vs. Augsberg 4-1
Dortmund vs. Villarreal 0-3
Hannover vs. Dortmund 1-2
Dortmund vs. Kaiserslautern 2-1
Arsenal vs. Dortmund 1-2

Currently i'm 1st in the League and 2nd in my European Champions Cup Group. Barrios has returned and scored in his first game, however since then, he is doing awful. Lowest rating of the strikeforce. Hopefully, he will kick into goal scoring form soon.
Thought I would show my Squad. The only players you can't is the three goalkeepers.

October Update

Stuttgart vs. Dortmund 1-0
Dortmund vs. Hertha BSC 1-2
Dortmund vs. Lille 0-2
Leverkusen vs. Dortmund 2-1
Dortmund vs. Shalke 3-1

Very poor results recently but, getting a win against Shalke is important becuase they will finish around where I will do, so beating them is a good result. None of my strikers are scoring, but with a low budget I can't buy someone to play up front. Hopefully one of my three strikers will start doing well.

This month was poor, but hopefully we can recover.
I think you should maybe start playing matt hummels see how he does
He was brilliant in my career

Good results though
#42875 FM12HFC : I think you should maybe start playing matt hummels see how he does
He was brilliant in my career

Good results though

Yeah I do, he is probably my best defender! Noticed he scores a few goals too which is always nice.
November Update

Lille vs. Dortmund 0-3
Bayern vs. Dortmund 3-0 (I got dominated)
Dortmund vs. Nurnberg 4-1
Villarreal vs. Dortmund 1-1
Hainz vs Dortmund 1-0 (Very poor result)

I really need a striker who can score goals. Bayern and Koln are at the top of the league, and they are far ahead. So my highest target is proably 3rd.

The board have raised my budget from 1m to 2.5m, I'm going to sell some players that I don't need and hopefully sign someone in the next transfer window.
how are you going through your season so fast?

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